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Life in Bydgoszcz

6 Apr 2007 /  #1
I've been offered a job in Bydgoszcz and I'm trying to find out what it's like. What can people tell me about this city? Also how much would a family of three need to earn to live comfortably there?
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
6 Apr 2007 /  #2
Hi I live in Torun which is next to Bydgoszcz. I also work every day in the town. I must be honest I havent really seen a lot of the town. My understanding is that it is a good twon. It has shopping a shopping centre and also cinemas etc. For a family of three it really depends on what sort of accomodation you will be looking for. Food wise i spend about 150zl a week (about 30pound). So its safe to say you can times that by three.

Also if you are going to live in Bydgoszcz I strongly recomend you get a car. Public transport isnt too bad but with the shopping centre being at the edge of the town its best not to be relying on buses to get your shopping back home.

I only hear things about Bydgoszcz from the people I teach. The adults seem to like it but the teenagers moan and say there is nothing to do. But I think that is the same for teenagers worldwide:) Feel free to email me any time Ill be happy to help.

Ive been here about 5 months and im still loving it. If you need any help setting up I can help you I only live an hour away and like I said I have to go to work there nearly every day
toofunky - | 13  
6 Apr 2007 /  #3
I've lived in Bydgoszcz for almost 8 years and it's not bad city to live in.It has 5 hospitals,lots of shopping malls, a few movie theaters. How much you will spend for renting an appartment depends on area of the city. Generaly - the further from Downtown the cheaper.I lived in part of Bydgoszcz called FORDON - it's far form city centre and public transit around there is not so bad during weekdays, to move around on weekends you wil need a car for sure. The city doesn't have much of a night life, bars and restaurants are closed early, not many places to go for a walk to and to me it was a little boring.
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
6 Apr 2007 /  #4
best advice is to live in Torun. It has clubs pubs cinemas restaraunts etc. The town centre is nice and you can walk around the town at night. It is only 40 minutes to Bydgoszcz if you have your own car so you could have the best of both worlds.
18 May 2007 /  #5
Does anyone know anything about Bydgoszcz? Is it a good place to live with a family? Also, do families on live in apartments, or can you rent a home?
21 May 2007 /  #6
Hi Colorado

i visit my mum in Bydgoszcz every year. on balance, i think the town itself is drabby. buts its changed a lotin 10 years and im sure will continue to do so. my wife is english and finds bydgoszcz bland compared to gdansk or krakow. she liked torun (as does ukinpoland, above) which she said had a 'neater' feel

there are towns outside/near bydgoszcz

i have seen houses for rent in bydgoszcz. for example, check to see whats available

i hope this helps
21 May 2007 /  #7
28 May 2007 /  #8
I have to chip in here. Just driven over from Stratford upon Avon to try to buy a flat. Warsaw is big & dull, (cracking clubs though), Krakow is rightly titled the most stunning city in Poland, Poznan really impressed me but all 3 are ridiculously expensive (1400 gbp to 2000 gbp per meter!).

So, I went back to grass roots & came to Bydgoszcz. Property is affordable, the architecture is really stunning (if a little filthy), but if you are coming from the states, the nearest thing you will ever have seen at home is some of the old older parts of Boston, & even then, that would be many centuries newer. Its a great city on the face of it, & people are freindly, the place is getting some serious FDI, & in a few years, it'll be much more expensive than now, as it has a good mix of everything. History, a river, architecture, culture etc. So, by my standards, its a 7/10 at least. If you know Romania, its similar to Brasov or Sibiu, both equally excellent cities!

Good luck.

29 May 2007 /  #9

What sort of price range are you looking at in Bydgoszcz? I live in Bydgoszcz, I like the town, plenty of fit girls here too.


4 Jun 2007 /  #10
I found a flat in Bydgoszcz, next to the university, 102meters, 250000zl, 4 bedrooms, which seems cheap. Any adivce please? what about letting to students? are they as trustworthy as the rest of the working Polish nation? In the UK, Polish tenants are incredibly respectful, decent & honest. But I'm not keen to get the 'young ones' moving into my flat & trashing it (if you ever saw the British comedy, 'the young ones', you'd understand.

Comments please? to if poss?


manali - | 1  
8 Sep 2007 /  #11
hey folks,
I'm living in Bydgoszcz and working as am English teacher but am in need of a few hours more, anyone help? As for living in bydgoszcz, it is not bad,not tooo many good pubs but i like this town. any of you go to MOZG????? this is the best pub. I have a friend who rents flats to students and he rented through the music acadamy, so very safe. good luck
1 Oct 2008 /  #12
When you say fit girls...where we can find them? which are the best clubs?
I am planning one day trip to Bydgoszcz, but would like to know where to go? and how the girls there.....? :)
24 Oct 2008 /  #13
which are the best clubs?

