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17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

By the way, I agree wholeheartedly that the British, particularly the English police are top notch, also in the Liverpool case.

Ranj, the folks who seem to defend the criminal - not directly, but by playing down the significance of the crime, insulting Poland and Poles, twisting things around - seem to be e.g. peterweg and daffy.

I would exclude Booba Woo from the group.
17 Jun 2007
News / Poland's Growth Fastest in 10 Years [95]

Zion, you write great things about Poland. It's what I only have started thinking myself, and you've already laid it out. What a smart cookie you are! Who are you, brother? I know you are a Jewish guy. Shalom, brother! You're a better Pole than many who were born in the country. God bless you.

17 Jun 2007
Life / What do Polish people think about Americans living in Poland? [48]

Americans have still an excellent image in Poland. It's in spite of the prevalent Polish negative attitude towards the Iraq invasion (in which Poles have participated too), the Amertican visas rip-off, the condescending behaviour of the American government towards Poland.

The Poles still remain perhaps the most pro-American nation in Europe.

I think that if America really cared about her interests, she should take advantage of this amicality as soon as possible...before it's too late.

My own image of Americans has improved considerably. Guys like Fiszek and Patti from this forum make me just, ahem, very moved.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

re: And what if the British started a witch hunt because of people like this [...] Andrezej [SIC] Kunowski

- I don't mind if you skinned this Polish monster alive. I won't defend him as you defend your own monster, the one who burned alive the Polish girl.

Your mentioining the Polish monster is also a defence of the British monster.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

Dear Brit friends and opponents,

Allow us Polish folks ***** about the murder, and just accept what we are saying, as really strong people should.

Just don't contradict us and don't be so self-defensive.

Many of us, including myself, love the UK (I especially love and admire England and the English - doesn't mean that I don't see their vices).

The crime won't change our feelings.

Just show some humanity - keep quiet - listen.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

re: you were a silly person as puzzler and you are a silly person as merrick

- BubbaWoo, does it follow you are unable to answer my questions and back your claims?

Now please prove that I am a silly person.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

And now let's analyse what a type calling himself 'peterweg' scribbles.

re:This forum is the most racist I'm a member of.

- Exactly why? Maybe it's you who are a Polonophobic racist? Nowadays racists are very skilled in using anti-racist jargon. Aren't you one of them?

re: Poles seem to be obsessed with race

- Give evidence of our alleged obsession with 'race.'

re: not surprising since their contact with the outside word has been very limited for a long time.

- And what exactly do you mean by that? Give facts. So when others' contact with the outside worlds has been limited for a long time they necessarily are obsessed with race? If so, how do you explain the obsession with race of Gobineau and your own countryman Huston Stewart Chamberlain? Does it follow that France and Britain had very limited contact with the outside world for a long time? And how about your own obsession with race, as evidenced in your posting?

re: But the British (don't refer to the English, its a nation of Irish, Scots, Welsh and English) have many waves of immigrants coming here spreading back centuries.

- You mean the British are better than the Poles? Taking nationalistic pride in your superiority? :)

re: and now the Poles again

- Well, 'the Poles again' are not exactly immigrants and refugees, but guest workers. The vast majority of them will go back to Poland as soon as they can. So that there'll be more room for all those others. Will their women be burnt alive with impunity too? I wonder.

re:In comparison, whats Polands tolerence levels like?

- Again praising nationalistically your own country and belittling Poland? Very 'tolerant' indeed; almost intolerably 'tolerant.' And do you regard it as the epitome of tolerance when a Polish woman is burnt alive in your country?

re: A constant talk about Poland and its 'race'

- Give examples of this alleged 'constant talk about Poland and its "race".' It shouldn't be hard if the talk is allegedly so very constant. But for now I can see only one person babbling on the subject - it's you.

re: why are Polish men/Women better, why is Poland so F***ing perfect, etc.

- Give examples of the alleged talk that Polish men and women are 'better,' Poland is 'so perfect,' etc.

re:'Race' or Nationalism is history.

