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9 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

King Sobieski:
he was a great leader but not a great man
this is acceptable

I also think King Sobieski's opinion is objective! yesterday i replied,but this forum editor always make our replies disappear or list them in other threads that i can't find them again :( i think this is a small fault of polishforums,*_^

The post disappeared AFTER you were requested to stay on topic...which you did not...
8 Jul 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

Yesterday,i went shopping in one of the suppermarkets,when i passed the electrical appliances department,there was showing a cartoon in the television which is on is a very old french cartoon "Barbapapa"! so i standed there and watched for about half hour ^_^

In deeply memories of chinese children's,we know well about this french cartoon-Barbapapa,and other Czechic cartoon-The Mole.

How about Polish cartoon???

  • Barbapapa

  • The mole
8 Jul 2009
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

my ex's (of italian heritge) grandad has been in australia since the end of ww2, his english was okay but at times incomprehensible.

However studying,workin or living abroad isn't a easy thing for common chinese people,if we cost so much to stay at second country but can't learn and handle their language,then what is the good way to study english in this world? :(

it really depends on the individual

Yes,i also agree,but which is the degree to judge our english is good or poor? i think my english is poor,i don't dare to communicate with foreigner,i don't find enough words to express myself,i don't speak english names of many things around me.but many clients would say:"christy,your english is really good!"of course,it is on the MSN or they read my english emails.when they meet me or call me,wow~~~,it is awful!!!

Anyway,i guess i'm not a genius in studying language,then,no way,remember the words and view english news one step by step! A slow sparrow should make an early start! christy has to become a slow sparrow......
7 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

my bad, forgot a "n", should have been annal.

I don't think you would write bad language here,hehehe......

he is pictured as a rather nasty man in the west.

Different standpoints will reach different evaluations,since being chinese,we are hard to take a full judgement for chairman Mao's contribution and fault.but whatever he have done,it doesn't influence his greatness in China history.

There must be some part of people in west insult leaders of socialist states with certain purposes,China also has people revolt against capitalist countries,but existence has its reason. i think most of people in the world will view history objectively,so the whole human being gets it developments.

Please keep this thread on topic.
6 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

everyone knows Chairman Mao,however,not everyone calls him so:D

How does you call him?originally i call him "Mr.Mao Ze Dong",but when i told to my Pakistan client :"i'm from the hometown of Mao Ze Dong",he asked me "Is Chairman Mao?" and i don't make sure if foreign people also know his full name,maybe Chairman Mao is more

the anals of history...

why i don't understand this sentence?is my english so poor???!!!
6 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

You are from Guandong Province?

I'm from Hunan province,it is a inland province,if you hear of zhangjiajie,Hengshan moutain and China's most beautiful town-Phoenix city,you will know Hunan province.if you don't hear of these places,how about Chairman Mao? Chairman Mao is also Hunan people ^_^

wow,Jiang nan belle!!!:D

although in Hunan province,there are many pretty girls,i think i'm a common people with ordinary face of yellow race,hehehe......

Here is a photo of some Pierogi with meat filling.

thanks for your pic,but i want to know much more about what are the dark brown and green things on the pierogi in your pic? ^_^
5 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

chinczyk,how are you? did you finish your examinations? ^_^

I've made Polish pierogi with my fiancee and it's fairly straightforward.

you and yor fiancee must do better than me~!!! when we are making chinese jiaozi,all the friends laugh at my jiaozi,because they are really too ugly :( and when they are boiled,they are broken! fortunately,i'm from south of China,not north,so i don't like eating jiaozi so much,when i want to take them,i will buy quick frozen product,since all the chinese people don't think it is delicious,but no way......
3 Jul 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

we need subtitle in English please

I really agree with you! films are also an important factor to understand polish culture and life,and fashion.if there is english subtitle,i can possibly watch polish movie earlier and earlier!
3 Jul 2009
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

Thanks for all of you gave me advices! ^_^

The biggest problem for me is my listening comprehension and oral.i guess it is also a difficulty for most of Chinese :(

Do you know? i have some foreign friends ( their mother language is english) complain,many chinese students take them as tools to improve english! when they stay in China,there are many students want to talk with them,but they aren't willing to be disturbed at all!

