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19 Sep 2009
Life / WiFi set up in Poland [2]

it will work on other device, but be sure to buy wifi router with adsl2/2+ modem for rj-11 plug, in modem configuration (if there is no wizard for neostrada):

# Encapsulation: PPPoA (RFC2364) or PPPoE
# Multiplex: VC multiplexing (VCmux) or LLC
# Virtual Path ID (VPI): 0
# Virtual Circuit ID (VCI): 35
# DSL Modulation : G.dmt (ITU G.992.1) or Multimode
# Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): 1492 or Auto
3 Sep 2009
Travel / Travelling to Łódź - advice needed pls [6]

1. If I get a train to Fabryczna, will it be easy to find somewhere which sells bus/tram tickets? I'm assuming you buy them at a kiosk like most other places, yes? Or do they have ticket machines (like at Wrocław airport)?

you can buy tickets at 'kiosks' :), i havent seen any tickets machines

2. Is this place easy to get to from town:
Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Biała Fabryka Geyera, ul. Piotrkowska 282

yes, its not far from the center, if you tell where you are going to stay i can tell you how far exactly
7 Aug 2009
Language / Pozdro & kasa? - examples of Polish word abbreviations [21]

i think "siema" is the word made by Jurek Owsiak in early 90's when the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) was made. He was used to say siema every time he was appearing on tv :) its made from "jak sie masz" as Szwed said :)
1 Aug 2009
Language / WHY NA WĘGRZECH ET AL? [6]

great question :) i think it has no grammatical fundaments. they sound better when you put preposition "na" :)

w Węgrzech, w Ukrainie, w Litwie, w Białorusi - hard to say and sound wierd :P
29 Jul 2009
Life / How much Zloty to have an average life in Poland? [98]

it's true, lot of my friends live in rented flats. but i was thinking about M3 flat for 3-4 people, so if you want to rent it for your own you will have to pay much more... 2000zl (but i guess you won't need such a big flat for your own) :)
29 Jul 2009
Love / Need advice with Polish girl, I like her but she has a boyfriend. [114]

can somebody explain the meaning of this saying because i just cannot figure it out!!! lol

i will try, when you drink vodka and than you eat something (or drink some juice after) you don't want to being disturbed by anything :P 'wódka' and 'zakąska' are inseperable :)
29 Jul 2009
Life / How much Zloty to have an average life in Poland? [98]

let me answer these questions :)

*flat with 2 rooms (its called M3 in poland, 2 rooms + bathroom): in Lodz 500-700zl + bills
*milk: boxed 2-2.5zl, in plastic 1.5zl (i have no idea how its called in english :):P )
*if the marlboro are our determinant, you will have to pay 9.60zl for a pack
*hard to say in minutes, when i take a taxi from east to west part of the city i pay 30-35zl :(
29 Jul 2009
Language / Parę - two or a few? [26]

If I have right, most important town polish films calls 'Hollyłódź', or is like joke?

its a joke, i live here, the film company was famous in late 80's and early 90's but not now... as i know there is a sound-recording studio right now (called 'toya studios') :)
6 Jul 2009
Language / Share Perfective and Imperfective Polish verbs [105]

What's the difference between daj and dawaj then?

it means the same :) but in sentence like "dawaj mi piwo" (give me a beer) dawaj sounds more rude for me :P

it's hard to explain but i will try
daj - means i want to drink this beer
dawaj - i have to drink it right now! i don't want to wait anymore

something like that :)
4 Jul 2009
Language / Example sentences for different cases. [42]

(Nom) Ta jest kobieta. OK
(Gen) Szukam kobiety. OK
(Dat) Muszę kobiecie pomagać. (is this word order correct?!) OK
(Acc) Czekam na kobietę. OK
(Ins) Ona jest piękną kobietą OK
(Loc) Czytam książę o kobiecie OK
(Voc) ???? kobieto :)
28 Jun 2009
Language / The Dative Case [62]

osiołowi is wrong

wow! i would say 'osiołowi', ...maybe because the word 'osiołKowi' :)
that's stange for me :) (and im native :P)
18 Jun 2009
Language / Pozdro & kasa? - examples of Polish word abbreviations [21]

In Poznan there's also siano (lit. hay)

yes, very popular

in Lodz we say 'siopka'(money)/'nie mam siopki'(i'm out of money) very often (it doesnt translate to english... i don't even know what does it mean in polish :P :) )
17 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

so how about putting tomato in this dish to replace potatoes?????

nooo!! you will ruin your dish :P

the result should look like this:)
16 Jun 2009
Language / Już and jeszcze [36]

'wypije jeszcze jeden żywiec' sounds strange
16 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

schabowy z ziemniakami, surówka z kiszonej kapusty, a na popite maślanka ^^ :]
(i will try to translate :P)
pork chop with potatoes, sauerkraut salad, and buttermilk to drink

buy a piece of pork, tenderize it, cover with panure then fry it in oil, boil potatoes (don't mash them if they are young), for salad use the sauerkraut, onion, carrot, little oil, salt peper.

thats all :) this is the most ordinary dish in poland :)
15 Jun 2009
Language / Już and jeszcze [36]

But I'm seeing used in all sorts of phrases that don't seem to make sense, e.g. To ja "już" wybieram kino.

it means that you have other options to choose (like going to the theater). but you know that both are boring for you. so now you say "To ja juz wybieram kino"... you don't want to go there but it's better than going to the theater :)