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9 Jun 2009
Life / Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime [46]

I had a similar experience; I went to a dentist just to do a regular checkup and that %#@%#@% scratched a part of the filling in my tooth!!! Due to the broken filling my root became infected (I didnt notice the small scratch).. so I had to come back (in fact I went to another dentist).

Currently there is a small spot that hasnt been filled properly I think.. and I will have to go to the dentist again, so he will fill the tooth properly asdf
9 Jun 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

I dont have such problems after drinking any other brand of beer (even żywiec porter; but żywiec porter is undrinkable anyway)... even kurewskie etc. (ok I never tested Tesco beer extensively :-) ).

Perhaps żywiec has some chemical addons, it tastes much more different than pilsner or even tyskie - it's somehow watery.
Most beers in Poland are lagers, but Im not sure if they even obey the
8 Jun 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

In my opinion żywiec is awful. I have no idea why, but I always have to pee after drinking it. So why shouldnt I pour it into the urinal without drinking?

Tyskie or Żubr are much better; but Pilsner Urquell is my favourite - this is "real" beer - made according to the old principles..

Paulaner is always watery (at least in pubs), so I wouldn't recommend it.

Śląskie książęce is worth a mention - it's tastes the same both ways, if you know what I mean ;-)

Żywiec to takie popłuczyny po tyskiem, a tyskie to popłuczyny po pilsnerze... niestety
30 May 2009

translate "jezus chrystus - skazany na smierc" into english ;-)

I will help ya, jesus christ - prison break
30 May 2009

The tv translations are known for being really bad, so it might have been the case, but personally I think I have heard that word before...

Speaking of translations: "Die hard" (the movie with Bruce Willis) was called "Szklana pułapka" in Polish ("glass trap", it makes some sense, as "die hard" is actually hard to translate into Polish properly, also the movie was about a guy trapped in a glass building).

Unfortunately there was "Die harder", about Bruce Willis running around the airport... they called it Szklana Pułapka 2.

Prison Break is Skazany na Śmierć according to the retarded translators (Sentenced to death)... LOL
30 May 2009

I believe that the vulgarization is media driven, because sadly, there arent many other anchors. I believe that most of us speak using informal language most of the time, maybe with some exceptions (lawyers, perhaps teachers..). Consequently, the only ways of confronting formal language is via reading. People read less and less books in general.. and well - not all books have good language.

What we mostly read is news and magazines. Electronic news is awful, the most popular Polish portal -, hired people who write "good news", but these people write them to make them more "profitable", or "sellable". This means vulgarization of the language.

Unfortunately, even the "anchors" such as the opinion magazines follow this trend - because well.. they have to try to sell more (the press is having problems everywhere).

Not to mention that a lot of young people have incredible problems in speaking formally...

For me it's a horror, to see that someone has written "forsa" instead of "pieniądze" (money) in such magazines as Polityka. To my horror I have seen "zielone" few times too...

Me and my friends sometimes play with words, we had a "fad" that we would talk like true people from Warsaw (or rather Praga in Warsaw - the only part that wasnt destroyed?) and instead of saying "rękę" we would say "rekie", "metro" - "mietro"... in fact I "invented it" and now I got used to it... my friends curse me for that too :D