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31 Dec 2009
Food / Polish cocktails [7]

Here is another one you may enjoy:

Polish Yuletide Punch

1 - 750 ml Sobieski Polish Vodka
4 cups Chai tea (sweetened according to taste)
4 cups Clear Apple Juice
2 whole orange cut in slices
2 whole red apple cut in slices
optional- 1-2 teaspoon Orange Bitters

Mix all ingredients in large bowl and garnish with seasonal fruit slices

28 Dec 2009
Food / How often do you have Polish Food? [49]

We have Polish food most every day.But we also like other ethnic food which also tastes really good !!!!!!

26 Dec 2009
Food / Polish cocktails [7]

If you like that one,You may enjoy this "Polish Martini"

1 1/2 measures of Zubrowka vodka
1 1/2 measures of Krupnik liqueur
2 measures of Apple Juice
cocktail glass

1.Take Zubrowka and Krupnik from the freezer
2.Shake with crushed ice and strain the ingredients.
3.Serve in an ice-cold 5oz Martini glass, no garnish.

A Polish Martini tastes of honey due to the addition of Krupnik which is a honey-based liqueur---------Enjoy

23 Dec 2009
Food / Looking for Cider around Poznan Area [16]

You can always check out the town of Kwierzyna-might be you're best bet

-------cydris -----a traditional drink produced in the rural parts of western Poland. Skwierzyna, a small town close to the present German / Polish border, is the centre of the cider making industry.

21 Dec 2009
Food / Polish cocktails [7]

How about this one--this one will give you a buzz !!!!!!

Likier Zurawinka - only takes two days to prepare and it's ready to drink. This is perfect for an edible gifts basket and makes a nice toasting medium on Christmas or any holiday.

Makes 1 quart of Polish Cranberry Cordial
Prep Time: 20 minutes
•1 cup strawberries, washed, hulled and sliced
•1 cup raspberries, washed and sliced in half
•1 cup sugar
•1 cup cranberry juice
•3 cups (100-proof) vodka
1.In a medium bowl, place sliced fruits and sugar. Mix, cover with plastic wrap and let sit on a counter for 24 hours.

2.Drain berries, reserving juices. (Berries may be used to garnish pound cake or ice cream, but must be refrigerated and used within one day.)

3.Mix reserved juices with cranberry juice and pour into a quart bottle. Add 3 cups vodka or until it comes nearly to the top of the bottle. Seal and shake well. Let stand 24 hours.

4.Strain through a coffee filter and transfer to a decanter. Store at room temperature. No aging is required. The cordial is ready to drink Na zdrowie !!!!!

15 Dec 2009
Food / Hello! Need help with a Polish recipe (quick, and easy to prepare) [8]

Are you telling me that you don't have a cooler or access to one and no microwave in the dorm.My 2 daughters went to university and that's all they used to heat up their meals. They also had a small fridge which held barely anything.
15 Dec 2009
Food / Hello! Need help with a Polish recipe (quick, and easy to prepare) [8]

Here is an easy dish-pancakes for the morning-very easy to make!!!!!!


These are thin, crispy, fried potato pancakes. They are delicious!! This recipe has been passed down generations in my
Polish family. Platski are very easy to make and taste fabulous. But I must warn you: these are very addictive!! Prep Time: approx. 10 Minutes. Cook Time: approx. 20 Minutes. Makes 4 servings .
12 Dec 2009
Food / Is lamb big in Poland? [53]

You're Right --------Lamb on the spit is the best way to go-But you gotta throw a party to eat all the meat !!!!

9 Dec 2009
Food / Is lamb big in Poland? [53]

instead of doing it as a roast,you should try it barbequed----It's delicious--you will love it.
9 Dec 2009
Food / Is lamb big in Poland? [53]

I don't know about Poland but where I live Lamb it's a delicassy.There are lot's of ways to prepare it -----and it's tasty too !!!

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  • cooked lamb
9 Dec 2009
Food / Eggs - how do you like yours? Poached? Unfertilised? [60]

I guess no one like eggs sunny side up.That's the best---lot's of creamy eggs to dip your toast with and yes-----got to top it off with fried bacon and smothered in ketchup.Geez-------------I just got a yen to make me up a batch !!!!!!!!
1 Dec 2009
Food / Mushroom Picking Parties (Poland tradition) [74]

Every year at this time we start planning a mushroom picking outing.It's great to get out in the outdoors this time of year.