- From your obsession with them, and your chauvinism and contempt for e.g. my country, it seems they aren't at all.

re: Poland is now part of the EU

- But it doesn't mean that Poland and Poles have ceased to exist. Have Britain and British nationalism ceased to exist? - Your chauvinism shows they haven't. And Britain joined the EU in the 1970s, over 30 years back.

re:it will take time but nationalism will die out.

- I would love to agree with that. But your own behaviour on this board - your chauvinistic and Polonophobic comments make me have serious misgivings.

re: Get used to it and shut up with the nationalistic ****

- Do you mean we should shut up when Polish people are murdered in foreign countries? This you shall never see. It's you who should deal with your own nationalism and xenophobia instead. As well as with your brutality and callousness.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

re: so it seems the leopard keeps his spots just the way they were...

- What exactly do you mean by that? Can you explain in plain English (if you're able to)?

re: you and a little band of your compats enforce the steroetype you rail against so...

- And what do you mean by this? In what way me and 'a little band' of my 'compats' enforce (sic) the stereotype we allegedly rail against 'so'? Why exactly do you refer to us in such a contemptuous manner?

re: you do your fellow countrymen no favours

- Why?

As for you, you seem to be a fine species of the typical narcisstic chauvinistic (no criticism!) and bereft of human feelings kind amongst your countrymen.

If I were you, I'd rather worry about your not doing your countrymen any favours.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

Let's analyse the comment by the type calling himself 'daffy.' He says he's from Ireland.

re: I am very disappointed in the views of many members posting here.

- You mean that these members should scribble as you expect them to? No free thinking and speaking with kadaffy? :)

re: This is almost a repeat of the little girl killed in Italy thread.

- Yes indeed - your twisted Polonophobic argumentation (in a very bad English) is nearly identical as then.

re: It is not a reflection on the Uk as a whole.

- And what do you mean by that?

re: it was not a racist again.

- And how do you know that? Give facts. Do you know these people and the details of their relation? Give them.

re: It was two people whom one did an unforgiveable act.

- Do you mean it's irrelevant that the girl was Polish? Why not? - Therefore it should be irrelevant that you're Irish; and yet you mention that you are. It should be irrelevant that the crime took place in UK, and yet you scribble:'It is not a reflection on the Uk as a whole' (whatever you mean by that). Finally, it should be irrelevant that, for example, it was the British soldiers who did the Bloody Sunday in Ireland; to use your jargon it was just two peoples 'whom one did an unforgiveable act' (to follow your stylistic extricacies); and yet the Irish (including you?) talk about the British, and often only English, soldiers who did that. Oh, and this board shouldn't be called 'Polish Forum,' should it? And yet it's still called 'Polish Forum.' Any idea why?

re: if she were any other nationality, puzzler, ola, greg, wouldn't care. and that is disgusting.

- How do you know that I wouldn't care? Are you some sort of future-predicting psychic? And even if I wouldn't care that much, what's wrong with it? I'm Polish, therefore I care about the Polish people above all others. Don't you care about the Irish above any others? And don't you care about non-Irish less than about the Irish? - Of course you do; your cold-hearted comments about the Polish girl in Liverpool and about the little Polish girl shot down by an Italian show you don't carre about the Poles so much that you try to even play down their nationality. It's you who are disgusting, bud.

re: i do care, i care for the fact she was burnt alive - no matter where she was from, rather for who she is. a feeling, breathing, person

- Alas, your comments, in this thread and in many others, show that you are a Polonophobe. Therefore your assurance that you care about the girl is meaningless; it's just a lip service.

re: shame on you

- For what exactly? Are you implying that it's us grieving Polish folks who are doing something shameful?

Again, it's you who are acting shamelessly.

