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16 May 2009
Love / Questions about Polish women [17]

Polish women want either marriage or money.Very simple.

Im totally agree with you, my ex polish girl was like this always talk about marriage. she is only 25 and she marriage I dont think she has prepare well for marriage.
16 May 2009
Love / In your opinion, are most Polish women 'Easy'? [243]

Im a Chinese I had an experience before with a polish girl as a same time she was together with another guy, she sent me message that she miss me as the same time sleeping with another polish guy also she told me that she loves sucking the guy's dick.

Damp.......I feel like Im an idiot. Are polish girl like that?? or depend on the person??
she hurt me so so so so so so DEEP!!! I hate her, but I still thinking about her.
1 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish girls in England. [33]

I had a polish girlfriend, since two weeks ago we broke up and i feel pretty bad. Because she was dating with another polish guy as the same time with me. I really dont know what she is thinking about. I really dont know why she did that to me, she hurts me so deep. Even though we broke up, I cant stop sending message to her I miss her so much. I hate her, but I love her as well.