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26 Sep 2008
Language / Any sweet Polish phrases [255]

How would you say "I am gald to be your friend because you bring out the best in me."? And if i can make the friend thing a little flirty, that would be even better. Dziekuje
18 Jun 2009
News / how to use SMS to send message to cell phone in poland [30]

Hello everyone, I am engaged to a wonderful young woman from Poland. I live in the USA, and we would like to communicate with our cell phones. Phone calls are prohibitively expensive, and for some reason our two networks will not share sms's. Does anyone know of an easy way to send text messages? I currently send sms's via this website- Is there a way I can do this over my phone? Is there a way for her to do the same?

Thanks a bunch.
18 Aug 2009
Life / Internet Problems in Poland, need help connecting. [26]

Hello Everyone,
I've got a problem and need some help. I have recently moved to Poland and I am trying to hook my laptop up to the internet, but I am having some difficulty. I am running Windows Vista, and the network and sharing center indicates that I am connected to the network but for local access only. Are there some different protocols or drivers that I need? Has anyone run into this before. I am think about buying a wireless router. Would this help me or just make things worse?

Thanks everyone.
19 Aug 2009
Life / Internet Problems in Poland, need help connecting. [26]

I am going to pick up a router now, I'll let you all know if this solves my problems. Thanks for all the advice.

Ok I have picked up the router, and my roommate is using INEA. Has anyone ever set up a linksys wrt54gl router to use an INEA connection before? I have done it a couple times back in the states, but never overseas. Is there anything different or anything I should be aware or cautious of? Thanks again.
20 Aug 2009
Life / Internet Problems in Poland, need help connecting. [26]

Ok the linksys router has a MAC address cloning capability. Hypothetically speaking, one could set this clone address to the original provided to the company. Hypothetically speaking this would allow one to use a router to provide access to multiple computers. But this is all just hypothetical, of course.
31 Aug 2009
Life / Big foot trouble in Poznan [7]

Hello all,
Sorry if the title is misleading. I do not have trouble with a large hairy man-ape creature. Rather I wear a size 47-48 shoe by European standards. The largest I can find in most shops is 46. I found one pair of 48 reeboks for 500zl. Does anyone know where I can find a pair of reasonably priced shoes in the size I need or do I need to go to the basketball courts and appropriate some when no one is looking?

Thanks everyone,
1 Sep 2009
History / US snubs Poland over WW II ceremony? [75]

Just a few thoughts: There were many tragedies during World War 2. We should all take a day to reflect on that. Not much will change for the US during 24 hours. Obama could spare the time; The same could be said for Sarkozy, Brown, etc. Let us all remember history, lest we are doomed to see it repeat. Take a moment of silence for all the victims of war and hatred. Try to make the world a better place however you can, in small ways if need be, instead of bickering with each other.