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27 Nov 2008
Language / WILL "TĄ" REPLACE "TĘ" SOON? [14]

Well, "tą książkę" is hard to say anyway. People are strange... ;)
Generally, we use "tą" when talking about Narzędnik "idę z tą panią", "idę z tą książką". When we go to Dopełniacz, it should be "tę".

I think the different thing is how educated people talk. Cause education in geography doesn't mean a linguistic consciousness. And as I remember my high school English lessons with native speakers, it doesn't concern only Polish people ;)

I think people don't even understand this, cause they prefer hiring people with English degree to translate from English to Polish (than people with degree in Polish). And in this kind of translation the perfect Polish language consciousness is needed which is NOT equivalent to 'mother tongue'.