It's a shame you're a moderator on this board. An intolerant Polonophobe like you shouldn't have such a function on a real Polish forum.
16 Jun 2007
Life / Are Polish People Racist? [1037]

Hm, let's analyse what the type calling himself 'MZOLA' has scribbled.

re: I find Poles very racist indeed! They have flooded into the UK like a plague, they lack basic manners, such as respecting people in queues ( they push their way throught), they are rude (also make racist comments to those who are not blond hair and blue eyed) they lack personal hygen, they live like the underclass and are generally a nuisance!

- So according to you Poles are 'very racist' because they allegedly 'have flooded into the UK like a plague,' 'lack basic manners, such as respecting people in queues,' are 'rude,' 'make racist comments' to green-eyed redheads (what comments would that be?), lack 'personal hygen' (sic), and 'are generally a nuisance'? Is that what constitutes 'racism' to you?

Hm, if yes, then would you call also 'racist' not only the cattle-like mobs from the Thirld World (last year there was a million of them staying illegally in England - by the way, are you of their ilk? You don't sound English, Scottish, Welsh nor Irish), but also great many Brits?

Give evidence of the Poles' lacking basic manners, being rude, making racist comments to brunettes, lacking 'personal hygien' (oh boy!:), living like an underclass (does it follow you live like an aboveclass? what would that be like?!) and, above all, their being 'generally a nuisance.'

Exactly why the Poles allegedly do not bring any benefit to the UK? Exactly why are they allegedly 'lowering the standard of life for the real citizens of this country'? (Do you count yourself among those 'real citizens'? Why?)

Prove that Poles don't pay any taxes.

So they are 'sending their money back' and it's bad? What money? How much? And why it's bad they send the money?

So the Poles are 'spongers' and 'lazy people' who 'screw money from hard working tax payers'? Prove it.

So you allege that the Poles do not try to 'blend into society' and 'follow the way of life ' you have there? What exactly do you mean by that? What is the way of life you follow and the Poles don't? Sitting on welfare and smoking grass? :)

So you suggest that the Poles aren't hard-working? Prove it.

So you suggest that there are 'racial tensions' levelled at Poles in Blackpool, Warrington, Wrexham, Southampton, and you basically don't have anything against those tensions?

What does it say about you? How should you be called?

Now, you don't sound British at all, or if you are British, you seem utterly thirldworldized.

An envious Thirldworlder attempting to compete with the Poles, or a British bum projecting on the Poles his own laziness, boorishness, monstrous thirld world lack of hygiene, and racism?

Which one are you, racist scum?

No wonder that if there are such attitudes in the UK as that of MZOLA's, Polish people are murdered there.

You racist cretin should pay for your hate-spittle and hateful lies on this forum.

I wonder if scum like MZOLA has any honour at all? Have any honour, scum? Would you fight a man if he challenged you for your insults?

Judging from who you are, your mother must have been a swine mixed with monkey. :)

Cowardly racist scum. I shall not forget your hateful ramblings; I'm putting them in my private archive.
17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

Peterweg seems to consider Ola's comment 'a throwback to the communist mindset.'

What do you mean by 'the communist mindset,' and why Ola's comment should be evidence of it?

Isn't it just name-calling on your part of the you-bloody-commie kind?

So your mindset is allegedly superior to the communist one? Why and how?

17 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

A type calling himself 'Proud2bNaija' lists the cases of alleged Polish offenders of Brits. He's main message seems to be: 'Poles abuse the Brits too, therefore the burning alive of the Polish girl in Liverpool is justified.' But cases you are giving come from Britain, not from Poland. I haven't heard of British girl burnt alive by a Polish man in Poland. I have never heard about a British person even mildly mugged in Poland. Our attitude towards you visiting Poland seems much more respectful than yours towards us visiting Britain.

And it's been always so. I remember cases of decent Polish people being treated like animals by British customs, for nothing, just for the fact they were Poles; it was before we joined the EU.

Now I am afraid your image in Poland may change into much worse.

And yes, the mistreatment of Poles in Britain at present is on racial grounds. The main culprits are the media psychopaths in Britain who set part of the public against us. These psychopaths should pay for their hate propaganda.

