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13 Dec 2009
Life / 3 Things I LOVED about Poland [58]

3 Things.... hmm

1)Polish hospitality and Polish girls :)
2)Polish Food : D
3)The many green areas around and in city and very good public transportation!
7 Oct 2009
Travel / Going to Szczecin - other airports in Poland [18]

Hello Jen,

I will tell you the best way that I`m using when going yo Szczecin. I take the plane to Berlin airport (no mather if is Tegel airport or Schönefeld airport). Straight from the airport I take mini bus called Berlinia ( blue mini busses wrote on them Szczecin very big) with cost of 70 złoty (~16 Euro)(one way) or 95 złoty (~23Euro)(round way). Is better to book the ticket in advance via phone (in english) and pay to driver when arriving.

For me this is the best way,usually you don`t have to wait more than one hour or two,they have many time tables , u can check here >

See when your plane is arriving and choose the best hour that suites you for booking it. I wish you luck!
19 Jun 2009
Life / List of Polish movies on DVD with English subtitles [30]

Hey! I'm google-ing for some weeks for subtitles for Lajdis.. and still couldn`t find.. If you can send me some link of some torrent or rapidshare site that have both files (movie and subtitles in eng) would be grate.. I want to see it , and can`t understand anything :\

Any help is appreciated!
28 May 2009
Life / What are your favourite Polish Radio stations...? [27]

I'm listening all the time Radio Eska (badly there are many romanian songs; and I feel like home :D ), and some time " POLSKASTACJA.PL"

But this Radio Maxxx, can be played in a standalone player, like Winamp for example?
20 Jan 2009
Life / Send flowers in Szczecin via Internet [3]

Hello mates!

I have a problem. Is good if here is someone from Szczecin to answer me. Is in this city some florist that can deliver flowers at door? And a website to look over, and maybe I can pay with credit card for it? I want to send some flowers to someone there, and I`m not staying in Poland..

Thank you in advance!
19 Aug 2008
Real Estate / Hostels in Szczecin [4]

try Amicus ! it`s on Frederika Chopina Street or Andromeda.. I was at the first one.
19 Aug 2008
Travel / Going to Kraków, Gdańsk, Słupsk, Szczecin... [10]

I was in Szczecin last week,to meet a good friend, and belive me it was beautiful.. So much green around.. I just love the parks and everything..the tramwaj`s the menels :))) PZM tower... I did so it everyday coz it`s in centrum.. :) and all the buildings the arhitecture, the port, The Duke castle.. I just love it. I`ll sure see it soon! Go there u`ll not be dissapointed!
19 Aug 2008
Life / I'm about to move to Szczecin, Poland. I'm Muslim, black. [37]

Oh.. I take Berlinia mikro bus. So wonderfull in Szczecin.. So beautiful places.. 5 days of joy there. I liked the green everywhere :) so much of it.. and the Plac Rodla with the tower :) The park with the 3 eagles (I call it Three Eagles Park :P )

I`ll sure visit it soon!
Thnx for everything ppl. If it is something I`ll ask u!
Take care!
23 Jul 2008
Life / I'm about to move to Szczecin, Poland. I'm Muslim, black. [37]

Oh. Good answers. I don`t know how to thank you for all this.
I`ll make the trip on 13 of august so in 3 weeks. I`ll fly from Bucharest to Berlin Schönefeld airport. I understand that this airport is about 20 km from Berlin. Is there any transportation from that airport to Szczecin? Or if I`ll go to the city (Berlin) I`ll find there some? What firms are good to make this trip to Szczecin and cheap? (no taxi!) and some prices.. Thnx again.

13 Jul 2008
Life / I'm about to move to Szczecin, Poland. I'm Muslim, black. [37]

cheers from szczecin

Thank you Kowalski for your answer!
Some questions more:
There are some local sites for jobs where u can apply with a cv ? Especially in english if there are. I want to look over them.

125 Euros is one room / studio flat ?

p.s: there is some Romanian Ambassy in Szczecin?
3 Jul 2008
Life / I'm about to move to Szczecin, Poland. I'm Muslim, black. [37]

Thnx for asnwered me. Well.. I`ll want to stay there for a while, and I prefer to stay at that girl, but tell me how much is average there? And, What should I do? learn polish is the first thing right?! Give any advice you can! Thank you again!
2 Jul 2008
Life / I'm about to move to Szczecin, Poland. I'm Muslim, black. [37]

Hi there friends! Oh, I don`t know if I`m posting ok here. Let me tell you my story. I live in Targoviste-Romania, and the salary here are beyond any limit.. 500 RON/month (~500 zl) and the mentality are so low.. :( sad. So my though is now, to go abroad and work, to colect some money and to begin realise my dreams step by step. My first choise is Poland/ I have a friend there. I meet her online, and talking with her for 8 months. She propose to stay at her place (live with parents) for a while, `till I get a good job to rent a room somewhere else. She live in Szczecin city. I want to know the average paying in this city for a boy 22 yo, no kids, good knowledge of english and just begin to learn a little polish :) What kind of jobs can I found there? and what paying? Tell me if it is really necessary to learn polish.