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9 Jul 2007
Travel / MapQuest or similar for Poland? [9]

Merged: TomTom Map

i am due to go to Poland in about 7 days and i was wondering if there was a Polish map for the TomTom

thx in advance
15 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Anybody knows how to watch Polish channels in UK? [36]

visit our web site and ake a look at the POLSAT system, we specialise in european satellites.

12 May 2007
USA, Canada / Where Can I Buy Polish Music in the United States? [38]

Music from Poland

wasnt sure were to put this thread.

My Lady Eliza likes

Edytta Gepert
Czerwone gitary
Stare dobre Malzenstwo

i am looking for some musicians that she would potentially like i want to surprise her with some more songs but by some other atrtist she has not mentioned.

any help would be much appreciated.
i would deffinatley like to get some music dvd,s of urszula and edyta.
her favorite song is dmuchawce latawce wiatr, she sings this to me many times and i would love to be able to relate in english correctly, yet again any help would be appreciated.

thx in advance
11 May 2007
Love / Symbol of polish of love to surprise my fiance [26]

Merged: What is the Polish symbol of love

I was just wondering what the Polish symbol of love is that you would give to your girlfriend,

in England we give a single white rose,

thx inadvance

2 May 2007
UK, Ireland / polish food in UK Tesco's [28]

i would love to get be able to get some polish food for my girlfriend to surprise her,

any help is accepted ;)

29 Apr 2007
Life / Polish TV on the internet?? [54]

obliged to help,

if u need any advice just call teh number and ask for Glyn aka Terra

28 Apr 2007
Life / Polish TV on the internet?? [54]

hoping to get a satellite system when i have moved house to receive polish free channels here

the company i work for specialises in eauropean satellite systems

check out our web site for European Satellite systems

21 Apr 2007
Travel / Suwalki tourism - info please [25]

I am thinking of going to Suwalki, is there anyone here from there or know off any good sites were there is good information and pictures.

would like info regarding nightlife, hotels if poss.

thx in advance