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10 Oct 2009
Language / wysyłać, is this the right word? [16]

I thought I should mention a couple of things while we are discussing those verbs:

wysyłać means to send

This is where all the 'fun' begins, all right maybe not fun but these are the verbs which can be very difficult to learn. There are many verbs depending on their form which can indicate weather the activity we are referring to is 'finished' or 'unfinished'

wysyłać means more or less 'sending' in a sense the activity has been 'performed' but not necessarily finished.

Kiedy wysyłałem (verb. wysyłać) list do domu.... - When I was sending a letter home...

wysłać means 'to send' meaning that actual activity has been 'performed' and accomplished.

Kiedy wysłałem (ver. wysłać) list do domu... - When I sent the letter home...

And przynosić is to bring it to someone?

same thing with this verb:
przynosić (unfinished) eg. Ja przynosiłem - I was bringing...
przynieść (finished) eg. Ja przyniosłem - I brought...
5 Oct 2009
Life / Lolek i Bolek Main Polish Export Article? [7]

I have heard 'Miś Uszatek' is (or was) well known in Portugal.

Has anyone seen HSBC commercial ad? Apparently Polish washing machines sales are up in India - lol, I know it is just an ad but it makes me laugh everytime I see it.

4 Oct 2009
Travel / Activities in Wrocław [11]

My friend who lives in Wroclaw recommended this clip to me once. Maybe you will want to check it out.
Do the search for Continental Hall in Wroclaw as it is just next to it or use this link:

The Zoo is somewhere close to the fountain too.
4 Oct 2009
Language / Pan/Pani necessary? [8]

It often comes across as being rude when you don't use Pan / Pani when talking to people you don't know or people you only interact with on a professional level.

'Pan' is a bit like English term 'Sir'
'Pani' means 'Ma'am'
Most of the time there is no need to use those with friends and friends of your friends that you hang out with.
4 Oct 2009
Language / Jennifer - will people be able to pronounce it properly? [11]

the closest sound to English 'j' would be Polish 'dż' but I don't think she should be that much concerned about her name being pronounced incorrectly as it shouldn't really... many young people know Jennifer Aniston and have no major problems with pronunciation of her name ;)