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22 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

(is it said already?) go speak with him and tell him the things you write here. if you don't speak out, he won't know what's going on inside you.
14 Oct 2009
Language / How do little children know that they should say "mamo" rather than "mama"? [23]

Children in Poland are also more and more arrogant and adults more and more ignore it. Children should be immediately lectured when they violate widely recognized cultural norms. While adults should be lectured when fail to lecture children who deserve to be lectured.

OMG WTF Polish culture down the drain !! :o

16 Sep 2009
Food / Is it just me, or is the Polish diet rather unhealthy? [119]

I don't agree that Polish food is fattening by default. It just depends on how one cooks. Change the pork for beef. Use olive oil instead of butter. Use a little mayonnaise and for the rest yoghurt. Et voila, your cholesterol will be ok and as well you won't become the size of a house.

Yesterday I made a very simple but tasteful - barszcz. Just make some bouillon (with or without meat), add chopped beets and white cabbage, some sieved tomatoes, a little raspberry vinegar and ground pepper. And you're done. Not fat and with vegetables. With some sour cream it's even better, but more fat as well. :P
12 Sep 2009
Language / Learning Polish using audio? [17]

Empik has audio books as well. But I don't know if they ship outside Poland.
11 Sep 2009
Life / Health insurance in Poland - aren't people insured and covered by default? [2]

Now when watching LondyƄczycy there is this case of a girl who have to send money back to Poland, so that her sister can pay for an operation for her baby.

Now I'm wondering if this is common in Poland? Are people in Poland enforced by the government to have a health insurance? And does such an insurance covers all needed life-saving operations?

In my country people are enforced to have a health insurance. And as far as I know, every insurance pays for medical care which is "needed" for a person to stay healthy.

As well hospitals have some deposits to help illegal (uninsured) people is they have something. In general I don't think that a hospital would not operate a baby because his/her parents are not properly insured.
11 Sep 2009
News / Death Sentence in Poland, when was it abolished? Last executed? [26]

a better punishment would be to force the inmate/offender to have to listen to disco polo music or similar at extremely loud volume, 24 hours per day 7 days a week. For 10 years.

They already did that in Guantanamo. :)
7 Sep 2009
Language / Praca vs robota [16]

OK I think I get it. Thanks a lot for the extensive explanation! :)
6 Sep 2009
Language / Praca vs robota [16]

Thanks Justysia and Frd!

I thought robota was Silesian, LOL. It is used quite often here and some Silesians claim the word as theirs.

Only I know the Russians use the word to denote "work". However since the word is use in a Polish serial, you could presume it's a general Polish word. ;-)
6 Sep 2009
Language / Praca vs robota [16]

In my Polish learning book they always speak about "praca", but now I'm watching Londynczycy, they talk about "robota". Are these words interchangeable? Is "robota" maybe more informal like "czemu" instead of "dlaczego"?