Therefore I suggest that, if you have got any decency at all, you shut up and accept the bitter remarks from ola- and other Polish folks here.

Peterweg, do you mean that ola's statement that the burning alive of the Polish girl in Liverpool is shame on the UK is idiotic? You mean that folks in UK shouldn't be ashamed of the crime?
16 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish girl burned alive in Liverpool [201]

They are abusing us with impunity throughout Europe.

It is the media psychopaths who create the atmosphere of permission to insult the Poles.

They should pay for that.

And so should the psycho who has committed this terrible crime in Liverpool.

It shall not be forgotten and forgiven.

Liverpool is not the city of the Beatles to me any more.
16 Jun 2007
News / Some Poles burning American flag [299]

Justyna announces boldly: 'Merrick there's no point to run any discussion with you.'

- Exactly why? Do you imply that there's something wrong with my debating skills? If so, what exactly would that be?

Or maybe it's simply that you're not smart enough to discuss with me and in order to conceal this shameful for you fact you fake superiority and condescension towards me on the alleged grounds that I can't debate?

re: Thank God there are not many people like you in Poland

- If it were true and if you cared for Poland and the Poles, you would rather sigh that there are so few people like me in Poland.

In reality, I pretty well express the attitude of the majority of Poles, whereas such 'Poles' like you - timid, hypocritical,with an inferiority complex, selfish, despairing all the time: 'What will the foreigners think of us?!' - are the unsavory and, thanks Heaven, dying out minority in Poland.

So you can't give evidence to back your statement that I allegedly 'made bad experience with US Embassy in Warsaw not getting a visa'?

Liar, liar.

Freebirdie, maybe in your mind you're 'done,' but I'm not done with you and hence shall exercise my right to a reply.

Your suggestion that because somebody has an MA in economy and speaks half a dozen of tongues therefore he's intelligent doesn't sound true to me.

It doesn't convince me also in your case (provided you speak the truth you've got all those oh so great academic and other achievements). For example, in your posting you suggest that I consider you not intelligent, whereas, in reality, I clearly suggested that I consider you intelligent (enough).

Would it mean that you can't comprehend simple statements?

Would it mean I was wrong by suggesting that you are intelligent (enough)?

Now re your claim you're not racist towards the Poles. Think freebirdie: if you scold the Poles for a given behaviour and you don't scold others for the same behaviour, what does it say about your attitude towards the Poles?

16 Jun 2007
Travel / Visiting Sopot this summer? [36]

Bubba, I visited Sopt two years back. We came by the ferry from Stockholm. Heard British English frequently in the streets and in pubs. Were you then in Sopot? Our landlady said she's got guests from England renting rooms every year.

Sopot is one of the nicest places I've ever been to. We even considered buying an apartment there (only £ 20000!).
16 Jun 2007
Life / How do Polish view others [116]

'Michal' sez about Poland: 'A very nasty country with a lot of very nasty people.'

Then as evidence of this alleged exceptional nastiness of the Poles he gives the example of a chap who burnt his house down to claim the insurance money.

Michal suggests that only a Pole could do such an outrageous thing.


I think it would be safe on my part to state that countless folks throughout the world have been doing just the same thing - burning or otherwise destroying their property in order to get the insurance.

For example, some two years ago a Jewish fellow, if I remember, in Krakow, burnt his (dentist?) establishment, having daubed it with a 'Nazi' graffitti, in order to fake a 'racist' attack, then complained to the police.

Would Michal call him 'very nasty'? Was his deed better or worse than the setting fire to own house by the Polish farmer (perhaps a very poor man?) to get the insurance money for his daughter's wedding?

How about other bad deeds throughout the world? Are they really better than the Polish farmer's setting fire to his house?

Maybe it's not the Poles who are 'very nasty;' maybe it's Michal who is a very nasty and hateful Polonophobe? Hm, if Michal hates us so much, why does he creeps into a Polish forum? In order to hurt the Poles and spread hate towards us, right?

