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30 Jan 2007
Language / Any sweet Polish phrases [255]

I quite like this one (misiu). Only this morning I found a little note on top of my laptop addressed to misiu (well, obvously to me :) ) and I already knew what it meant from another thread on this forum, and it doesn't bother me. I'm guessing it is probably more appropriate for this to be used from a woman to a man.
26 Jan 2007
Love / Matrix says that POLISH GIRLS= NOTHNIG SPECIAL [279]

english women are a better ****

What, all of them?? :) There's a hole in your arguement (pardon the pun) - there must be around 24 million 'english' women and I'm sure not all of them are a better **** than whoever/whatever

I think you'll find there are exceptions to everything. I speak from experience when I say this, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to who is good or better at what. besides, it takes 2 to tango (and a lot of other things)
26 Jan 2007
Language / affectionate term in Polish [59]

Since I'm a newbie here, I thought that I'd start with something simple :)

I wondered if there was an informal affectionate term in Polish, to use when you are speaking to someone? For example, in English I might say 'darling'. I guess there must be something similar in Polish, but if there is, is there also a masculine and feminine of the word?


(Yeh, I know, I could ask my girlfriend, but then where is the surprise?)
26 Jan 2007
Love / Matrix says that POLISH GIRLS= NOTHNIG SPECIAL [279]

I had to read this thread a few times. Sometimes I think I wandered into another dimension :)

Hey, why do people say one nationality is this or another nationality is that? My girlfriend is Polish. I didn't choose her because she is Polish, she just happens to be Polish. For all I care she could be from outer space. I like her for the person she is, not for where she comes from. How do I know what country my soulmate comes from; if I meet someone who I get along with, then I'm not going to say "Oh, you are Polish, I don't like Polish women because I heard they are not special" - eh??! What century do some people live in :)
25 Jan 2007
Love / Do u girls really like to get poems from men or it's rather overrated? [71]

I think it is like everything in life – some do, and some don’t…..

Well, I guess when you get to know someone well enough, you know whether or not they would appreciate a poem or not. I sent someone a small poem tonight and she was happy because a) I sent something in the first place and b) I took the trouble to find something that was both appropriate and in Polish.

Hey, if sending a poem to someone makes them happy, who cares about stereotypes and generalisations!