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15 May 2009
Law / Paying Tax For The Self-Employed In Poland (Yet more Questions...) [16]

This is not true. I personally know Australian citizens who are self-employed in Poland.

Self-employed legally bearing Australian citizenship ?
I really doubt it, only Eu citizens can.
There are exceptions to this rule.
Maybe they have an LTD company here and they employ Polish workers than I can agree.
If you knwo sth please let me know how they do it.
8 Apr 2009
Work / Staying in Poland after Work Permit Expires [7]

You definitely need to leave the Schengen zone.
You can go to the UK or Ukraina for a visit.
When your card will expire you will be here on your own risk.

That is true that usually on the border you should not have any problem but maybe the immigration officer will have a bad day ?
According to law you will be here illegaly.
8 Apr 2009
Law / Paying Tax For The Self-Employed In Poland (Yet more Questions...) [16]

First of all -you are an Australian citizen ?
If yes you cannot be self employed.
You can establish a branch office or an LTD company in Poland.
You will definitely need an accountant.
As far as taxes post -sad but true :(
If you are an Eu citizen you can be selemployed, you'll have to pay 19% income tax, social insurance tax. Vat is included in the invoice you will issue. So it paid by the client and then you will return to the Tax office the difference of VAT between issued and received invoices (i.e. for office rental, gas if you have a truck).

I can suggest you another also legal way.
8 Apr 2009
Work / Need help about employment process in Poland [23]

Hi everybody,
I can see a lot of different problems in the posts.
The process is different fo EU and non EU citizens.
This is the first thing.
It is not true that you have to wait several month for a work permit!!
You can come and work in Poland on a work visa granted by the Polish Embassy if you are a non Eu citizen.Then you will apply for a residence permit in Poland. Getting all done once in Poland - 45 days !!

Usually international company are delegating the issue of work and residence permit to specialized companies. If you want we can get in touch with your company and help them with the process.
8 Apr 2009
Work / My daughter goes to study in Poland [13]

remember to nostrify all her school papers before she'll come here.
And once here she has to apply wor a residence permit as a student, or she can apply for Polish citizenship since her mother is Polish.
8 Apr 2009
Law / Non-EU citizen with Polish work permit - work in other EU Countries? [4]

The Polish work permits allows you to work ONLY in Poland.
As far as reulation between your country of origin and i.e. Uk it is a different thing. I understand that you do not have Polish citizenship so you can work only on your present citizenship. You have to check the international agreements between your country and the one you are going to work. When you'll have Polish citizenship things will change for you.
8 Apr 2009
Work / US girl wondering if I can relocate to Poland without help of an employer [22]


Remember that if you want to lokk for an employer, once you come in Poland you have only 45 days to do this since you can be in Schengen for 90 days and minimum 45 days before the ded line you have to start the process for residence permit an work permit.

Without a work the only way is to get married with a Polsih citizen.
Legally of course since the immigration officer will question both of you.
8 Apr 2009
Study / American vs British School in Poland [6]

If you have any help in moving to Warsaw like finding a house, a work or residence get in touch with us. We are working a lot with expats.

Remember that are some obbligatory things to do when are you are moving to Poland which are not common for foreigners. One of them is domicile registration. Also applying for residence permit in the proper time is a must otherwise you will have to leave Shengen and then come back. We are working with american companies in Warsaw, so maybe anyway you'll get in touch with us :)

If you have questions just e-mail me:
27 Jan 2009
Law / I want to move my bussines to Poland [13]

As far as capital for an LTD is involved the regulation has changed.
Now you need 5000 pln= 1500 USD.
There are others more interesting ways to start an activity as far as income taxes are concerned.

If you need guidance get in touch with me: