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12 Dec 2009
Language / Polish Case System [32]

I wouldn't be so sure. It might strike you as odd but I've never really studied Polish grammar to any appreciable extent. I've picked up 90% of what I know from listening alone.

I often think about this and if I just moved to Poland would that be the better option? I don't know maybe I'm doing the right thing maybe I'm not.

The instrumental is a nice one to learn. There is some kind of regularity to the rules which is good.

I have a feeling that my teacher hasn't told me everything there is to do with it though but that's fine I feel like I know something and it's an inspiration to keep learning :D
12 Dec 2009
Language / Polish Case System [32]

Polish cases, wow, what a topic to choose. I have many shortcomings when it comes to them.

I'm trying and hoping I can get something sorted... It will just be a base guide though and nothing comprehensive!

I'm sure it will be nothing you don't know already!

What cases are you not comfortable with, Lefty?

The only ones I know so far are Nominative and Instrumental because my teach won't let me overload myself and we have to stick to my workbook!

The one and only place to learn Polish - from starter work to advance is Live
I discovered it a couple of weeks ago and wish I had known about it for the last year while I have been learning.

It's a good site but I find myself getting sidetracked with correcting other peoples English :) I don't think you can replace the teacher though.
12 Dec 2009
Language / Polish Case System [32]

How long have you been learning Polish?
12 Dec 2009
Language / Polish Case System [32]

Merged: An insight into understanding the Polish case system!


How's everyone going? I've been very busy of late but I've been working on something designed to give learners of Polish an insight into understanding the Polish case system! :D

Believe me it's quite a challenge! I could really do with someone to help me by reviewing it and seeing if they think it is ready for posting onto Polish forums!

It's a combination of some ideas taken from other website which were then mixed together and watered down (or in some cases beefed up) and made easier for me (therefore you!) to understand.

I should be done with this by the end of next week but if anyone is interested in reviewing this please can you PM me your email address :) I could do with some Poles and English perspectives on this so I am sure it makes as much sense as possible and then if it works I will ask the mods to make it a sticky!

I hope for this to be a great help to people who are confused by cases like I was (and still am a little bit :P).

12 Dec 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]

You know nothing about that situation and I certainly don't have a history of being violent. Tell me how you come to this conclusion because I'd love to know. It's a good thing not everybody listens to you isn't it Justyna. Judging people and labelling people without knowing even one quarter of one side of the story. I thought you were smarter girl.

I'm not scared of you. Do your worst I've done nothing wrong. All the so called stuff that was hers she talks about was actually mine and I didn't smash the phone against the wall I took it out of her hand and threw it on the floor when she was whacking me round the face with it. You want to see pictures of this so called slap?

Don't you dare say to me you know half of what happened that day and how she now spins it.
12 Dec 2009
Love / Abuse in relationships (my first Polish girlfriend) [216]


I think, as usual, you don't know what you are talking about miss.

You are a nasty little character aren't you, just like kuki everyone is to blame but you.

It amuses me.
18 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]


Have you lived outside of cities in the UK? because the rental prices are extremely different.
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

I'm a salt & vinegar Kettle Chips man myself

They taste good but the texture is strange... too brittle for me.

McCoys (any)

KP Squares

Both excellent choices but I have found something new... in the shop in my village there are some lovely crisps that just have 'Handmade Crisps' written on them and they are the bomba. I especially like the spicy ones :D
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

Crisps. I love the range of crisps that the UK has. Streets ahead of almost any other country in this regard.

Any personal favourites?
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

I can't say anything on behalf of the Polish nation - but I personally would not mind if you insist on keeping your culture (as long as your culture doesn't involve throwing up or ****ing on my threshold or chucking empty beer bottles at my windows)

It's a good answer but there are difference in what you are saying to what we were talking about, basically this is a very one sided circumstance from which you understandably only see one side therefore I will concede your point because as it is impossible to get around this outlook.

Rest assured I will integrate into Polish society as it is the proper thing to do.

I don't mind other people being different

Neither do I.

and hell you can moan as much as you like about Poland

I wont bother since I have better things to do with my life. (Like arguing about if it's right or wrong)

my personal stance is it is often practical to listen to moans cause there can be some reasonable points there (hidden) - but getting emotional about the moans doesn't serve anything

I did listen to the moans and some of them I actually agreed with and some I did not but I still say that she was over the top flat out moaning! Even if I did get emotional over this; is it such a bad thing? What? I'm not allowed to be passionate about people slating my country?

