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Life in Bydgoszcz

SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
6 Aug 2009 /  #31
I just moved to Bydgoszcz one month ago and i'd like to ask where musicians going here? How is music life in Bydgoszcz? Is there any bars to play etc

for sure you should visit legendary place:
Mózg (Brain)

michal_857 2 | 17  
6 Aug 2009 /  #32
if there are any jobs out there which English people can do "without working in a school. Any help would be great.

Alcatel - Lucent (IT)
Atos Origin (IT)
Zeto Bydgoszcz (IT)
Tyco Electronics (engineering)
Prokom (IT)
Pesa Pojazdy Szynowe (engineering)
Telefonika Kable S.A. (engineering)
the_big_kahuna - | 3  
6 Aug 2009 /  #33
I'm shocked there has been no mention of Adam Sowa Cukernia's so far in this talk of Bydgoszcz, for me that is the best part of my regular visits to Bydgoszcz, other than seeing the family of course.

A sunny afternoon spent sat outside Adam Sowa on Ul. Mostowa watching the world go by is hard to beat. Although now i am in Krakow i have found better views, but not the same quality of cake (apart form a shop in Ul Szpitalnia which sells Adam Sowa cakes, but has a crap view), but i guess that is for a different thread.
moonlight 6 | 103  
6 Aug 2009 /  #34
Adam Sowa Cukernia's

I'll check it out, you won me over with the mention of cake :)
the_big_kahuna - | 3  
6 Aug 2009 /  #35
I'll be back in Bydgoszcz in about 3 weeks, just for a week i think, i'll give you a shout when i am there, not sure of the exact dates, i might be back in Krakow before you get to Bydgoszcz.

If you do got to Sowas, may i recommend the tort pralinowe or if you have a really sweet tooth tort truflowe.
moonlight 6 | 103  
6 Aug 2009 /  #36
I don't get there till 15th September but I will be there until next year so lots of time :) there goes my diet :)
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
6 Aug 2009 /  #37
there goes my diet :)

Stay away from the word ciastko, it's evil... hehe.
Dunc - | 7  
7 Aug 2009 /  #38
Hi guys,
I work as a Recruitment Branch Manager which I fear will get me nowhere in Poland.
Anyway thanks for the info.

moonlight 6 | 103  
7 Aug 2009 /  #39
I fear will get me nowhere in Poland.

I would not say that, just think about how you can apply your skills in different ways to work for you.

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