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How to find an Archaeology job in Poland?

Amerykanka 1 | 5  
12 Sep 2008 /  #1
Hello everyone,

I have recently returned to the States from an Archaeology Fieldschool in the Wielkopolska area. I loved Poland very much and met a very good friend there ;). Does anyone know what the chances are of finding a CRM type job or any other archaeological position? I have a B.A. from a US university, and I am learning but do not speak Polish yet. I also would like to work on my Master's degree at some point in Bio-archaeology and would like to study in Poland if this is possible. If anyone has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate the advice. =)

Lukasz K - | 103  
14 Sep 2008 /  #2
I think the olnly way to work un Archeology is to start a scientific carieer.
But it won't be easy - most of Polish Universities have faculties of archeology - but they are rather small and not very well funded. And they probably all teach in Polish becouse it is not the field in which they expect foreginers to come and learn.

And I don't know about the costs of for example Master's course becouse as non-EU citizen you will probably have to pay for it.

But I have good opinion about scientists and asumme that they are nice people and like those who are really niterested in some field.
I reccomend you to find e-mail adresses of some workers (best will be profesors) of Archeology faculties at Polish universities (there are adress books on every university webpage) and just write some kind of letter of apliccation telling them about your education, expiriences , expectaions for Masters thesis (or the subject you are interested in most). We have a few universites so you can expect some answes, not maby straight but maby somebody woul tell you who you must conthact and what to to to apply.

Best regards

14 Sep 2008 /  #3
Thanks very much, I will try what you have suggested =)
OP Amerykanka 1 | 5  
14 Sep 2008 /  #4
I forgot to sign in, new to forums. =)

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