  • Not to be eaten-Beware

  • excellent-one of the best

  • lot's of these around
29 Nov 2009

OK: here it is.It's quite lengthy but you will enjoy it------

  • kolacz
29 Nov 2009
Food / POLISH BREAD..... isn't it great... [22]

I tried the black russian bread and it has a distinct flavour because of the vineger used in the baking.But ---you know----with a little help from the Polish Vodka---It actually tasted pretty good !!!!

  • russian bread

  • polish sliwowiza
29 Nov 2009
Food / Kluski z kartofle [7]

Yes it is----Gets the kluski that extra flavour that we all like.
29 Nov 2009
Food / POLISH BREAD..... isn't it great... [22]

I love all kinds of Polish bread---especially Zytni z chminkem--Excellent !!!!!

  • Polish bread varieties
29 Nov 2009
Food / Kluski z kartofle [7]

You want pics of Polish "Kluski z kartoflami" Well----I just happen to have a couple.Melt in your mouth delicious !!!!!!!

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  • kluski z kartoflami
27 Nov 2009
Food / Tatar - a raw meat dish [28]

Yeah--This sandwich will put hair on your chest !!!!!!!!
26 Nov 2009
Food / Blueberry Pierogi's [30]

Here is a suggestion on keeping the berries from running :

Wash, drain, and drip dry 1 pt. blueberries. Some cooks sprinkle the
blueberries with sugar before filling pierogi, but that makes the filling quite runny. We feel it is better to fill them with just the blueberries and then sprinkle the cooked pierogi with powered or granulated sugar on serving platter. This is a great summertime favorite, the more so that the small wild blueberries found in Poland's forests are far tastier than the commercially grown variety available in America. Note: Your blueberry pierogi will be less runny if you sprinkle the berries with 1-2 T. flour or potato starch.
26 Nov 2009
Food / Which brand of sauerkraut do you prefer? [10]

Polonius3----Here is a recepie you might enjoy----SMACZNEGO !!!!!


1 oz Mushrooms, dried
-(or use 1/4 lb
-fresh mushrooms)
1/2 c ;Water, warm
1 lg Onion
2 1/2 tb Butter
1 1/2 lb Sauerkraut; rinsed/drained
1/3 c ;Water
2 tb Flour
Salt and pepper

Soak the dried mushrooms in 1/2 cup of warm water for
1 hour. Saut# mushrooms and onion in butter in a
skillet 3 minutes. Add sauerkraut to mushrooms; cook
and stir for 10 minutes. Blend 1/3 cup water into
flour. Mix with sauerkraut and simmer for 15 minutes.
Season to taste with salt and pepper.

I usually like to add 1/4 cup of dark rum after
cooking. That reminds me of the recipe I have for
20 Nov 2009
Food / Tatar - a raw meat dish [28]

Here is what it looks like.I have tried it but the meat has to be real fresh.The best way to eat it is to chase it down with a nice cold beer!!!!!!!!

  • tatar

  • piwo
1 Nov 2009
Food / Hare, rabbit, boar, venison, pheasant, grouse, squirrel, etc.? [21]

We just came back from hunting .we had a tag for moose.well,the last day we bagged one.It is now at a butcher shop being cut up.The best is, we make pepperoni.That's the best way I like the meat. Also for thanksgiving we shot a couple of wild turkeys..First time I tried it.Not bad.In the spring we shot 6 rabbits.good tasting.The only problem with shooting your own venison----Buckshot-when eating watch out for it.!!!!!!!
29 Oct 2009
Food / Polish comfort food [12]

You forgot about the best comfort food-----Flaczki-------allright !!!!!!
29 Oct 2009

I wouldn't touch that cofee with a ten foot pole.Tim Hortons cofee is the only one for me.It's addictive
29 Oct 2009
Food / Is there any other Polish seafood exept herring and carp? [30]

The carp that are supplied to stores in Poland are bred in captivity.These are clean fish fed pellets and not mud feeders.When I was there I was able to go to one of the "wstawy" which looked like a humongous pool.What they do is drain this pool when the fish are the right size and collect them.Here in Canada we have the same thing in stocked trout and salmon. Ta ryba jest dobra i smaczna.Daj Boze !!!!