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19 Dec 2009
Life / Celebrating Christmas in Poland [52]

Thread attached on merging: Wigilia


Who's celebrating ;)
5 Nov 2009
Real Estate / 15 reasons why the Polish real estate market will crash soon [258]

House Hunting in ... Krakow, Poland


This 130-square-meter (1,399-square-foot) duplex apartment is in a complex of tenement buildings that are about 100 years old.

23 Sep 2009
USA, Canada / Visa waiver for citizens of Poland and Lithuania to Canada [6]

This link is very helpful.

Visa and Immigration

As for applying for a Polish passport in Canada you would have to go to the Consulate in Toronto or Ottawa. I have heard the process takes longer in Canada then it would in Poland and it is more expensive as well.
12 Jul 2009
Life / I'm an American who lived in Poland for 6 years. I'm not welcome anymore. [169]

my two cents!!![/i]

The numbers don't lie!!!

Lessons learned, Poland weathers slump

[i]As a result, while Hungary and the Baltic states are enduring IMF bailouts (with the usual painful adjustments to government structure and economic life required by the international lending body), Poland is one of only three countries in the world - and the only one in Europe - to have received a $20-billion IMF line of credit that allows it to withdraw its emergency funds as it likes, no strings attached. Since that credit line was provided in February, Poland has not had to use it.

If projections prove correct and Poland is poised for a strong recovery later next year, it could turn Warsaw, already a regional economic hub, into an entrepreneurial centre as well - something it has not done especially well in the past.

5 Jul 2009
Life / Weekly Food costs - Krakow [16]

How much does it cost to live in Poland:
Expat letters:

Is it possible to live a modest retired lifestyle in the smaller Polish cities on an income of 10,000 PLN per month? Any idea as to what the minimum might be and which areas are the cheapest?

Len in Green Bay, WI

9 Jun 2009
News / More and more jobs moving to Poland from other parts of Europe... [50]

Yet, another example!

Nokia Siemens to increase Poland staff by 200-400

HELSINKI, June 8 (Reuters) - Telecom network equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks said on Monday it plans to hire 200-400 additional staff at its Wroclaw facility in Poland by the end of next year, a company spokeswoman said.

Nokia Siemens employs 1,200 staff at the site.
Nokia Siemens Networks, a venture of Nokia and Siemens, is finishing a major restructuring programme, which included cutting some 9,000 jobs, many in high-cost countries.
Nokia Siemens and Ericsson are the leading players in the telecoms network market but have been increasingly challenged by aggressive pricing from Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE in the last few years. (Reporting by Tarmo Virki and Brett Young; Editing by Jon Loades-Carter)


Poland - Europe's Silicon Valley?

'Investments in the IT sector are among Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency's priorities' Sławomir Majman, PAIiIZ president, said at a conference in Warsaw. 'PAIiIZ has completed 43 IT projects which created over 20,000 jobs. Poland has a unique chance of attracting new investors. The Agency is working on 11 projects worth approximately EUR 60 million which are expected to offer 7,000 jobs within a year and a half' he added. Most investments focus on services.
1 Jun 2009

And the "SNUB'S" continue...

Britain's Royal Family won't attend D-Day ceremonies

No members of Britain's Royal Family will attend ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day after France failed to invite Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

"We have not received an invitation to attend a D-Day ceremony, and therefore the Queen and senior members of the Royal Family will not be attending the commemorations next weekend," said a statement from Buckingham Palace spokesman Nick Loughran on Thursday.
28 May 2009
News / LOT (Polish Airlines) headed for a crash? [8]

Lufthansa reportedly eyes LOT, Poland downplays

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The Polish government poured cold water on a report on Wednesday that Deutsche Lufthansa (LHAG.DE) was in talks to buy a stake in Polish airline LOT LOT.UL from the government in Warsaw.

"The privatization process has not started yet," a spokesman for the Polish treasury ministry said.
13 May 2009
News / LOT (Polish Airlines) headed for a crash? [8]

LOT headed for a crash?
Warsaw Business Journal
The embattled airline is reportedly close to bankruptcy after reports of massive losses.

