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30 May 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

polish ppl are very straightforward, you have to get used to it. so when we are drunk, you are likely to hear what we think about you ;)

and what can you hear if the drunk person is bum from deep countryside?
20 Jan 2009
Life / Poland has killed my inner child [105]

well, I am here in uk for 2 yrs now.
I have some "friends", or maybe colleagues (in polish meaning). SOmetimes I go out for a drink with them, sometimes I call them.

I wouldnt expect making real friendships here after 2 yrs - in my opinion it takes ages before you can call someone your friend
20 Jan 2009
History / Poland and Lithuania [161]

I know one lithuanian guy - very nice person.

my mother was in Wilno last year, she tried to speak russian - bad idea. when she speaked polish - much better
9 Jan 2009
Language / pipka - stój - phonetic spelling/polish spelling [14]

pipka is not cute, it can be used if you are in close relationship with someone (if you adressing that person by "pipka")

if you say to the unknown woman "ty pipko", you will be in trouble (or at least she will think "what an asshole")

you can use it in the in-bed situation with your lady
9 Jan 2009
Language / sobie sobie sobie sobie sobie [29]

myślisz tylko o sobie - all you think about is yourself

kupuję sobie - I am buying sth for myself
idę sobie - I am just walking somewhere
śpiewam sobie - I am just singing sth
kopię sobie - I am just digging/kicking sth

kupię sobie - I am going to buy sth for myself
pójdę sobie - I am going to go somewhere
zaśpiewam sobie - I am going to sing
wykopię/ zakopię/ pokopię sobie - I am going to dig out/in/ just dig

jestem w domu - I am at home
jestem u siebie w domu- I am at my home

about "się" - it generally points action YOU perform (sometimes to yourself)
myję się (I wash myself???? have no idea is it correct) , but "myję samochód" (I wash a car)
uczę się (I learn) but "uczę sąsiada" (I teach my neighbour)
boję się - I am scared

hmm, a bit complicated, if you are novice, dont bother about those details, you will understand it in future (or not).
9 Jan 2009
Travel / How can I identify a legal taxi in Poland? [3]

yes, that's the best idea - ring the taxi company (remember the company name!), they will ask you where you are and maybe what's your name (in case there is a lot of people waiting for a taxi in that area). then wait for the taxi with right sign on it, and tell your name to the driver

I gave you full explanaition to avoid confusion - that's all those small things that always scare me abroad ;)
9 Jan 2009
Work / Irish girl to move to Poland. Is it dangerous (beauty therapist) [29]

have you ever seen poles in small town pub? party without a fight is not a party!
and next day (sunday) everyone goes to church together ;)

similiar thing here in London / Acton - saturday night, drunk poles starting fights, vomiting on pavements, next day polish church full :D
9 Jan 2009
Law / Poles don't like to use credit cards when buying online? [10]

well, let me explain...
first, wht kind of amounts we are talking about? 100zl? 1000zl?

if we are talking about small amount of cash:
every time you enter your card details on website you dont know (ie:not amazon), you have to trust them: "We dont store your details". What if they do? What if it's "not obvious" scam site? I mean they will send you goods, and then after 6 months they will use your details again? dont forget that in most cases we dont have savings - it's just our current account, where we get out salary etc.

another thing may be that we dont trust credit cards - I think many people had bad history with them (I did). so I think we learned a bit. And there are always problems with polish debit cards....

so, it may be worth risking small amount (if something goes wrong, you wont buy there anymore) than risking giving away full(?) access to you money

if we are talkinga bout large amounts of mony, then I cannot explain it. Be aware that "small/big" amount is a bit relative term in pl - we can buy jakcets for 1000zl. Would you spend 1000 pound in uk for a jacket? I doubt (unless you are rich)
8 Jan 2009

hmmmm... rather cute I would say, unless you dont speak polish at all and I would have to hear you and try to understand you every day for months.

but occasionally - cute
8 Jan 2009
Life / A trip to a Polish supermarket [136]

my story is from Kaufland / Gdynia Obluze, so beware! ;)

it's not about queue or waiting, it's how rude was the cashier. And it's like this in poland, doesnt change at all.

Why it doesnt happen here in Morrisons? Queues are 10x longer, cashiers are REALLY busy
8 Jan 2009
News / UFO's in Poland ? Any sightings ? [15]

here are two links (polish) from Gdynia-polish Roswell 1959 ;)

something fall down into the basin of Port Gdynia, Political Police took it away very quickly, and whole accident was silenced for years.
8 Jan 2009
Life / A trip to a Polish supermarket [136]

I remember going to the post office for the very first time here in uk... after 27 years in pl :D
what relief... hyhy
8 Jan 2009
News / UFO's in Poland ? Any sightings ? [15]

I saw UFO once (seriously) - we were on the beach late evening, and saw colorful light moving quickly in complete silence, on zig-zag path.

But we had few bottles of vodka before, so I think it doesnt count, does it?
8 Jan 2009
Travel / My trip to Poland - I hated Katowice, loved Krakow, and adored Bielsko [59]

in last 5 years. and believe me - they are there, you can cant notice them ;)

I've heard good joke in "2 pints of lager":
Janet tells Gaz about statue of Jonny(?): "He sees everything. He is everywhere. Like God. Or polish people"

The longer I live here in uk, the more I appreciate this series. Absolutely brilliant :D
8 Jan 2009
Travel / My trip to Poland - I hated Katowice, loved Krakow, and adored Bielsko [59]

The Brits are colonising again. Run to the hills, ha ha ha. Are you Brits just doing this because Poland is one of the countries you didn't rule?.

Well, we Poles took London, Brits can take Katowice.

You know what's funny - everytime I see the british flag here (and it's 2 years now) I wonder: "What a strange flag, what happened to polish one???"

and then I realise that's ok, it's britain ;D
8 Jan 2009
Life / A trip to a Polish supermarket [136]

He is just mad I didn't say shopping at the supermarket in Poland was better than shopping ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD WOO HOOO!! Hey did you know the supermarkets in Poland have higher IQs than all the other supermarkets in Europe? It's in a study..look if you don't believe me ;PP

of course shopping in Poland is much better than enywhere else. everything is better i Poland, dont you know? and we, Poles, are the best!

Seriously, I hate shopping in pl, last time I went home for holidays I had this situation:
very old woman goes to the queue, five things in the basket - one of them was a juice. empty shop, two tills open, maybe 6 customers. she asks cashier to check price of the juice for her (obviously she didnt have enough money or didnt want to spend them). And that tw*t said something like "I am not here to check the prices for you, there is the machine, I cannot check it without billing (?) it, I will need to call manager". Of course she billed the juice and we were waiting for manager to cancel the juice etc. I was f*g furious, and when it was my turn I wasn't quite nice, waiting for any sign of rudeness from her. There would be a IIIWW. It's really a shame that I didnt take that f*g juice and I didnt pay for it, asking for manager. Next time I will know.

Seriously, there is something really wrong with customer services - probably salaries. But it still doesn't explain why we are so rude to each other...

(sorry for my english, i hope you understood the story)
8 Jan 2009
Life / Brits moving to live in Poland [88]

hmmm... why so many poles invaded uk...
1st- pound was strong.
2nd- most of us had a basic knowledge of english.
3rd- we could work legally.
4th- we need money for cars, flats and houses in poland
5th- we want to live in really big capital
6th- we wanted to change our lives instead of moaning all the time ;)

and so on...
dont worry, we will go sooner or later, Canada let us work there. I think it's not a bad place to live and work for few years