There was no need for her to go on and on.

Arrogance - oh well - you really like strong words - be it your way

If the cap fits! I'm sorry but if I read the post again I think the same! "Why should I integrate? I don't have to!" Well people don't have to share or be happy either, people don't have to help each other, people don't have to be friendly or civil but the people with this attitude of "I don't have to do it" is whats wrong with the world today.

if you want strong words I'd say the British are bread as cattle (and most like it that way) hey really love this superiority thing - it's oh so fun to take **** of some stupid Paddys, Pakis (or whatever)

On a farm? Nie rozumiem Pan. (Oh wait why am I being polite? I don't have to!)

when it turns out that the lack of skill and ambition is on their side (which results in them not having jobs) they just throw tantrums

Sad but true.
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

home grown psychologist heheh

I'm just able to observe the obvious!

or a mind reader - but I don't believe in materialist mind readers

Good for you... and the relevance is?

well your wording was sort of if you don't like it here go back

Yeah well funnily enough! That's because I meant: If you don't like it here
then go back!!!

the thing is the British want us to share our views of their country and then get so very offended if these are not enthusiastic enough - strange don't you think

No this is not true. I certainly don't want you to share our views of our country! I just want you to stop moaning about it like a little bit*h about what is wrong with Britain because we know and don't need you to tell us anything more or do you think you are more qualified than us on this matter?

it is our choice simply - why should I actually blend in if I don't want to - btw there is really little value in what you can blend into in English culture right now - binge culture? pretty moronic don't you think - going out culture? (it's expensive you know) - what is left then - religion? tradition? - not much that there is there - main Christmas tradition is to get pissed on the Boxing day - hardly anything one should really pursue

Do you see the Chinese, Indian, Pakistani people in general blending in?? yes - those who are borne and raised here

It is your choice and you have every right to choose what you want but just don't expect me to be happy about it or agree with it, to be honest I think it's just ignorance! When I come to live in Poland should I behave as you have? How would you feel if I did? Start thinking about what you write before you write it because your arrogance is appalling.

As for our culture well yes you are right we may have less to offer that Poland but believe me and mark my words everyday you become a little more westernised so be ready it may be you who has to defend your lack of culture in years to come.
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

The thread has boiled down to is integration and lack of it and I'd like to point out the fact that it's not just with Poles but with all foreign nations in the UK.

I had the recent 'pleasure' of having to go to Bradford on a business trip and I walked through the city feeling the most uncomfortable I have ever felt in the UK ever ever.

Not one single face was ethnic British or ethnic Polish for that matter!
17 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

Ok so it's clearly time to step my game up.

I must say that this is NOT Polish people's fault and they do NOT have to socialise with British at all.

I agree but I also question your logic because then by this standard nobody 'has' to try to integrate either, or, for that matter even attempt to and therefore; now we have an example of how the seeds of hatred are sown and this ends up causing real problems in the future socio-economic climate of the country in question. Please, let's not have double standards as this isn't really fair to one side of the argument or the other.

In my opinion, I think this probably happens to a much worse effect with ex-pats in Spain where Brits refuse to do anything except eat English food in English styled pubs and there is quite the 'mini-Britain' culture over there. This sickens me that we are trying to make a part of another country ours alas this is apparently progress. I don't understand why people can't see how this damages the national identity of the country in question(Especially in Britain with what little of this is left!).

Poles often move abroad to work and save up the money, there is no need for them to practice or even try British traditions or customs or stay friends with their British naighbours.

I've covered this above but I honestly think for you to have a fully shaped well-rounded opinion on this topic you would need to experience the negative effects of mass immigration in your country and then sit and listen to them have a good whine about the many 'flaws' of Poland and how they have extremely 'sad' lives ala Ksysia and see how you feel then. You are correct when you say that they do not have to be friends with their neighbours but I think this is preferable to having neighbours who are complete strangers! (Maybe I am an idealist but I should not be punished for thinking this!)

Reading all those threads it's all a little upsetting to say the least because let me tell you it hurts to hear that you as a citizen are being branded as a racist.

If you don't like it, then please blame your government...