16 Jun 2007
News / Poland's Growth Fastest in 10 Years [95]

The Polonophobe calling himself 'Michal' alleges: 'The trouble is that a lot of all this money is just coming from the EU.'

- How do you know that the money helping the growth is the EU money?

Give facts.

And if it were true that it's the EU money, why would it be such a trouble that it is coming from the EU?

All other EU members, including the Czech Republic, get money from the EU.

Some of them get much more than Poland does.

Would you also say it's 'the trouble' they get the money from the EU?

re: I have always said that if a country will make it in the West it will be the Czech Republic-

- What do you mean by 'the West'?

Some racial term?

And exactly why have you always said that the Czech Republic will be a country that 'will make it in the West'? Did you get it from the Tarot cards, or by any other future-predicting means?

re: they are miles ahead of Poland and always have been

- And what exactly do you mean by this? Can you explain it in a non-metaphorical plain language?

re:the Poles nicked loads of German land after World War 2

- You mean we stole 'loads of German land' after WWII?

Prove that we did.

re: Szczecin, for instance, is a German city and I see no reason why Poland has laid claim to it.

- What exactly do you mean that 'Szczecin ... is a German city'? Do you mean that Szczecin lies in Germany?

What exactly do you mean by 'Poland has laid claim to it'? Give facts.

We'll see, if you are able to, hateful Polonophobe.

And another good man (allegedly from England) sez: 'i would have thought that a significant amount is coming from overseas workers...'

- Do you mean, among others, that the money stimulating the present Polish economical growth comes from Poles toiling, oops, working in Britain?

If so, how do you know that?

The vast majority of these folks earn so little and the cost of living in Britain is so high that if they send out home any money at all, it's got to be just miserable pennies.

You mean that those miserable pennies stimulate the economical growth in Poland? :)

Maybe you've been reading too much of the Daily Mail and similar compulsive liars?

Grzegorz, I don't care whom folks sleep with, as long as they don't try to force all others to sleep with the same sort of partner.

But there are radical homosexuals whose views are totally fascist. Some of them hate Poland as the alleged Catholic hell for the homos (they derive this view from the media psychopaths).

Is Muchal one of them?
16 Jun 2007
News / Some Poles burning American flag [299]

Fisz, I don't have anything against you, and I say what I should've said in the first place: there are many decent folks in America, and friendly towards the Poles.

You are definitely one of them.

In fact, you are an exceptionally nice and open-minded guy. It's fortunate that someone like you lives in Poland.

I don't regard as Polonophobic some other American participants in this forum, such as Patrycja.

As for Polonophobia in America, I lived there and know what I'm talking about. And I think it's healthier to talk, even angrily, than to keep silent about it. (Same with any other subject.) And I don't think that such open talk will cause more anti-Americanism in Poland; on the contrary, I think it may cause less Polonophobia in America, and thus even more friendly feelings towards America in Poland.

Also, it's a fact that one of the main sources - or even the main source - of Polonophobia in America has traditionally been a part of the American Jewish community. This should be spoken about openly just as well.

As for Poland - and I think that living there you know that - America is still viewed there as a kind of heaven on earth, and Americans as a sort of semi-gods. We don't have Americanophobia practically at all. Only some commiefascists, like those who burnt the Star-spangled Banner, seem to exibit anti-Americanism, but they dislike Poland just as much as they do America, if not more.

Yes, you are right when you seem to suggest that at present America seems to be more friendly towards Poland that Germany is.

I don't think it can be easy for America to have friendly relations with the whole of EU, especially with its most important countries, perhaps except Britain. Your interests seem at present, and for a long time ahead, more and more contradictory.

And this fact, plus Poland's situation in Europe, plus the still huge capital of Americanophilia in Poland (unlike the previous commie government, our present - Kaczynskis - government is honestly pro-American) seem to encourage a very close American involvement in Poland.

Much closer than e.g. in the Russian-infested 'Ukraine.'

