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11 Jul 2009
Travel / Berlin to Poznan where to buy rail or train tickets and how much do they cost? [6]

I agree, Berlin-Warszawa Express is a very nice train to take, but I don't know about the cheapest. Only 3 hours, 0 connections. Once you hit Berlin it stops at Ostbahnhof and then Hauptbahnhof stations, I just took it last week. :)

36 Euros or 24 Euros if you are under 25 years old.
13 Sep 2008
Life / "I love you" in Polish culture... [36]

Alot of Americans definitely say it way too often, and I'm American (hee hee =P).
I've had friends and dates that would say 'I love you' way too soon, and if you don't say it back they tend to get a little offended. Its just a little creepy, because you either have to say it even when you don't mean it, or risk having them being offended.
12 Sep 2008
Work / How to find an Archaeology job in Poland? [4]

Hello everyone,

I have recently returned to the States from an Archaeology Fieldschool in the Wielkopolska area. I loved Poland very much and met a very good friend there ;). Does anyone know what the chances are of finding a CRM type job or any other archaeological position? I have a B.A. from a US university, and I am learning but do not speak Polish yet. I also would like to work on my Master's degree at some point in Bio-archaeology and would like to study in Poland if this is possible. If anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate the advice. =)