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2 Oct 2009
Travel / Activities in Wrocław [11]

Hi everyone.

I'm planning on visiting Wrocław soon so does anyone have any suggestions for stuff to do there?

I'm pretty clued-up on all the sightseeing & museums so i'm really looking for more sporty activities or stuff that would be hard to do elsewhere.

A guy from Wrocław recommended me the "Adrenaline" sports centre a while back but, when I googled it, it was somewhere near £ódż. Maybe someone can shed some light on that too? Is there a 2nd centre closer than £ódż?

Much obliged,

2 Oct 2009
Travel / Gdansk - need some information about it [21]

Is I a beasty?

:D :D :D

Always remember: if you don't understand something in Polish just ask someone to repeat it like this:

"Tea. Who you? Banana."
2 Aug 2009
Travel / Help with travel to Gdansk [30]

Hey tatt2dmoon. I live very close to Ul. Lelewela so I went and took a few pics over the weekend. I can't upload them here for some reason but I can email them if you like? Hope they are of some use to you and your dad & enjoy your visit to Poland.
21 Jul 2009
Travel / Best connecting airports to Poland from the UK? [9]

At the moment, although it changes accordingly with the whims of Mr. Mike O'Leary, the best connecting airport between UK/Ireland and Poland is probably Stockholm Skavsta.

With regards to the reliability of the low-cost airlines, I always try to get early flights where possible because they haven't had the chance to fluck everything up by 07.30. :D

Admittedly, I do get a little nervous when I have a late late flight...
25 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

fair enough, but what if the father is not in a picture out of his own will? What about situations like that? Some people forget to mention that some fathers not only walk away but also don't pay child support, so I am not sure what you are trying to say here.

To be honest, i'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here. I was pointing out that the ideal situation, the one nature planned for, was for a child to have 2 parents.

I disagree. It depends on the quality of parenting, and if both parents contribute, you have a case, if one of the parent does not (either sex) then you don't have a case. It depends on the situation and in the ideal world, both parent are nice, responsible, not stressed out, always have a good job, love each other etc. :)

Well, I defy you then :D and if one parent doesn't contribute to parenting then my case still stands - one parent works to provide, one devotes more time to the children. In a single-parent household this isn't possible unless that one parent scrounges off the state. Both situations are common but the first one is surely far more preferable than the second.

sometimes even the single parent family has a small community of friends who are replacing the father figure, or an aunt, or another member of the family.

I agree that the father figure can be filled more than adequately by another person and I also agree that some children are better off without their biological fathers BUT you're not considering other scenarios which are just as, if not more, common. There are plenty of mothers who choose to be single, not for their child's sake but for their own, in order to take advantage of free housing, extra benefits etc. and i'm sure there are plenty of fathers out there who don't even know that they're fathers! In these situations the child loses out.
25 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Father's Day cards banned in Scottish schools [64]

Biology requires 2 people to create a child. Is it not logical then that a child requires 2 parents? Obviously, that isn't always possible but it is the ideal situation and therefore anything else falls short, resulting in a detrimental effect on the child.

Parents are responsible for teaching their child EVERYTHING (how to read, write, count, work, show self-discipline, brush teeth, treat others...) and that is simply too much work for one person. I defy anyone to disagree with this.

The increase of single parent households, the increasing delegation of parental responsibilities to schools and the increasing censorship of discipline in schools is not good for children and not good for society.
25 Jun 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

It is claimed million Poles/people of Polish origin are now living in the UK, yet we are still lumped into some ridiculous group known as "White - Other".

Would it make you feel a bit more important if you were lumped into some equally ridiculous group known as "White-Polish"???

Polish people and culture ARE recognised, at least in Scotland & Ireland(I can't speak for England although I would be surprised if it was any different), and increasingly form an integral part of local communities. You obviously won't notice it in big cities but is that so surprising?
17 Jun 2009
Travel / My Next Visit.....Gdansk [8]

Hey Mark.

As far as hotels go in Gdansk, I would recommend the Aureus- it's a newly renovated hotel with VERY comfortable rooms situated in a quiet area but just 5-10mins from all the main attractions. The Hanza & Heveliusz are way over-priced in comparison.

I think it was also mentioned in another thread but there's a very highly-rated itinerary building company called 1stopJamboree now operating in Gdansk & they may be worth checking out too.

Hope this is of some use to you & enjoy your visit to the Trojmiasto,

Rob :)
1 Jun 2009
Travel / Need a quiet escape in Poland (walking, romantic) - recommendations? [15]

I don't know so much about the south of the country(although i'm planning to get further south than Warsaw some day!) but Gdansk and the surrounding area has loads of stuff for historians:

Mariacka church, Westerplatte, Oliwa Cathedral, Maritime Museum, Malbork castle etc etc.

There are also plenty of nice places to go walking where you won't get savaged by mosquitoes!!!
1 Jun 2009
Travel / Is 1stopJamboree the real deal! [5]

Andrew, they're new on the scene but they're well worth checking out and the website is actually:

radedude121, i guess you're Amreican... :D