I think that America's not undertaking this involvement in Poland would hurt American interests.

To the Kruk. - I agree with most of what you've written. I am not an Americanophobe; I have always wished American-Polish relations to be close and honest. But I am angry, due to my first-hand and long experience from living in North America.

I don't have anything against decent Americans like you. God protect you and your country.

By the way, re: my alluding to the American involvement in Iraq. - Our army is also there, just as it is in Afghanistan. It's extremely disgraceful we're there, fresh after having been oppressed by the Russkies. Go home, polaczki.
15 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

Magnate, okay, whatever. I like honest people and honest debates. Many Poles (and othert Europeans) are yet to learn such honesty.
15 Jun 2007
News / Some Poles burning American flag [299]

The fact that freebird is racist towards us is that he makes a big deal of burning the American flag by a few alleged Poles. He doesn't explain who they are - 'antiglobalist' (read: commiefascist) wackos, who very probably aren't patriotic at the least and may hate Poland as much as any foreign Polonophobe.

Now hate towards America is rampant in the world, and there are much worse cases of Americanophobia , e.g. in South America, the Arab countries, than the burning of the American flag by some commiefascists in Poland.

Do Americans (including freebird, if he's American) go to their forums and scold them for their anti-Americanism? Never heard of that.

Yet freebird makes a big deal of a case of Americanophobia that is a piece of caske compared to the aforementioned cases in Venezuela, Brasil, Egypt and elsewhere.

Besides, the expressions of Polonophobia in America are thousand times worse than our expressions of Americanophobia. Doesn't freebird know this? If he doesn't, it would mean he's not intelligent at all, but his postings actually show that he's intelligent (enough).

You doubt most Americans are Polonophobic? Have you ever been to America, including the 'special case' of American state called Canada?

Alas, your doubting doesn't change the fact that these folks are Polonophobes. I'd be happy to provide tons of evidence in this respect.
15 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

Magnat, so according to you this type tries to prove that Poland is 'fascinating'? (Oh boy!) Specifically in which postings? Quote them.

What do you mean by'Polish vetos [sic] are not supported by any arguments'? What alleged vetoes do you mean?

The hacks have been scribbling that only the Czechs support us with 'the square root system' of vote. Never heard of Hungarians, Lithuanians, etc. supporting us too.

Who has allegedly said Poland is a threat to European democracy?

So to you going to a Polish forum is like going to a Russian forum? Why, of all the world nations, do you compare us to the Russians?

What's so brave about this type coming here and spitting out abuse? - He knows that TODAY he is allowed to do it and can get away with it; when he wasn't allowed and couldn't, e.g. 15 years ago, he kept quiet, out of cowardice.

His today 'bravery' is a symptom that his own government and media psychopaths encourage him and those like him to act so.

Thus his conduct in this forum is an expression of his German cowardice, not of bravery.
14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: this dude is extremely subjective, silly, one-sided, anti-Polish and over-proud of his Germaness ... fighting on a Polish forum over his (obviously wrong) opinions was quite brave. :]

- You say: he's stupid but brave? :)

And what is exactly so brave about his postings?
14 Jun 2007
News / Some Poles burning American flag [299]

re: As long as they dont start burning cottages

- The Americans should worry about burning human beings, including children, e.g. in Iraq.
14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: When I meet with other (mostly western european friends) on other politic boards the opinion is mostly the same

- But was is the 'opinion' on what constitutes 'western european friends'? Can you choke it out?

re: I just know that Poland is the first and only case where a sacking, a kicking out of the EU ever was/is widely contemplated!

- Who allegedly has 'contemplated' this 'sacking' and 'kicking'? Nazi and commiefascist crap like you? Or would it be your ridiculous chanceloress?
PS. Hm, if our President and Prime Minister are allegedly such bad guys, so what can be said about the german chanceloress? What can be said about german politicians in general? Would there be any terms in human tongue to name their badness? :)

Hm, so the type implies we are not European?

