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Using Allegro in Poland - payment / transfer / rules / fees

tinka14 3 | 8  
28 Dec 2007 /  #1
Hi everyone,
I've managed to register an account on Allegro but I'm not too confident about how you pay for things. I use Ebay and Pay pal all the time, is is a similar system? From what I can understand the most popular payment method is via bank transfer, is that via a Paypal type middle function as I woudn't be too happy to give bank details over the internet direct.

28 Dec 2007 /  #2
popular payment method is via bank transfer

this is where you go to bank and with person buying from you give your bank their details and the money is taken from your bank account bit like a transfer you would do between accounts here in the UK really but in this case you have to have the sellers IBAN number as well as bank account number and bank address details

Allegro is entirely different to eBay and Paypal .. i use eBay but refuse to use Paypal .. you will also find that another popular paying method is via moneybooker as well for some polish sellers

Also you will receive a letter from Allegro in approx 10-14 working days with a code to put on your account ...
OP tinka14 3 | 8  
28 Dec 2007 /  #3
Thanks for your reply Telefonitika, that's explained how you sort things out really well. It's just that I want to buy some ski jumping world cup tickets for Zakopane next month so time is of the essence. I'm a bit worried they won't be genuine but I suppose that's a risk I have to take - same as if I buy anthing on Ebay.

28 Dec 2007 /  #4
Its no trouble it took me a while to work out Allegro to be honest what with only learn the language and that but it seems an okay site ...

Yeah i think it is alot like eBay you cant really tell .. but my brother bought geniune tickets on eBay for a gig me and him went to so there is some hope :D
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
3 Jan 2008 /  #5
if you prefer to pay with your Visa/masterCard you may use "Płatności Allegro" (credit card or wire transfer), unfortunatelly not many sellers accept this form of payment (because they have to pay to Allegro about 3% of the transaction value, for the buyer, on the other hand, there are no extra fees).

But under "Formy płatności" you may see the link "Poproś o udostępnienie Płatności Allegro" (Ask [the buyer] for the possibility of Allegro Payment), I guess it sends your request via e-mail to the buyer, and if he agrees (I assume he would transfer on you those extra 3% fees), you could pay with credit card.

Of course your Allegro account must be fully activated:

Also you will receive a letter from Allegro in approx 10-14 working days with a code to put on your account ...

I'm afraid it's only if you asked for it.
The letter is sent by snail mail, I think, to the address you gave in your registration form, and its purpose is to confirm that you actually live where you claim to (in case you break the law and they need to track you down by the police).

However, the full activation is only an option, you may give them fake personal data and don't ask for the full activation of your account, as long as you pay for the things you buy, but in this case you can't use some features of the service (including Allegro Payments).
spiritus 69 | 643  
3 Jan 2008 /  #6
Is it possible then to sell on Allegro being outside of Poland ?
PolskaMan 2 | 147  
7 Mar 2009 /  #7
Thread attached on merging:
Any Allegro users on PolishForums???Help

Well i live in Canada and would like to buy stuff from the Polish allegro but i need some info about it can anyone help me???

-Do you need to live in Poland to buy stuff?
-Can i send the money from Canada but have the item send to a relatives house?
-What payment forms are accepted on allegro?

Thanks guys
cjjc 29 | 408  
7 Mar 2009 /  #8
-What payment forms are accepted on allegro?

As far as I'm aware, you hand over the money to the postman/woman when the item is delivered.

7 Mar 2009 /  #9
You can also pay an Allegro seller direct to his bank account.
BLS 65 | 188  
5 Apr 2009 /  #11
Merged: Confusion over the basic rules of Allegro

I am looking to purchase something on Allegro and have been in touch with a seller advertising an item of interest to me. He told me that he listed a reserve amount (the minimum he will accept for the item) on the page of my item - however, I cannot find it anywhere on the page. Perhaps my understanding of Polish is holding me back...

If this reserve amount is, indeed, not listed, then is it OK for the seller to ignore the final bid if it doesn't meet this minimum amount? If so, what is the point of a bidding process that will go for naught if we the buyers aren't aware of this amount? This seems a bit counterproductive - am I wrong?

Thanks for all constructive input and education regarding Allegro!
lesser 4 | 1,311  
5 Apr 2009 /  #12
Buyers aren't aware of this amount. This is just stupid way for some sellers to attract buyers to visit the pages of their items.
Kamil_pl - | 59  
5 Apr 2009 /  #13
BLS - Why you want to know the minimal price? It shouldn't be important to you. It's established for a seller. If next to the price you see "cena minimalna nie została osiągnięta" then it means that the seller made minimal price.
BLS 65 | 188  
6 Apr 2009 /  #14
"cena minimalna nie została osiągnięta"

Thanks! I'll watch for that now...

Why you want to know the minimal price?

It's simple - so I won't waste my time bidding on an item that I feel is overpriced. On the item that interests me, several people have been stepping over each other bidding on it for over a week. However, with one day to go on this item, the top bid is currently about one-third of the minimum price acceptable to the seller. This seems to be an incredible waste of time.

In my opinion, a lot of people's time would be saved if Allegro vendors made their minimum prices known to all.
sivasuper - | 1  
3 Sep 2009 /  #15
Merged: need some immediate information about the payment option in allegro...plz

hi everyone , i am a seller from india and i would like to know the payment option in allegro.

if i gave my bank account which is in india will they send the payment to my indian bank account and if they pay will i receive the payment.

and for bank transfer what are the informations to give in allegro

is it ok if i give IFSC Code...

kindly need ur help...........

thanks in advance
burnsa - | 6  
18 Sep 2009 /  #16
I think it depends on the bank the allegro client pays you directly, so you have to check with your bank and with the buyers bank, I guess
michalek - | 42  
18 Sep 2009 /  #17
hi, i think this site is a good option in your case, it supports polish allegro and many others auction sites all over the world
Infotimes - | 19  
20 Sep 2009 /  #18
Bank transfer is good option if you sell to companies and not for individuals on allegro.
Such money transfer outside of EU costs to much 30-100 USD.

Better offer Moneybrokers, Paypal, Credit Card payment as options.


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