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16 Oct 2008
History / It's a shame that we poles arent making this kind of movies anymore. [8]

You're such an uneducated dimwit it's laughable. Stop embarrassing yourself by replying on a whim. You have a very _primitive_ thought process.

The poles have a strongly ingrained victim mentality. This can be seen in their culture, art, music and even their politics.

+1 well said z_darius, thank you
15 Oct 2008
Law / Canadian applying for the European Residence Card in Poland [7]

I think the European Residence Card would be the same thing as "Dowod Osobisty" which every Pole is supposed to have. The 5-year _working_ period sounds bizzare, and I would be surprised if that was indeed correct.
15 Oct 2008
History / It's a shame that we poles arent making this kind of movies anymore. [8]

Don't know about others, but what I've noticed is that in many countries (not just Poland) many movies tend to be huge "hits" when they follow in line with the political tone of that particular time during which they're released. This "phenomenon" isn't limited even to movies though, but also tends to include books, news papers, etc..
6 Oct 2008
Life / "K*rwa"-why do young Poles find this word so cool ? [67]

I hate hearing this word and it's used so often in Poland these days.

It's used indiscriminately in front of older people and kids-it's disgusting !

Not sure, I noticed this too and hate it probably just as much many others. Few weeks ago there was a couple walking ahead of me, and no joke every other word coming out of the guy's mouth was that for about 5 min of me walking behind them.. I guess the guy was the woman's brother and kept biatching about the woman's husband.. couldn't help but to eavesdrop to understand what the deal was with the word being repeated so many times. Nonetheless, when I misplaced my wallet the first day I got here I said it probably as many times myself though, but just to myself not on a public street... very annoying to hear it.
6 Oct 2008
Travel / Any tips for being present when the Hejnal is played in Krakow ? [3]

Yes, I saw your post yesterday and it sparked my curiosity so when I was in Market Square today I asked about it at the ticket booth to St. Mary's Basillica. It is open to the public, but only May - Sept 30 during peak season, during daylight hours. Not sure of the exact hours but she said Tues., Thurs., and Sat. No idea if those will be the exact days for next year though, that's what it was this year.
5 Oct 2008
Love / A friends wedding - help with Polish salutation [6]

Spełnienia pieknych marzeń, szczęscia i radosci, codziennego uśmiechu, oraz miłośći, sklada <your name>

It means: For all beautiful dreams to come true, happiness and joy, everyday laughter, as well as love, wishes: <you>
5 Oct 2008
Travel / Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs in Krakow [28]

Premium hostel on Pomorska street is in a safe area close to center of the city, Freedom hostel is also in the same building. One on the 4th floor one on the 5th. The main hallway is being redone though so it may be a bit messy getting to it but once you're on the right floor it is fine. I did not stay there but went to look if I would have someone stay there and they seemed decent, about 150zl / night.
29 Sep 2008
Language / (part 2) Polish Language Pronunciation - Sample Words and Phrases [311]

as the roads are so shit

Ta to that. I saw two maseratis in krk in the last two weeks and had to wonder the same thing how they manage to keep the cars in good shape. Also, last week in an audi tt we got a flat going over not even the worst bump. Maybe if living in the country in a part where they just redid the roads, otherwise it's asking for constant headaches. A good stretch of "zakopianka" looks great lately, 90km/h 2 lane highway, was very pleased to see that, can't wait till it's done.

In any case, lamborghini should be lamborghini :). I think the reason for some people saying lamborg-jeanie instead is because it gives the word that much more special foreign characteristic rather than a G like in "go" which would be the same as in polish so some people give it a twist for some reason.
28 Sep 2008
Genealogy / Reply from USC - will they answer in Polish? [11]

Been waiting for a reply for 2 weeks. Will be patient a little long, then try again, if necessary.

Sorry, but this statement made me smile.. :) All I can say is be prepared to wait longer! Who DOESN'T wait for ever from the gov't places here... ugh it's so d@mn frustrating..

My story:

I'm Polish, born here, speak polish, am registered as living in Poland, but despite that I was told it will take 30 days to prove I'm Polish before I can get my ID card, and as the person working there told me, "Well, 30 days I don't think is such a long time... no?". Well the F'@#$!#% it is when I'm only here for _29_ days!! lol Their justification is that they have to fax some papers to another place, last I checked faxing generally takes a few minutes.. go figure.. "ugh" x2.