It follows he and his ilk are Europeans? If so, what would that mean?

Would it mean the fruits of the close encounters betwixt german 'virgins' with Turks, Kurds, Arabs, and the like (remember about the fruits of the Russian rapes during WWII), and betwixt germ 'wisemen' and Thai and similar women (many germ wisemen marry them!)?

14 Jun 2007
News / Some Poles burning American flag [299]

Justyna69, why do you allege I sound 'very frustrated'? And why do I allegedly make us Polish people look stupid?

Are you smart enough to answer my questions?

Are you another born-in-Poland, but nort really Polish selfish coward who in order to please some foreign Polonophobes is ready to thrash other Poles?

If so, then it's you who should get a life. And truly, it's types like you who make us Poles look stupid.

I'm not afraid of being Polish and I won't keep quiet and apologise for the fact that I exist when any Polonophobe slights my country.

As for the Americans, great many of them, including 'freebird,' are Polonophobic racists. That's a fact.

re: Merrick is one of these guys who made bad experience with US Embassy in Warsaw not getting a visa

- Prove it.

re: Next time he'll come and b.... at Brits for not getting the right pay over there

- How do you know what'll happen in the future? Are you any psychic, or what?

One thing is sure: you're a Polonophobic coward, scared all the time about what the foreigners should think of you and ready to vilify other Poles when they act in a way that endangers your insane perception of the world.

I'm going to speak and do what I deem proper, and it's none of your biz, you Polonophobic wynarodowiony selfish coward.
14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: And for your information France (like Germany) IS the EU! Without us there isn't a European Union. And all countries you mentioned do their part to make it work...ALL but Poland!

- Hm, does it mean that you think that if Poland uses EU funds, the Poles are beggars, but when France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, etc. use EU funds, the French, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, etc. aren't beggars? If so, then why? :)

Exactly why without you 'there isn't European Union'?

And exactly why 'all countries' I mentioned 'do their part to make it work...ALL but Poland'? Give pertinent facts. Can you?

Hm, I wrote:'We've got a state.'

The Hun replied: ' does Israel....'

- What do you mean by that? Explain (if you're smart enough).

re: I'm a German and a Western European...

- Well, what does it actually mean 'Western European'?

Another racial term?

Hm, I remember that even in the late 1940s, germany wasn't considered a 'Western'country (whatever the term 'Western' should have meant.). See Trevor-Roper 'The Last Days of Hitler.'

Suddenly, the germns are oh so great 'westerners' and bragging about it wherever they are able to.

What has changed that allegedly made them oh so 'western'? Surely not them - they remain the same Prussic bullies and vulgarians. So what has allegedly changed?

Maybe only their convictions about themselves?
14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: you are so strange and so not european

- Exactly why, Hitlerite racist? Got enough intellect to answer any simple logical question?
PS. We've got a state. And It will survive long after the last of your 'virgins' chokes to death from sucking a Turk. :)
14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: But you are LOVE german money, don't you! :)

- Hm, I actually disliked the deutchemarks. Never used them. Just as from now on, after meeting you, I shall never use German Lufthansa, German car, anything German. I won't read Goethe and Mann either. You've got it from me.

Do you allege that Germany has been giving us money?! :) What money? How much?When? Give pertinent facts.

re: Beggars should have shame at least!

- Are we supposed to be those 'beggars'? Why? Is that because we use EU funds? But we have the right to do that. We contribute to the EU fund as required. Do you question our right to use EU funds? Do you say we don't have it? What's more, other EU members use those funds too. As far as I know, such France uses way more of them than we do. Does it follow you think those other nations - e.g. Irish, French, Swedes, Spanish, Portugese - are beggars too?

14 Jun 2007
News / Polish-German Relations in the Present [697]

re: It's quite brown where you have your head...isn't it???

- Here we come: the typical German vulgarity.

The German rhetoric and way of debating.

The people who compulsively clean their exterior, but whose heads are full of the dirtiest associations with excrement and similar pleasantries.