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Basic learning words and phrases for Polish Language

Taamakurama 3 | 9  
27 Sep 2009 /  #1
I want to try to enrich my knowledge with another languange from another country.

I'm from Indonesia, i want to learn a basic Polish languange,,it's ok if you teach me one or two words,some basic words that always used in daily activities,with it's meaning in english..

Who knows,if you interest to study Indonesian languange,,i can help you,,it's fun,,and easy to learn!

gumishu 12 | 6,102  
30 Sep 2009 /  #2
hi Taamakurama

dzień dobry (djen dobri) - good morning/day

witaj (vitai/or vitay) - hello (or welcome)

cześc (cheshch) - hi (hello)
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
30 Sep 2009 /  #3
Most of the following are informal expressions.

Jak masz na imię? - What's your first name?
Mam na imię ... - My first name is ...

Jak się nazywasz? - What's you name? (both first and last name)
Nazywam się ... - My name is ...

Jak się masz? - How are you?
Świetnie - Great
Dobrze - Okey/Good
-le - Bad

Ile masz lat? - How old are you?
Mam ... lat(a). - I am ... years old.

Skąd jesteś? - Where are you from?
Jestem z ... - I'm from...

Kocham Cię - I love you

Poproszę o... - Can I have ... please

Dziękuje - Thank you!

Proszę - You're welcome
(usually when someone says thank you before, or you give sth to someone.)
2 Oct 2009 /  #4
Merely adding a little to the above:

Witajcie! (veetiechyeh) = Hi!/Hello!/Welcome! informally to more than one person

Jak leci? (Yahk lehchee) = How's it going?

Słucham? (Swookhahmm) or Słucham! = Excuse me, please? How's that? Used if something is not understood clearly, sometimes too when picking up the telephone, where Americans or Brits might just say 'Hello!'

Pa! (pahh) = Bye for now! Ciao! - very informal, a bit like 'Cześć

Dobrej zabawy! (dawbray zahbavee) = Have a good time!

Smacznego! (smahchnehgaw) = Enjoy your meal! Bon appetit!

Sto lat! (Staww lahtt) = Bless you - But only when you sneeze LOL

...... (but rather proper!)

Bardzo mi miło zapoznać! = Nice meeting you!/Nice to have met you!
mav - | 7  
4 Oct 2009 /  #5
Bardzo mi miło zapoznać! - sounds a bit awkward - I'd rather used 'Miło mi Cię / Panią / Pana poznać'
cię for 'you'
panią for 'madam'
pana for 'sir'
lovewarsaw - | 2  
4 Oct 2009 /  #6
Some good basic expressions here plus advice on how to pronouce the words: lovewarsaw/basic-expressions.html

Related: Basic Polish Words & Phrases on a cycling tour

I will be in Poland (cycling from Warsaw to Vilnius in Lithuania) and I would like to know some basic Polish words or phrases - greetings, basic questions etc. I might not have the opportunity to use them, but I would like to feel respectful of the language and culture when I'm there so would be grateful if you could share some basic words and phrases.

Many thanks, Laura, Glasgow

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4 Oct 2009 /  #7
Appreciate the observation, mav! :-)

By the way (Zresztą), can one say 'Miłego dnia!' or is that too literally 'Have a nice day!' as in English? I never use it when speaking with Poles and never even heard it in Poland. LOL
OP Taamakurama 3 | 9  
7 Oct 2009 /  #8
Wow!!All of you help me so much!

Thank you..thank you very much!

Now this is some gift from me,,Indonesia Languange,,maybe it will be useful doesnt need a special pronounciation,,(ex:a=a,i=i,e=e,y=y,o=o):

1.Apa kabar? = How are you?

2.Mau Kemana? = Where are you going?

3.Bisa minta tolong? = Can you help me, please?

4.Tolong tunjukkan saya arah ke... = Please show me the direction to...

5.Selamat pagi = Good morning

6.Selamat siang = Good afternoon

7.Selamat malam = Good night

8.Silakan = Yes, please!
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098  
7 Oct 2009 /  #9
7.Selamat malam = Good night = Dobranoc

smaczne - tasty, delicious
co (tam) robisz? | co porabiasz? - what are you up to (these days)?

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