I've been learning Polish for two years in evening classes

Hi!moonlighting,nice to meet you! are you from Belguim? at the beginning of this year,because of our business with Bulgium,my boss asked me to call Fortis bank!my god! understanding through the phone,i didn't dare to!!! after being scolded by my boss,i called,you Belgian are very nice and patient,when i got through for about 30 minutes,we got their help! i still remember the receptionist of Fortis bank,whose name is Miss (maybe Ms) Paulette claerhout,she gave me her biggest help,thank her forever......

Keep up the good work, Christy! *thumbs up*

Thank you!i will! he he he......
3 Jul 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

Calligraphy is regareded in china as the art of writing,beautiful handwriting with brush, or study of the rule and techniques of this art.

As a traditional art, calligraphy occupies the same position as painting in the history of Chinese art.

In China, many people can write a good hand but only a few of them could become calligrapher. It takes paintaking effort and years of assidicous practice to qualify oneself as an artist in this field. One of the great masters in calligraphy in chinese history is WangXiZhi, he has exerted profound influence on Chinese calligraphers and scholars.

  • chinese calligraphy01

  • chinese calligraphy02

  • chinese calligraphy03

  • chinese calligraphy04
30 Jun 2009
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

Jun 30, 09, 17:33 - Thread attached on merging:
How do Poles study English?

I'm a chinese,so you know,english is my second language.although i studied english for about 9,i still don't communicate fluently with foreign people :(

For poles,english isn't the first language too,why there are so many people can understand it and express themselves clear?how you learn english?

How about talking some good ideas? he he he......
29 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

The host was Chinese and I requested that she prepare them the Chinese way. Trust me, the Japanese alter the taste quite a lot. They find Chinese cooking too oily so change the texture

Yes,you are right! Japan and Korea was mostly influenced by China in history,especially in Tang dynasty and Song dynasty periods.but i personally think these two countries developed some of chinese cultures well and formed their own particular as dragon boat sacrifice of Korea,and Sado and Kimono and so on of Japan,especailly Chinese characters,but when you talk about tea-making,Japan will firstly come to your mind!!!

About Japanese food,it is more lite and exquisite than chinese dishes,not so many oil and salt,very good for health,so most japanese people have a longer lives! longevity country!
28 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

My god! why there are always some people insist marathon debates???i didn't claim "pierogi" origins from China at all! and i didn't claim dumpling is first invented by chinese.i only describe the culture when chinese eat jiaozi!

I knew "pierogi" is a traditional dish of Poland from this forum,and polish friends taught me how to cook it.i only want to know something interesting and relax from it!!! why you relate so many things with our China! (even including our government block google,tell me,what the relationship about it? even

First, Chinese respect for other cultures is not such a simple thing.

Do you understand well about each chinese people?

If you don't like China and chinese,as you like!
28 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

But what i found in google is:
Pierogi is a very traditional Polish dish eaten by everyone. Although often described as a stuffed dumpling, this speciality is more akin to Italian Ravioli. Indeed, it is thought that they were introduced to Polish cuisine about 500 years ago by Queen Bonna who was Italian.

Maybe you are right,the word pierogi has 3000~5000 years history,but i don't think you are right to compare one word with one food!

Now the question is: what culture did the Chinese borrow stuffed dumplings from?

About the culture,i always think so: nationality's culture also belongs to the world's! when one nationality creates a new civilization,it must influence the whole world.then the whole humen race get matter China,Poland,American,UK,Germany,Austrilia......or African matter developed,developing or poor countries at present,each one has its own important role in historical development of human being.

Every country has its sense of pride about its own culture,we respect other countries' cultures,so we are here and discuss everything objectively.i welcome all the friends to show their opinions in my threads,but please pay attention phraseology and not to hurt other people's culture pride!!!
28 Jun 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

Try,-2006)/ - sorry I couldn't post a full link, but the forum software won't let me until I've made a minimum number of posts.

Michael,thank you ^_^.meanwhile,i noticed you are a writer,talk about it,or show me your essay,if you don't mind :),because i want to read,you know,in the forum,it isn't easy to meet a real writer,he he he......

