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14 Jul 2009
Food / where to buy polish food online in US? [14]


If he is in Northern Virginia, tell him to check out: -- Polish & European deli and grocery store in Rockville, Maryland
5 Apr 2009
Food / Looking for a recipe for a Polish poppy seed strudel/cake (makowiec) [15]

Dziekuje for those links!!!!

that is closer to what I was use to as a child... Poppyseed, dark and golden raisins - yum

The local farmers market has an Amish group that makes the roll and it is not as good as I remember. The closest was associated with an American Legion Hall in Scranton, PA and they charge $12 for a 12 inch loaf. yikes

I will have to keep this recipe to check against the one I have (unfortuanately we are moving this summer and it is already packed away).