We do (and I agree it's not Poles fault in any way) but that's not exactly a cohesive argument and/or nice thing to hear... of the few things I have ever read on pf about problems in Poland I certainly never staunchly replied "blame it on your government" because this 'government' is a 'representative' of the 'majority' of the people and therefore the fundamental mindset of 'the people' and to this end I might as well blame everything on the government, for example isn't the topic in question based around the mindset of people/individual/person? By this logic; the government has great influence on the minds of the people and therefore this helps to shape the opinions of the people.

This is the problem with democracy, government and even mass media but I'm not going to go into this here!

As for Ksysia, I think she clearly presented a real list of goods about the UK and that doesn't make her a moaner in my opinion.

I STRONGLY disagree that she is not a moaner.

She is simply attention seeking with these threads and titling them "The sad life of a Polish migrant" is just looking to be negative and in my opinion frankly stupid.

The only reason she wrote a list of good things is because I made this thread in counter to hers (immature as it may have been however she did not even attempt to present a cohesive argument when I challenged her on her points in her threads in fact she wrote something so stupid the mods removed this) and without it she would have said nothing.

This was a knee jerk reaction to try and claw back some popularity from people on her part and I think that this much is obvious!

I find Ksysia's comments on the previous page very positive and complimentary, how about you focus on one topic at a time Lefty and stick to this thread and what's been said on it so far instead of dwelling on some old posts? It's a bit childish of you.

No Justysia you know this is not so, I am not being childish about this and I rather think it's rather ignorant of you to even write such without giving it the proper forethought from both perspectives and this is a real lack of producing a cohesive and coherent argument on your part in that I am most certainly not "dwelling on some old posts"! Surely you have realised that this thread was in response to what Ksysia had posted and her negativity towards the UK? This is all 'interrelated' regardless of if you did or not. Now let me show you exactly how I am not "dwelling on old threads" by giving you a lesson in my logic, my example is as follows:

noimmigration is back and he has suddenly decided that he likes Bigos (he accidently tried this ;D) and has now told the forum about it.

Now should we because of this ignore all of his old threads? Ignore everything he has said in the past because he actually said he likes something? I realise that this is a slightly extreme example but nonetheless a usable one, besides the whole reason I created this thread was to counter the other and if you think this is childish I suggest you think about this a little harder because I am almost certain that you would do the same should someone write six threads describing how awful Poland is... but wait! If they then made a list of positive things in another thread then this would make it all ok?


Do you expect praise and glory for Britain all the time?

Not in any way would I even suggest such a thing in the same way that I'm sure you don't expect the same for Poland, the difference is I don't go around making negative comments about things unless I have considered all the factors involved!

Let me give you another example:

When I was in £ódź I was taking the tram to Manafaktura when I witnessed 3 young men racially attacking a Chinese woman, now I will not go into details of exactly what happened but I did not feel the need to create a thread about it on pf even though I could have done quite easily.

The reasons for this in my mind are clear I simply did not feel the need to talk about this in a negative way because I knew that: Yes, some Poles are racist but this is a minority not a majority.

I did not do this:

Thread title:

'The sad tale of an Englishmans observations in Poland - Racism in the streets of £ódź"


"I observed Polish people spitting on a Chinese woman and I think this is wrong so now I generally think that maybe Poles are racists and this is a real problem in Poland... etc etc (More mindless generalisation)"

I think you get the idea.

Aren't we allowed to dislike certain things about UK as well as loving others?

They/You certainly are and more than likely I will agree on the same points as you may list but then again I will use my common sense and judgement in my opinions about other countries and their foods and behavioural types. Surely (again) this is common sense, no?

Does it mean i hate Britain and the British? Does it mean i hate Britain and the British? Do i have to pack my bags and leave immediately?

I think you are being pedantic, melodramatic and overly defensive. Did I even say anything like that? Do you hear me saying "If you don't like pickled eggs pack your bags and get out!"? No I didn't and no I don't. Please don't treat me like some uneducated chav idiot with no sense at all. I am in fact glad you like lots of things about the UK and I'm glad that you can also talk about the things you don't like in a normal adult manner instead of making things up and moaning about how sad your life is. I didn't sense one bit of negativity in your list of things you like/dislike about Britain other than the mention of the actual things you don't like and this is fine by me! Just please don't turn it into a six thread whine-a-thon because no English person wants to read it! (and I believe we make up the majority on pf! ;D)

Do you love everything about your country? No? Then why don't you leave?

No I don't. There is a lot of things I don't like about my country and I may well leave in the future, still, again, I'm not moaning about it.