Almost in unison we asked her if she was smilling at them as she passed them by. She said yes; of course, she was a friendly, grinning American. Our advise to her was to stop grinning for no reason, as the men think you are a prostitute. :)

Really?so ghastful :( if i were there,when other people says hello to me,my first reaction is smile too!

How to do???nothing to do but just run away hurriedly?if it is impolite?

Here you go - this was written in December 2007:

An amiable romantic comedy, closer to a second-tier Sandra Bullock vehicle like Two Weeks Notice (2002) than a streamlined Richard Curtis effort, The Extras does at least boast one unique selling point in that the travails of its film-extra characters are set against the backdrop of a Polish-Chinese culture clash. Somewhat implausibly, a Chinese film crew is making a romatic tragedy (‘Sad Wind in the Reeds’) in Poland, for no better reason than Poles are supposed to look uniquely miserable - one of many cultural stereotypes that fly thick and fast in both directions.

Hi,Michael,above content is what you showed to me yesterday night?i just begined to read,it disappeared suddenly,maybe the forum editor moved it away!!! i found it in other thread "The Random Chat Thread (deleted monthly)"

I don't read throughly,what a pity, :(

So do you have any blog or website,maybe we can read your new articles,i will track,he he he.......
27 Jun 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

but in my impression,i think poes are optimistic.why different?because i don't understand poland?

I have one polish client bought from me in last year,yes, he felt a little serious,but couldn't have relationship with "miserable",not at all!

Maybe it was just for cinematic effects!
27 Jun 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

Believe it or not, there's actually a Polish-Chinese film - Extras/Statyści (2006), directed by Michał Kwieciński

I just google this movie,yes,there is!!! i believe you ^_^ in 2007,the film&media arts festivel was held in Berwich-Upon-Tweed,Extras/Statyści was introduced especially,but it isn't published in China,where can we wtach it? :(
26 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

King Sobieski:

I think you are very right,there are so many chinese people transmigrate,and too many chinese students are studying in different countries,chinese culture is influencing the world,meanwhile,accepting different cultures from the world.yesterday,a USA friend told me he was born in 1962,he is a tiger! old China hand too ^_^you see,he not only introduced his age,but also his animal sign,he he he......

And i viewed the blog about"Hutong dumpling bar",very nice,especially the its introduction,splendid!but i also noticed the prices,how expensive! (compare with domestic prices),similarly,foreign restaurants in China are also expensive,he he he......

did you know that gum leaves for them are like alcohol/drugs for humans?

In Melbourne,present's tempreture is 6C°~14C°,should be comfortable! Koala should be fine too!
Really?the chinese sources show eucalyptus leaves are exclusive food Koala eats each day,don't eat anything other and don't drink water,they sleep for 18~22 Guangzhou (canton),there are 6 koalas,they are always sleeping,zzzzzz......vey very very lovely!!!

Does anyone have the recipe for the dough? I'd love to try making ome. I do make my own pierogi but it appears that this dough is a bit different.

I only know they mix flour,milk,eggs to make dough in Poland,the proportion should be flour:milk=2:1.this isn't my experience,i searched in the web,he he he......but i know in order to strong the dough's'd better cover preservative film or wet cloth on the dough for about 30 minutes,it can make the pierogi more delicious.
25 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

you learn something new everyday.

Thank you! he he he......
Everything of this world is developping rapidly,if we don't learn new knowledge,then we shall be outdated,studying can make us keep young and nimble,but the most important is curiosity,if you highly want to know "why it appears?" "why it is?""how can you do?"etc,the strong curiosity will drive you to search the answers.

I'm very curious about why you are familiar with chinese things,so i checked their knowledge on web.ahahaha.......

i use chopsticks to eat xiao long bao and dan dan...except when dan dan is nearly finished and i need a spoon

Wow~!you are very terrific!all the clients i met (except korean) can't use chopsticks,i remembered last time,our Pakistan client visited our company,he wanted to learn how to use chopsticks,but failed,he told me:"christy,it is too difficult for foreigner :( ,i must give up."he had no way,then i rushed into the near supermarket and bought fork&spoon for him.

So you are an old China hand!!!

