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2 Mar 2007
Language / Translations of Gadu-Gadu [158]

Installing it is the easy part, using it is where the trouble begins :)
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

Can't say i actually noticed when signing up, i will change it if i can.

What i posted was true, and you have all given me your opinions which i thank you for.

Got me too, as he/she sounds like someone broken hearted.

I wouldn't say broken hearted, but sure i was upset.

Time is a great healer.

I dont quite understand, since Honesty's profile says female?

Thanks for pointing that out Sadie. Much appreciated.
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

I think it is quite normal in a healthy relationship, once when you wake up, after work or so, and then before sleep. :)

Oh, and in the middle of the night if you happen to wake up :)
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

In all honesty my feet haven't always been firmly rooted to the ground, we all do crazy things when we are growing up, that is part of growing up, experiences and things you do make you the person you become. That is why i can't turn my back on her or just give up a friend because she is still only young with much more growing up to do. Her life, not mine.

I think you are right that she is attracted to the risky behaviour, who isn't at times, it makes you feel alive. She isn't an only child, but the eldest of 3 sisters. So sure there is pressure on her, her parents want them all to do well and she leads by example. The times i have been there, sure the parents are strict but i don't think it is a bad thing, strict in the way that things need to be done around the home etc, these are skills many of the youth of today lack, who wants a woman who cannot make pierogi :) :). hehe.

Sure i can put how many people she has slept with behind me (it isn't the number but the way she goes about getting these men), but can she? It is her choice on what she does, maybe it doesn't bother her, but she just tells me it does.

There is no reason for me to forgive her, we were never a couple, just two friends who got too close, rushed things. I mean she has to finish her studies etc, there is no point in getting in to a relationship at this moment in time even if we did care for each other.

Trust is something huge, and something that has to be there or there can't be a future. At this moment of time after her adding him back to her list, i wonder why she did, does she want him to go back to meet her.. If so then that is just something i will accept and move on.

Who knows what the future holds, maybe she will be a future partner in years to come, after all we are still young, anything can happen. I am just looking out for her, not trying to save her, you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Also, although i could see her as my future, at the moment it isn't the right time.

sorry, I was just trying to cheer you up with a bit of humour.. I know how hard it is if you really like her..but at the end of the day, only you can decide if she is worth your affections or not. Maybe make a list of the pros and cons of your relationship and see which outweighs the other.

Don't worry, i know you were :) and you were successful :).

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, i know it was pretty long, and even longer if English isn't your first language, but hey, every little helps when learning another language.

2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

Thanks marchewka, I hadn't looked at it from that point of view.

I am not trying to change her to be honest, but she has told me she wants to change, i can only try and give some advice. I don't put her down when talking to her, i am just trying to understand her. She is a lovely girl, and a friend. She often says she makes mistakes like giving her heart away to people too quickly, i think this is the case.

We all like sex, but why not find one person to share it with :), we don't have to be out making records :). That was my try at a joke :).

Ok, so i will take it easy, it is her life as you have said, i will just be there if she needs someone to talk to. You could say though that i see her in a bad light because i was told Polish girls have certain values, don't sleep around etc, maybe things have changed since my mother/cousin (Polish women) were young adults. I thought it only that English teens were "easy", this isn't a generalisation, but they do hold the record at the moment for highest teenage pregnancies.

Thanks for posting.
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

As for 9 partners at the age of 19, well you have no way of judging what women get up to, women will lie about their past and do whatever they can get away with. Move away from friends and family and the mice will play.

True you don't know if they lived alone, but this one still lives at home, in a small village and the father apparantly always knows where everyone is etc. 9 sexual partners in 2 years since losing her virginity, also had a 1 year long relationship, so you could say 8 in a year or so.

Anyway, thanks you for the comments guys, i know not to take this one seriously. She is obviously good at what she does.

Also, Peter i agree about younger guys, but myself being 25, i don't classify myself as one. I am just a friend who is concerned at what path she is going down, and it looks like one of self destruction. To me, sleeping with someone older than your father is clearly wrong. Especially when you have never met them before, other than just typing on the net, and staying in a hotel for a few nights. Taking cheap photo's etc. Anyway, enough of me ranting :). It is Friday, the end of the working week, time to party :)
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

Hi Magdushya

Thanks for replying.

It seems just because they can go to church and confess, it allows them to do this.

I have tried talking to her about it, she said talking about it now makes her feel disgusted. Though she has tried to explain it to me, she said he understood her, they were each other’s angels. She has also slept with 9 other people, why?? She deleted him from her messenger some time ago, but since then she has added him back!!

He has actually sent me a message in the past saying he wasn’t the only one who has been to see her!!.

I really don’t understand it, I mean does that make her a prostitute? Why else would she allow older men coming to see her, and sleep with her.

It makes me feel sick that her parents see her as a responsible girl, father thinks she is still a virgin!. It is unbelievable.

Blow her off and get another one, it dont seem worth all that trouble.
Theres woman everywhere...
Shes trying to play ya.....

I think you are right Sledz :), I became emotionally attached to her over the months of seeing her, sleeping with her, getting to know her. She had met my family over in Poland, i had met hers. But I think she is just young, and needs to grow up, make her mistakes and learn.

I am not much older, but i know what is right and what is wrong.

Women, they really are a mystery..
2 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

Greetings all,

First time poster, long time lurker.. So i thought i would post a post and see what replies i get...

Here we go..

Well, I have (had) a Polish female friend who I met a while a go when I was on holiday. Lovely girl.. Anyway.. since returning back to her countries, me England/ her Poland something has happened. I am not sure how it is to be seen.

We talked a lot on a chat messenger, I have been to visit her, she has been to visit me. Whilst all of this was going on, she had another visitor from the UK, 30 years her senior, her being 20.

Before I knew about this, she had sent me a couple of pictures of her “posing” for a camera, you get the idea.. And I thought those were strange.. I didn’t like them, anyway she said they were taken by a photographer, I accepted it even though I found it very hard to believe since it was done in a hotel room.

What sickened me was, when I went to visitor, it was the same hotel, room was the same.. EWWWW!!!

So here is my question, what is up with this girl?? Please don’t tell me all Polish girls are like this? I mean her family go to church every Sunday, I got on with them very well, me being able to speak some Polish, and understand a lot, them being to speak some English too.

We had a great time together but I just can’t figure this out. Why would she go with someone so much older? Is it just money? Her family are pretty well off for Polish standards, so it can’t just be money, she attends university too and is doing well.

Can anyone give opinions or advice on this? Should I just cut all ties from her? I would prefer not to because I do care for a lot, we have had good times together and she really is a nice person. 30 years though is some difference….

Thanks for reading.

Had to get it out of my system.