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19 Dec 2009
Life / Where one can take HIV Test in Warsaw? [6]

In Warsaw you can take HIV test (free and anonymously) in:

• ul. Nowogrodzka 82 Monday - Friday: 16:00-20:00

• ul. Żelazna 79, Wojewódzka Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna; Tuesday, Thursday: 15.30-18.30

• ul. Chmielna 4, Laboratorium Analiz Lekarskich „Izis” Monday-Thursday 16:00-19.30 Friday 12:00-15.30
11 Sep 2009
News / 'The Shrine' movie - set in Poland [9]

" After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote village in Poland called Alwainia. Upon further investigation, the journalists discover that Alwainia has a history of bizarre cult activity revolving around human sacrifice. Hell bent on discovering the truth, they travel to the small village, but quickly find themselves pursued by a mysterious group set on killing them. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalist's soon discover that Alwainia hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine. "
21 Aug 2009
Genealogy / Looking for an old friend, Krzysztof Koziołkiewicz [6]

no problem :)

oh, and remember that difference in time zones between Poland and California is 9 hours.
In Poland is now 01:33, Friday while in California is 16:33, Thursday.
21 Aug 2009
Genealogy / Looking for an old friend, Krzysztof Koziołkiewicz [6]

Krzysztof Koziołkiewicz
Try profile in Nasza Klasa, there is one 40 yo guy with that name

but Budziwoj for sure is not Białystok/Bielsk Podlaski. and don't tell englishman to search in NaszaKlasa as it has only polish interface...

Krzysztof Koziołkiewicz

own Horse-riding center in Budziwój
Budziwój 386
36021 Budziwój
(+48 17) 221 99 34 (phone number)

He is also an art teacher in primary school in Tyszczyn

Pułanek 1 street
36020 Tyczyn
(+48 17) 22 19 393 ; (+48 17) 22 19 351

School's headmaster may not speak english. In that case, ask to the phone Monika Bernat or Karolina Jóźwiak. They are english teachers in that school and should help you.
11 Aug 2009
Travel / Cost of overseas postage in Poland? [4]

North America and Africa price-list:

2.50 zł up to 50 grams
3.20 zł more than 50g to 100g
7.60 zł more than 100g to 350g
11.50 zł more than 350g to 500g
21.80 zł more than 500g to 1000g

standard postcard weights less than 50 grams
6 Aug 2009
Life / Life in Bydgoszcz [39]

if there are any jobs out there which English people can do "without working in a school. Any help would be great.

Alcatel - Lucent (IT)
Atos Origin (IT)
Zeto Bydgoszcz (IT)
Tyco Electronics (engineering)
Prokom (IT)
Pesa Pojazdy Szynowe (engineering)
Telefonika Kable S.A. (engineering)
21 Jun 2009
News / What Poland thinks about China [27]

On a global/political level they feel reluctant to China for some events such as those that are happening in Tibet.

Let look at Tibet from the other point of view: