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25 Oct 2009
Life / What Do Poles think of Finns? [50]

Finland is one of countries i like the most. I dream of going there somewhere. I can't say anything about Finnish men or women as i've never met any of them.
3 Sep 2009
Love / what do polish guys think of spanish girls? [42]


Only if you are white, i have seen spanish lovely ladies treating other races like they were rubish, so spanish ladies? no thanks.

So totally different than Polish ladies - they love all the non-white guys. The darker the better. I don't think such wierd preferences are common in any other country. Polish ladies for blacks and arabs, Spanish ladies for Polish guys.
28 Mar 2009
Life / You know you're Polish when... ? [111]

Yeah, sure. I don't know where you took your statement that Poles steal in shops from. From your own ass probably. Go eat some bull's balls except spreading stereotypes. If you hate Poles just keep it to yourself.
28 Mar 2009
Life / You know you're Polish when... ? [111]

oh really ?
do you have any reason to call us thieves or just a stupid caprice ?
28 Jan 2009
Genealogy / Indian? Gypsy? Turk? [41]

Most of Poles have dark hair. We're not any Scandinavians.

I think it's dark blonde or brown mostly.

We're not any Scandinavians.

Unfortunately ;)
27 Jan 2009
Work / Moving to Poland in April 2009, need to find IT-related job! suggestions? [21]

Dear Olito,
i don't want my kids (if i'm going to have any) to come to me and say "daddy, all the kids are laughing at me because i'm pale !" xD Unfortunately our weak European genes have no chances with all those exotic ones. It may sound ridiculous, but mixing us with Arabs, black people or even brown-skinned Mexicans is dangerous for diversity on the world and our ethnic structure. White people are extincting. I'm not some nazi freak as probably most of people think now, but that's the fact. That's why i'm not a fan of interracial relationships.
26 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / Rise in race crimes linked to attacks on Poles [50]

That's because Poles are an easy hate object: Europeans, white, mostly catholics. If the same would happen to black people, muslims or Indians... how racist would it be !
23 Jan 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

It's not us who should open. The west of Europe should close a bit more. Those people are extincting in their own countries. Spain is being taken by Maroccan people, Germany - Turks, the UK - Indians and Pakistani people. They should open their eyes, not us. I don't support racial hatered, but massive immigration is even worse in my opinion.
23 Jan 2009
Life / How do Poles feel about non whites/non Slavs living in Poland? [150]

Personally i accept European people or non-European people with European roots living here. I don't have any problem with them and they are always welcomed. How about the others: i'm not happy to see non-European people living here. I'm not aggresive towards them of course, but i would like Poland to avoid what happened to the UK or Germany. What i don't like the most are Polish girl-black/Arabic boy couples (same with Polish boys and muslim/black girls, but i haven't noticed any of such couples so far).