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14 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Any Irish have child with Polish partners? [44]

Before everyone loses control, its not a full Polish school, its only saturday school so that the children can can talk to other polish children, learn about polish history and talk about current polish events, he will go to regular school monday to friday.

From the posts RevokeNice wrote, I believe he should have been denied oxygen at birth, quite a bitter fellow in my opinion.

Also what I hate is the American schools in Poland, I do believe that foreigners in Poland should send their children to polish schools in Poland. I dont like these type of elitist schools which are expensive and not much better than the average. Its not about not being able to afford it, its about bringing up your child as normal as possible, and not turning them into stuckup git.

I met up with another Irish guy in Warsaw, English teacher, he did also advise that I speak to Grzes in English and Anna to him in Polish as he said he done the same and his 3 yr old daughter can speak both languages on the same level almost.

Looks like my thread died a horrible death lol. Thanks everyone for your response though, appreciate it.
14 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / I married a Pole, we live in the UK - eligibility for Polish citizenship? [15]

Maybe it wasnt clear from your request, my understand was below:

Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An Alien is eligible to apply for the citizenship if he or she has resided in Poland as a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years. The granting of the citizenship can be subjected to submission of evidence of the loss or renunciation of foreign citizenship.

Marriage to a Polish citizen does not affect citizenship of either party.

But you maybe looking at the below:


An alien can acquire Polish citizenship, if she/he is married for at least 3 years to a Polish citizen and obtained a residence permit. Applicant needs to apply to the Voivodeship Office of her/his place of residence in Poland and declare intention of becoming a Polish citizen. Application should be made within 6 months from obtaining the residence permit.

So theres your answer, you need to be married 3 years and you need to apply for a residency permit, obviously you need to reside there at least 6 months out of the calander year.
14 Aug 2009
Food / Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw? [57]

I dont think the polish peeps on the forum understand, foreigners in Poland want their own cheddar cheese because its a bit from home. Not everyone wants to convert to eating pierogi and flaki etc. Just the same as how polish people mainly shop in the polish shops in

uk and ireland. Its all about having a piece of something from home, its a comfort thing and
you need that when your feeling homesick.

Also some polish people think our white bread is nutritionless, tasteless and boring, but its what we are used to and its what we grew up on. For me polish bread tastes very bland and strange or savory or something, I dont enjoy eating it to be honest, but its different strokes for different folks.
14 Aug 2009
Life / So it's hit me too, isolation in Poland [46]

I dunno really bc we just bought home here in Dublin. Im going for one week to Krakow in October and usually go several times year to Warsaw but we intend to build house in Poland near my gf family home, but we are waiting for paperwork to come through, as soon as it does we were thinking to move there for a year to oversea the build, when this will be I dont know, maybe next few years. Where you from VN Dunne?
12 Aug 2009
Food / Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw? [57]

They sell it in Auchan and Alma both of which are in Piaseczno. Not as cheap as back home but if your irish then you cant live without it.
12 Aug 2009
Life / IKEA in Warsaw [30]

Its near Raszyn if memory serves correctly.
12 Aug 2009
Life / Is there an English shop in warsaw ? [17]

Empik is always good for teh foreign papers I find, theres some shopping centre near the zoo, they sell some british things like pop-tarts, tate n lyles syrup, batchelors beans etc. In Konstancin - Jeziorna they also have one of these foreigner shops, dont think polish mustard is much different though.

The only think I hate is that the bread in poland tastes so different, even the american style one is cat. I so couldnt get used to polish food.
12 Aug 2009
Life / Leroy Merlins Price Protection [41]

Not meaning to be smart, but why would they refund the whole price without receiving the product back?
12 Aug 2009
Life / I'm an American who lived in Poland for 6 years. I'm not welcome anymore. [169]

I notice the OP didnt reply back that often, I am Irish but when I was working in Poland there were Americans there, and they never complained about it there. Obviously Poland is not geared towards foreigners because there is not alot of them there compared to other countries.

If you work in any country in the world illegally and if immigration find out then usually you will be banned from entering that country for 5 years usually.

It would have been far easier to do everything properly and get your visa sorted then you would be accepted there. I dont blame the gov for not liking foreigners there anyway, move of the TEFL teachers there get paid in the hand and the gov cant tax it, lol.
12 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Any Irish have child with Polish partners? [44]

Hi there, my name is Trevor (25) from Dublin.
I have a 10 month old son (Grzegorz) with my partner Anna.
I just wondered did anyone else have child with their polish partners?
I have concerns of how to raise him, do I send him to normal school,
do I send him to polish weekend school also?
Will kids here make fun of him because his name is different.
Just thought id ask anyone :)

12 Aug 2009
Life / Irish man wanna move to Poland [60]

Hi guys my name is Trevor and im 25, ive first hand experience living in poland.

I moved there in Sepetember 2007, was fed up with my job here and my gf wanted to move back home so we tried it for while. At the time people were screaming to hire me, literally when I got off the plane I was rushing immediately to a school, got hired within 3 days of being there which is unheard of in Ireland.

We moved to Warsaw, stayed with my gf parents for few weeks until we got our own rental property(in Piaseczo, 45 mins from Warsaw). We just stayed 3 months as I had bad job experience there and my gf job was poorly paid and far away so we decided it was time to return back to Ireland to make more money.

We are in the process of building property in Poland, her dad gave us some land. However its been 2 years and the paper work is still going through so its long old process.

We have just bought house here, our ultimate plan is to build the house there, and when our mortgage is paid off here, we sell up in Ireland and move there, almost retirement but will have alot of money saved by then.

I wont lie, it was awful being a foreigner when your abroad, you can only then realise what the polish go through when they come abroad to work. Its so lonely when nobody speaks fluent english, id always advise you to complete at least intermediate polish before moving, they say you can pick it up as you go along but that wouldnt really be practical in my opinion.

I couldnt get a NIP number there, think you have to be resident and nobody could tell us where to get one of those numbers. In most of the big cities there is company called 'The British Council', they are the mecca for any teachers going over there, lots of learning resources, its basically a library and also you can do courses there and rent english DVDs.

Thinking back, I regret I came back to Ireland because I did intend to go for a year but we took the easy option and came back here.

When I first got to Warsaw, maybe you too will find you will latch onto anyone who speaks english, you hear someone speak english and you hang in their vicinity so they they may hopefully strike conversation with you,,, or maybe its just me then.

I only ever met 1 irish person there, mostly Brits and Australians, people backpacking and of course some Americans whose great great grandfathers pigeon had some polish heritgage,lol. Just messing.

Any questions just ask me, from someone with experience.
20 Jul 2008
Love / My polish g/f can be a nightmare,is it always like this [262]

Heya, just thought I had to say something on this. I'm 24 and with my [polish] girlfriend 3 years. I would say Polish woman are quite controlling and demanding and of course can be stressful at times. However they're just like this sometimes, it seems to be in their nature. But it should never get to the point where she gets so jealous that she stops you contacting your friends or parents. Does she have friends herself? It doesnt seem like it, I'm sure shes not a cow or anything like that, maybe she had a difficult time in the past and shes clinging onto you, its obvious shes cares alot for you and just wants to be with you as much as possible but it sounds like shes lonely or something, maybe invite her out with your friends one time, maybe she has bad feelings towards your parents because they dont accept her or so on, theres no simple answer but if your together this long, why throw it away.