Hi!how about talking something about Australia? in the Feb,i viewed some news about Koala,because of the drought,these lovely animals have no water to drink,how are they now?did the drought go through?

  • Koala and children ^_^

  • koala is taking a shower^_^
24 Jun 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

I will try to stay in Xingping for the tranquility

Are you in Guangxi now???you act so fast!!!

nce when??????

Are you Polish? :( see following !

In all the countries of eastern europe,Poland is the second important country,first is Russia,Polish films have a long 1896,Krakow,Warsaw and Lodz these three cities held the earliest public movie show,and there appeared the first special 1902,the first film studio was founded,in 1908,the first real polish festure film was published.

Unfortunately, because of being occupied by Geman Nazi during world war 2,polish film industry stooped developping.but from 1957~1961,polish film industry grew rapidly,many famous films were come out,and appeared many prefessional directors.

Now,under the conditions of Hollywood films' attack,polish film industry as a nationality industry is being is also similarly happenning in China,our local film industry also make chinese be embarrassed,"Hua Mu lan"," kung Fu Panda" etc chinese characteristic are used by Hollywood,it is a pity for China.

Hope Polish young people could pay more attention on your own movies,really!
24 Jun 2009
News / What Poland thinks about China [27]

Poland in her history she has never experienced the sufferings of being separated,

No,Poland was carved up by Prussia,Tsar Russia and Austria for 3 times:

(1)in 1772,basing on the treatypact signed by above three countries in Petersburg,Poland lost 35% territory and 33% population.
(2)in 1793,because of the second treaty,poland became a small country with 200,000 and 4000,000 population.
(3)in 1795,the third treaty made Poland destroyed,and since this time,Poland disappeared from European map for long about 123 years.
Until October of 1918,poland got independent again.

Also during world war 2,Poland was occupied by Geman Nazi till 1944,when new Poland was founded.

From Polish history,we can see polish people are brave,tough nationality,it isn't easy for them to get today's peace and prosperity.

I noticed elderly women wear gold earings of the same type.

i don't think it has special China,when a girl will be married,her mother or her husband's mother will give she some jewelry as present,hoping these jewelry could bring good luck to bride,the jewelry maybe bought newly,or handed down from their ancestors.

because of the age,the design isn't popular or stop in certain period.

So i think those old women you saw in China,because they have similar age,then their jewelry are the same style.

In China,people like to buy gold jewelry for children and old people,for children,generally longevity lock (one necklace made by gold or silver),it is the elderships wish their kid can grow up restfully.for old women,their children like buy earbob,bracelet and ring for them,this is one of the ways to respect mother,because in China,women give birth and bring up the children,and do housework for whole life,when the children grow up,they become older and older,all the young people hope their father and mother can live longer and keep healthy.

Of course,maybe in special places of China,there is certain custom to adorn same jewelry,but i think it is interrelated with good luck and best wishes of good health and a long life.i think so!

  • gold longevity lock for children

  • silver longevity lock for children

  • earbob for elder

  • ring for elder
24 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

i also like dan dan (the spicy noodles).

You surprised me! "hutong","dan dan",how can you know spell them? you are very cool ^_^

I like dan dan noodles too,this is a Sichuan Specialty,i love Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine (because i'm Hunan people,ahahaha......).do you know why it is called "dan dan"?

Dan dan Mian (means noodle) first made in 1841,by a hawker from Zigong city (in Sichuan province),whose name is Chen Bao Bao,he carried a load on his shoulders ans sell this noodle along the and by,it was famous in Sichuan,in China,even all over the world.

When it appeared in your Melbourne? i don't know ^_^ how you eat Xiao Long Bao and Dandan? using knife&fork?using chopsticks? he he he......
24 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

i was born in south of China,but now working in the north,in my hometown,when our spring festival coming,every family will make order to make the sausage become more delicious,my father always combusts peanut shells to smoke the sausages.when i was studying in my university,my father would prepare more,then when i went to university,he would cook them in advance and packed them carefully and put in my luggage.

Now,i wasn't go home to eat dishes cooked by my father,longing......maybe in this year,i must come back to home for all the world!!!

