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13 Aug 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

I get really tired when I read about this cr@p.

You are men, if a woman starts to hit you, make her stop. Just grab her arms and say it's game over.

Some people have severe problems with their behavior. It's best to just stay away from them.

haha...I like your response. I don't necessarily agree but I still like the response. I mean, to the guy who started the tread, you are a guy. There isn't much you can do, you can't hit her. (don't cross that line). But you should be able to either walk away or like SzwedwPolsce was trying to say - get a grip man.

I don't think this is a Polish thing though because all the people I have been meeting are great and my Polish friend, she's really cool too. This seems like something in your relationship - maybe this is what gets her riled up.
7 Aug 2009
Language / The best way for me to learn Polish [89]

That's why I'm on this forum. I'm hoping I can meet pple here who can help. :-) Do you speak Polish?
7 Aug 2009
Life / "I love you" in Polish culture... [36]

I've heard something like this a lot from my friend. Is this an epidemic? I think there are variables when it comes to love.

For example:
If I say I love my new stereo doesn't mean I'll die for that system or that I'm losing my mind over the system or that I'm attracted to my system or that I want to spend the rest of my life with my stereo. It's just an expression.

Now, if I was on a romantic island vacation with my girlfriend and I wake her up with roses, breakfast in bed and a hired violinist and say, "I love you" that is totally different.

Don't read too much into the vocalization of I love you but more into the situation when it comes up. If it comes up after sex, that person is saying...this is the best or close to the best sex I've ever had...they are not saying, I LOVE everything about you. for example.
7 Aug 2009
Language / The best way for me to learn Polish [89]

Aug 7, 09, 20:23 - Thread attached on merging:
What is the best way to learn Polish?

I have recently become fascinated with Polish Culture and would like to learn the language so I can learn more. What is the best way for me to go about doing this? The only words I know are Jak siÄ™ masz.