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17 Dec 2009
Life / Share your Polish Christmas experiences. [20]

Christmas eve will be a panic, buying pressies and last minute foodstuffs, then its off to the pub which will be mobbed with people I haven't seen for ages.

Then its home, drink Santas dram and bit of shortbread, throw half of Rudolphs carrot in the bin. Making sure that the reindeer dust has been disturbed.

Wake up at some ungodly hour, watch the bairn open present after present - think to myself that next year I wont buy so much.

Family start to arrive, everyone comes to my house - I love having the house full of family - kids, grannies, surly teenagers etc etc. For once everyone gets on and theres no arguing.

Then its showtime ! The dinner is my thing !
Secret being in the preparation. Just put everything in roasting dishes - everything has to be timed to perfection so that its all ready at the same time. Nobody gets in the kitchen unless they are there for a purpose.

Then we have the meal - a real gutbuster.
Afterwards we will all sit in the living room and fall asleep watching an old movie.

A few drinks in the evening of some weird stuff that you would only drink at Christmas and then off to bed quite happy.
9 Dec 2009
Life / What should I name my female child? [44]


Yep, thats what everyone else says too.
Plus the fact that she would have to go to school one day too.......thats why if I have a daughter she will be called.....Ava.
9 Dec 2009
Food / Eggs - how do you like yours? Poached? Unfertilised? [60]

I like my fried eggs over easy.
I only ever have ketchup with eggs if they are scrambled - which I had in Sopot and they were not bad.

Used to drink jajka w szklance, when I was on a high protein phase.

Worst experience with an Egg ?
Someone told me that if you put a pin prick in the top of the shell and put it in the microwave it would boil.

Had to get myself new microwave after that.
8 Dec 2009
Genealogy / Looking for information on Polish women soldiers in Stalag V1C, Oberlangen [5]

There are some members here who I am sure would only be too happy to help, unfortunately I dont have the skills.

Barney, Sjam and a few others have written a good posts in this thread.

Your Mother was a hero, if there are any stories that you would like to pass on we would love to hear them. It is understandable if she didnt talk about it much tho.

Good Luck.
6 Dec 2009

Aye, jails too good for some folk Todays news:

Four men are due to appear in court on Monday following an incident at Craiginches Prison in Aberdeen.

The men are understood to be Keith Porter, 21, George Stewart, 24, and two other men, both aged 22.

The incident, which happened on Friday, is thought to have involved a Polish inmate.

A spokesman for Grampian Police said four men had been reported to the procurator fiscal and were expected to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

6 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]

I am not asking for thanks,

Reading the first post, it sounds like you were looking for more than that.

Kind actions are only kind if well intended, if they are unconditional.

So did you manage to get your leg over before the boyfriend rumbled you ? :-)

I am able to give jobs, push for payrises for people, mediate between the manager and staff to a certain extent, grant annual leave, change people's working hours etc.

Isn't that what you are supposed to do Mr Brent ?
6 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]

I have often given them more help than people of other nationalities. I have given them jobs within the company I work for, have helped them beyond the call of my duty as a mere administrator by helping them in their personal lives at zero personal gain to myself - only because I genuinely like being kind to them.

You have no idea how patronising this sounds.

I fell in love with a Polish colleague so deeply

Thats great.

However I never did anything wrong,

You are a star !

her boyfriend

Hold up ! She got a boyfriend ?

totally beyond my calling

And just wtf is your calling ?

Here is some amateur Psychology for ya - you are perfectly comfortable with helping these poor,poor people as long as the power balance lies with you.

The minute there is a shift in this balance - you dont like it.

And dont try it on with anyone at the Christmas Party, they have you sussed.
4 Dec 2009
Love / Loving a Polish girl [14]

A Luckenbooth is an unusual but easily recognised symbol.
1 Dec 2009

you will know exactly what I mean.

Indeed I do know exactly what you mean.

Belated welcome to the forums omalley
1 Dec 2009
Food / Eating Healthy in Poland [18]

As you will know already Melissa, eating healthy isnt just about counting carbs.
Poles tend to make fresh food and rely less on pre packed stuff and microwave meals
28 Nov 2009
News / What is a Polish Nationalist? [47]

Here is an srticle from earlier in the month which discusses nationalism and what it means in different contexts.

Nationalism has become the N-word

The civic self-determination movements of the SNP and Plaid Cymru don't deserve the same label as far-right racists

27 Nov 2009

It just pees me off severely that there are families that are nothing but trouble generation after generation.
From the moment they are born they are a drain on honest folk.

NHS bills, social services, childrens panels, petty crime and then progress to the Justice System.

It might sound a bit harsh but when you come across these types you will understand.
27 Nov 2009
Law / Poland selling Carbon Credits [16]

And how we'd know we succeeded?

We will only succeed when China will be compliant.
27 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Exploiting Polish Workers by the UK businesses [90]

Aberdeen City Council.

I wouldn't let them run a raffle.
Due to corruption, fraud and general incompetence, one of the most prosperous areas in the country has to make cuts due to a massive overspend - outrageous.
27 Nov 2009

In Edinburgh the Swietlica will be celebrating St Andrews on the 30th.

Last year they had all sorts of fun
27 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles returning to the UK [33]

Please care to exaggerate.

When the recession hit and the exchange rate was poor, Polish workers left to return to Poland.

An increase in Polish workers indicates that the economy is recovering.
They work, get paid, pay tax, spend their money etc etc

In my area unemployment is at 2.5% - 1,6%.
There is a problem with recruitment and retention due to the rural demographics.

The picture may be different in London town and the like.
26 Nov 2009
News / Poles protest US Stalin memorial plan [28]

more interesting links from this page

Glenn Beck - this is the first time I have heard him. Talk about dumbing down information.
Do people actually watch this rubbish ?
26 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles returning to the UK [33]

My local press ran a story recently that after a dip last year, Poles are migrating here again in number.