For my papa,he will steam or boil them,then slice,then saute with green this city i living,they will eat slice after steam or boil.

So how about talking something about polish "Kielbasa" (kielbasa=sausage?) how to make them? (100% polish style) and how to cook them?

  • Sausage
24 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

maybe with the Hunnic/Mongol nomads as the middlemen

I accept your opinion more,thinking about the historical reasons!

christy, you're giving me cravings for Xiao Long Bao.

you must have been to Shanghai,(if you aren't chinese^_^),because your spell "Xiao Long Bao" is exactly right!!! i also like it,my favorite is Meicai stuffing (preserved flowering cabbage),wow~~~! drooling!

Unfortunately,i don't found Polish restaurant in Shandong province of China,otherwise,i must try 100% Pierogi

  • xiao long bao 01

  • xiao long bao 02

  • xiao long bao 03

  • xiao long bao 04
23 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

From this forum and other web materials,i know in Poland,the pierogi (does this word mean dumpling? if it is wrong,please understand,because i don't know Polish at all) is your traditional food.similarly in our China,jiaozi (english name is chinese meat ravioli or a substantial stuffed dumpling).

Since the Spring Festival marks the first day of a brand new year, the first meal is rather important. People from north and south have different habits of the food they eat on this special day. In Northern China, people usually eat jiaozi (or dumpling), which is shaped like a crescent moon. It is said that dumplings were first known in China some 1,600 years ago. The Chinese pronunciation of jiaozi means midnight or the end and the beginning of time. According to historical records, in ancient times people from both north and south ate dumplings on Chinese New Year's Day. Perhaps because Southern China produced more rice than any other areas, gradually, southerners had more other choices on New Year's Day.

The shape of jiaozi resembles that of ancient gold and silver ingots or a crescent moon, and symbolizes the hope for a year of plenty. In some places, people stuff jiaozi with sugar to wish for a sweet life; others put one or two clean coins in jiaozi -- if you happen to come across one with a coin inside, it means you will enjoy good luck.

Many families in China usually prepare enough jiaozi to last several days during the Spring Festival.

So i'm very curious about the origination of Polish Dumpling,how about talking about its story?thank you ^_^

  • chinese jiaozi 01

  • chinese jiaozi 02

  • chinese jiaozi 03

  • chinese jiaozi 04
22 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

thank you! Pawian ^_^

The soup looks easy,but cooking it is so hard :( harder than frying pancake,because although polish pancake need me to mix flour and milk,eggs etc,i can find these materials in China,but for this soup,i haven't seen beet tops here :(

I just see it from your pics and maybe if there is any chance i could visit your Poland,i can try this soup!

It is really beautiful and orexigenic,hurry go home to cook my dinner,hehehe......
22 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

Thanks for reminding^_^

Next time,i will be better in cook polist style pancake! this is the first time,maybe itsn't 100% polish,next time,next time,i think it will be at lest 95%! he he he......:)
22 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

Chinczyk:where are you now?in Poland?,yes,i think i'm a people loving laugh "hehehe......" keeping young ^_^

Seriously,i just saw your comments about our motherland,very brilliant! i didn't hehehe this time,but shed tears,what you wrote is moving!

Yesterday is sunday,i didn't work,so i wanted to cook pancake as the way of what you taught me here.but i have no saucepan in my home,then i used wok.i prepared flour,eggs,chopped meat.first step is making dough,problem happened:how much flour and water should i mix??? the quantity i originally cook was just for myself,so i added two cups of flour and one cup water,but it seemed a little stiff,one cup of water more,then a little dilute,then a little more flour,more water......when i mixed the dough,the quantity became enough for three people :( it was really not easy for me!

Second step was frying,i put the dough in the wok,and whirled my wok to spread the dough and made it into one pancake,but its thickness was difficult to control,the result was,it was thick in the center of the pancake and thin at the edges :(

Fortunately,they were not very hard to eat,but because i cooked 5 pieces of pancakes,then i just ate them for lunch and dinner,there are still 2 pieces in my refrigerator!although they aren't very very delicious,but it is first time i fry pancake and wasting foodstuffs is inglorious ,so i must take them as tonight dinner,hehehehehehe......