Well, all depends on what you like.. but i would say...Eljazz and Mózg mentioned earlier
vqman - | 2  
9 Nov 2008 /  #14
Another guy looking to move to Bydgoszcz for a telecommunications job.

how much for a small 1 bedroom apartment in a decent part of the city? (low crime)


15 Nov 2008 /  #15
I have lived in Bydgoszcz since I was born. Any hints?
You can find a nice flat (living room, bedroom and kitchen) in a nice district for c.a.1500 PLN (media incl.)+1000 PLN deposit and half of the month rent to the real estate agency.
Pollylol - | 1  
15 Nov 2008 /  #16
sorry, I didn't log in last time (above).
I recommend you Gorzyskowo disctrictjust 3 bus stops to the downtown, calm, lots of modern blocks, not too far to the forest.
Captain Scarlet 3 | 34  
15 Nov 2008 /  #17
I have to chip in here. Just driven over from Stratford upon Avon

You live 10 miles up the road from me !!!!!!!! Small world !
eloy 1 | 3  
11 Jan 2009 /  #18

I just moved to Bydgoszcz one month ago and i'd like to ask where musicians going here? How is music life in Bydgoszcz? Is there any bars to play etc :S

And most important is there anyone knows any band looking for a drummer lol :)
ms80000 - | 8  
24 Mar 2009 /  #19
there are many interesting place in Bydgoszcz. part of them are listed here:

for sure you should visit legendary place:

Mózg (Brain)
GoDfaTheR420 6 | 43  
25 Mar 2009 /  #20
I haven't read what people have written up here ^^^^^^

But I went to Bydgoszcz once....never again...full of piss heads! ...and that was at a ''Breakfast cafe''
trini nic - | 4  
15 Apr 2009 /  #21
I've been to Bydgoszcz several times and I've found it great fun. Didn't see many "pissheads" not sure where you were!
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
15 Apr 2009 /  #22
I have a friend who lives in this town and she says its depressingly boring and dull , and no she is not a digruntled Brit , she is a Polish lady who was born there...Dont know much about the place myself , but i did enjoy Torun which is close by , had a rocking good night in some nightclub that was under the vaults of what i think was the town hall....
ms80000 - | 8  
16 Apr 2009 /  #23
had a rocking good night in some nightclub that was under the vaults of what i think was the town hall

Yes, it is in the town hall's basement: "pod aniołem" / "under the angel"
and it's really a cool place :)
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
16 Apr 2009 /  #24
Yes, it is in the town hall's basement:

I thought so , but its not easy to figure out when you have had more than a few piwo....I do remember leaving the place around 4 am and wondering where the hotel was...? No problem i thinks , just ask some body , but what was the name of the hotel...???

After checking the hotel door keys , which sadly didn,t have any name on we just wandered around till by good luck we found the place...That was a night to remember... if only i could remember...??????
BevK 11 | 248  
20 Apr 2009 /  #25
This thread made me laugh. I just came here from Leamington Spa. Fleeing Warwickshire FTW!!!!!!! (I'm in Warsaw though)
moonlight 6 | 103  
7 Jul 2009 /  #26
A lot of mixed replies above :-?

Finally, I am moving to Poland and to Bydgoszcz. Anyone else just recently moved there? I'm moving early September. Excited and nervous!!!! :)
7 Jul 2009 /  #27
My ex is from there, and if her and her mates are anything to go by... I'm NEVER setting foot in the place! :) lol
Dunc - | 7  
6 Aug 2009 /  #28
cześć all, im trying to get my foot into the Bydgoszcz door. My dziewczyna who is from Bydgoszcz and I have just come back from holiday in Bydgoszcz and every time we come back to England we always miss being around her friends and family. So we are now looking to move over. We understand this may take some time as I have to work on my Polish which is not great at all at the moment. I was just wondering if there are any jobs out there which English people can do "without working in a school. Any help would be great.

dziękuję bardzo

moonlight 6 | 103  
6 Aug 2009 /  #29
hey Dunc,

Im moving to Bydgoszcz in September. When I decided to move I was flexible about where to live. I tried every multi national company I could find but without any luck :(

I then decided to give teaching a go, I had given private lessons to exam students but that was about it, no other experience. I completed a CELTA course and while it's quite demanding I really enjoyed it. I think teaching is a good way to start, once you are there and settled you could then start to look at other options. What do you do at present?

Also I don't speak Polish, I have been taking lessons but as you will read on here, it will take more that a few lessons, for me the best way to learn is to be surrounded by the language.
6 Aug 2009 /  #30
I was just wondering if there are any jobs out there which English people can do "without working in a school.

What can you do that a Pole can't do better? Until you are fluent in Polish, the answer is most likely "Teach English".

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