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30 Jul 2009
Love / Need advice with Polish girl, I like her but she has a boyfriend. [114]

Me and this polish girl have been friends for about four months and recently we have been getting closer.

Hmm, I have the right answer for you. You need to find her boyfriend and tell him that he either needs to start treating HIS girlfriend better and spending more quality time with her or, risk losing her to you. Yes, I know it is ballsy but honestly who cares what he thinks or does. Make HER choose or walk away man. Just walk away before both of you guys start hating and fighting yourselves over a girl that might be getting further and further away from you both.

Think about it.
30 Jul 2009
Love / My Perfect Love Story so I thought [73]


Seems like you have a problem man. I mean you are delusional. It is okay to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all BUT once you lose, it is best to just move on. You did a great thing by overcoming ridiculous odds being a Muslim Pakistani and falling for a Christian Polski from England while living in 2 different countries. That is pretty crazy for any kind of relationship, good or bad. She might have been fascinated by the whole idea (as we all know, romance for women is all in their heads. It's just a matter of whether they buy what you're selling). She liked the challenge and the idea but that was all it was. She does not love you, she NEVER will. The sooner you realize this the better off you will be. You say she's a swell girl, well then she might be a lifelong friend then BUT she will not be your wife or have sex with you or share a life with you. Forget that dream. It was good, she liked it and now it's over. She has a REAL (and I mean, the actual person she wants) man in mind and that is not you.

Don't get mad or beat yourself up. The best remedy is to move on and have a better life without her; one without heartache or heartbreaks as silly as this one.

Peace & Love.
30 Jul 2009

I've heard it said (jokingly) in Poland that the typical Polish woman:
MA DZIECKO GENIALNE, MĘŻA DEBILA I NIE MA SIĘ W CO UBRAĆ! (Has a kid that's a genius, an imbecile for a husband and nothing to wear).

Ha! If this is true then Polish women are the best because we men ARE imbeciles or else (why would we go crazy over women the way we do; it's so stupid) and because they take care of their own. No wonder Polish people have all the fun.
30 Jul 2009
Love / What are your views (or Polish views) on abortion? [102]

I know lots of Mothers privately advice their daughters to be cautious (use protection) or abort-in-case-of-accident. It seems like this is a universal issue across all cultures. I am curious about what Polish opinions (or anyone's views) are on this issue. Running concurrent with this is the issue of whether it is acceptable or you think it is advisable to abort if the pregnancy is of an interracial fetus (e.g. East Asian/South Asian/Black/Latino & Polish woman).

The reason I ask is because I know this girl who is terrified of interracial relationships (publicly) as she believes it is a serious Taboo for Polski. However, she has been with (I'll say dated) a few Non-Poles and actually has gotten pregnant a couple times now; each time she aborted the fetus. Is it me or is this odd? I mean, it looks like the heart wants what the heart wants; why fight it in that case?

Let me know your opinion about this matter(s). Thank you.