Although official figures have not yet been released, Rzeczpospolita claimed last week that LOT recorded massive losses last year. According to the daily, in 2008 the airline incurred losses in excess of zł.700 million, with misguided hedging on fuel prices alone accounting for zł.300 million. The firm is apparently also unable to pay invoices because it has no money, and it is being refused bank credit.

This is NOT looking good :(...

I sure do hope that the tickets i purchased for my Family vacation to Poland this summer will still be good.
12 May 2009
USA, Canada / Visa waiver for citizens of Poland and Lithuania to Canada [6]

As of March 2008 Polish Citizens no longer require a VISA to enter Canada. However as of January 2009 Polish Citizens who DO NOT hold an EU/Polish Biometric Passport are required to obtain a VISA to enter Canada, or update their Passport.
21 Mar 2009
Life / Polish TV on the internet?? [54]

TV in Polish - Polska Telewizja w internecie

14 Mar 2009
USA, Canada / advice on where to live in Canada [64]

Mississauga has one of (if not the largest) population of POLES in Canada, I've heard Montreal has a large population as well. But for the most part people are correct that Toronto and the surrounding area have lots of POLish people.

Polish Canadian information across Canada

Polish grocery store (Mississauga)

3 Mar 2009
News / More and more jobs moving to Poland from other parts of Europe... [50]

Because the majority of Americans and Canadians get their wants mixed up with their needs. Do you REALLY need that 4 bedroom home, big property, 2 SUV’s, and all the other toys?! I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to enjoy life and own whatever they want, I totally agree. I’m just saying people CHOOSE to put themselves in these situations. I choose to live in an apartment because it was cheaper and choose to fix my car instead of getting rid of it and buying a new one. We choose to be in 90% of the situations we are in, so if you know that you probably can’t afford that house or car if you loss your job or your partner losses their job then you probably should not buy it, or look at an alternative instead of building up MASSIVE debt. Additionally I also look at it this way, if I can’t afford to buy something from my regular pay cheques from week to week and have to use my credit card all the time then I don’t buy it!

I look at my parents generation were they worked themselves so hard that by the time they could retire after 30 or 40 years of hard work they had to use their retirement savings on paying for all the health problems instead of actually enjoying life when they had the chance.

I could go on for hours about this…
14 Feb 2009
USA, Canada / Visa waiver for citizens of Poland and Lithuania to Canada [6]

***Not many people know about this change***

I wanted to post this as i had family coming from Poland and found out at the last minute just after Christmas. I read an article just after Christmas that an entire flight from Warsaw was held in Toronto and half the people on the plane were sent back to Poland because they did not have the new passport...

Visa waiver for citizens of Poland and Lithuania ssion-en.aspx


NOTE: Holders of all Polish and Lithuanian machine readable passports remain exempt from the visa requirement until 31 December 2008.

As of 1 January 2009 only holders of biometric passports (e-passports) shall be exempt from the visa requirement (i.e. Polish and Lithuanian passports issued as of 28 August 2006, except temporary passports, which are not biometric). After 31 December 2008, temporary resident visas will be required from holders of non-biometric Polish and Lithuanian passports.

A visa exemption for travellers with Polish and Lithuanian machine readable passports (and biometric passports as of January 1, 2009) does not guarantee these travellers automatic entry to Canada. All visitors to Canada must still meet the entry requirements Certain categories of people, including those who have been previously deported from Canada or who have criminal records, may not be admissible to Canada.

In certain situations, a Canadian official at the Canadian port of entry can require you to make a cash deposit as a guarantee that you will leave Canada upon the end of your approved period of stay. The amount of the deposit is fixed by an officer on the basis of your financial resources and other conditions set out in Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions chapter for more information.

14 Feb 2009
News / More and more jobs moving to Poland from other parts of Europe... [50]

Ireland asks for EU aid after Dell moves to Poland

Jobs go as firm moves to

What are everyone’s thoughts about all of these jobs moving to Poland? Good i would imagine :)