You don't own the place, we have the right to stay here as well as you do so stop moaning and throwing a tantrum when you don't like what some people say.

I'm sorry but you don't own my freedom of speech either do you? So as long as there is freedom of speech in this world if I read something I don't like you damn well better expect I will write about it! I think you are much the same as me in this respect! Be careful here as if you think about it you very closely approaching on the borders being hypocritical!
14 Oct 2009
Travel / Snowboarding in Poland [75]

:) thanks mate that's brilliant! Certainly something to report back with!
14 Oct 2009
Travel / Snowboarding in Poland [75]




Thank you very much for your posts! I am seeing more and more that as much as I'd like to go to Poland it's maybe going to be better to opt for Slovakia or Bulgaria. The conditions of this holiday are that it is on the cheap but to the people paying that means nothing less than 4 star accommodation and the rest will be the cheap part.

I'm going to look into some other places.
13 Oct 2009
Travel / Snowboarding in Poland [75]

Hmmm... I got merged and this thread didn't get much of a useful reply.


From what I hear, Zakopane is pretty crowded around January/February maybe a better bet will be Slovakia or Bulgaria.
11 Oct 2009
Life / When on a Polish street you can see... [19]

When on a Polish street I can see .. .. .. .. .. ..

Ok I will be nice (Since I don't hold grudges £ódź, you real man you!)

Old people in hats, young people in hoods, small dogs, shops, restaurants, kiosks, trams, cars, cobbles, graffiti, the occasional policeman.
11 Oct 2009
Law / What is a NIP? [8]

How would I use this if I was ordering something from a Polish website?

10 Oct 2009
Travel / Snowboarding in Poland [75]

Oct 12, 09, 19:26 - Thread attached on merging:
Would like info about snowboarding in Poland! :)


I'm going snowboarding in January or February to Poland with my Family and my Polish girlfriend :D I'm looking for info on:

Zakopane is it too overcrowded?

Where is good and where is not?

Will there be plenty of snow? ;)

How much would it cost to hire snowboards for a week?

Would it be best to hire a cabin or stay in a hotel? (there will be 6 of us)

Will English snowboarding tuition be available?

How much is a couple of days snowboarding tuition likely to be?

How much are lift passes on average?

Where is good for beginners?

What routes are available?

HELP! :)

Thank you as always to polishforums members for no doubt supplying the info with a touch of special humour! ;)
10 Oct 2009
Life / Social networking sites used by teens in Poland? [13]

What social networking sites do Polish teens use?

Also how can I find a teen my age in Poland on myspace?

Use the search feature on MySpace.
9 Oct 2009
Language / Does this look right? (Cases reference); co? kto?/ czego? kogo? [8]

I'm teaching myself about cases and want to prepare a kind of reference and am wondering if everything on the below section looks ok?

Polish has seven cases. Here's the basic idea:

The nominative case indicates the subject of a verb:
The man went to the store.

Nominative (Mianownik)
co? kto? (what? who?)

The genitive case indicates the possessor of another noun, which in English is indicated by 's or of.
The genitive is also used for the direct object in negatives sentences:
A country's citizens must defend its honour.
I did not buy the car.

Genitive (Dopełniacz)
czego? kogo? (what? who?)

The dative case indicates the indirect object of a verb:
We told her the truth.
The man gave his daughter a book.
I made them dinner.

Dative (Celownik)
czemu? komu? (to whom? for whom?)

The accusative case indicates the direct object of a verb:
I bought the car.

Accusative (Biernik)
co? kogo? (what? who?)

The instrumental case indicates a tool/means with which an action is performed:
He shot it with the gun.

Instrumental (Narzędnik)
z czym? z kim? (with what? with whom?)

The locative case indicates a location:
I live in China.

Locative (Miejscownik)
o czym? o kim? (about what? about whom?)

The vocative case indicates the person you are addressing:
Professor, are you O.K.?

Vocative (Wołacz)
functions de facto as nominative

Basically I think my translations are a bit dodgy, please correct me.

8 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / What is good about being in the UK? [140]

Fine by me, I would plant more trees to create more forests.

One thing I love about Poland is the large number of forested areas apparent when flying over Poland on clear days.

It makes me very jealous!

England was once like this but unfortunately fell victim to large deforestation by the year 1350 and then more of England's remaining forests were chopped down during the 18th and 19th centuries.

We now have very little forest left in England.

A sad fact.