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Going to Szczecin - other airports in Poland

jenny_1260 1 | 3  
6 Oct 2009 /  #1

My name is Jen and I come from New Zealand. I'm looking into flights at the moment to Poland, specifically Szczecin where I will be doing a work-exchange. However, I found out that I won't be able to get an international flight directly to Szczecin-Goleniow Airport. This leaves me the question of: if I intend to travel to Szczecin (probably by train from the airport), what other airports should I fly to?

I've also been told that I could go to Szczecin either via Polish airports and train to Szczecin, OR I could also fly to Frankfurt or Berlin and take the train to Szczecin. For the 'experienced' travellers, do you have any suggestions which route is better? Aside from cost, I would also be interested in sightseeing (if any) during those train rides as I've never been to Europe. However, I am also worried that if the route is too long, it might be complicated for me to travel with all my luggage and because of my inability to speak German/Polish if I get confused. Also, in terms of cost, is it cheaper to fly TO Poland (and from which airports?) and take train to Szczecin, OR to fly TO Frankfurt/Berlin and take the train?

Sorry if these questions come across as silly. I'm sort of new to this. ^^

Thanks very much,
Polson 5 | 1,768  
6 Oct 2009 /  #2
Berlin seems fine. It's quite close to Szczecin, on the other side of the border.
Then you could take a bus or train to Szczecin. It's totally doable (i think).

Good luck anyway ;)
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,437  
6 Oct 2009 /  #3
with all my luggage

if you have a lot, then flying to Warsaw and then catching a connecting flight to Goleniow/Szczecin would be your best option, because you are flying from NZ, which would probably take you hours resulting in being tired and less alert.

If you have only few suitcases, then flying to Berlin is a good option, from where you can catch a 2 hour train ride to Szczecin, or better yet, get a ride in a private minibus run by Poles doing the Berlin -Szczecin route (1,5 hour ride) on a daily basis.
6 Oct 2009 /  #4
I'd agree with that but would add that Goleniow airport is about 50km NE of Szczecin and a right pain in the arse to get too/from (it's about 10km from Goleniow train station). There's no way in hell I'd want to do the 26-hour flight from NZ and then have to get from that airport to Szczecin. The only way I'd do it would be to get a night's sleep at the Courtyard hotel at Warsaw airport and then get the Szczecin plane.

Berlin is going to be cheaper and a lot easier.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
6 Oct 2009 /  #5
Keep in mind that there are two Berlin airports. Berlin connections are good for travellers... you'd also be better off with a morning arrival in Berlin.

don't forget that you'll need Euros when in berlin.
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
6 Oct 2009 /  #6
two Berlin airports.

I thought there were three......?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
6 Oct 2009 /  #7
tempelhof closed recently. however, there still might be another.
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
6 Oct 2009 /  #8
tempelhof closed recently.

Oh.....was this anything to do with the tons of unexploded bombs they reckon are under the runway....?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149  
6 Oct 2009 /  #9
Fly to Berlin and then a minibus to Szczecin - It should take no more than 2h.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594  
6 Oct 2009 /  #10
Fly to Berlin and then a minibus to Szczecin

Or train.
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
6 Oct 2009 /  #11
Fly to Berlin and then a minibus to Szczecin

Done this the other way round,,,very quick and efficient.....
OP jenny_1260 1 | 3  
7 Oct 2009 /  #12
Thank you for all the responses. That really helped narrow down my choices. ^^ And also, thanks so much for the tips.

I'm now looking at getting on the train from Berlin to Szczecin. There's one flight that suits me, only the problem is it has a late arrival time (arrive about 9.45). Assuming it will take at least an hour to get from leave the plane, get past customs, to the train station, etc, I may have to take the train (if any) at possibly 11pm. Does anyone know around what time of the day the trains are, if there are overnight trains going from Berlin to Szczecin, or know where I can find train timetables?

Some people also mentioned the minibus option. How safe is this for a girl travelling alone/with no German or Polish speaking skills?

I will hopefully be getting picked up when I arrive to Szczecin, so considering how late it'll be when I arrive to Szczecin, I'm also considering staying overnight in Berlin or something rather than (rather rudely of me) have people pick me up in crazy hours. Has anyone got recommendations to simple places to stay? (I will really only need a bed... some place to stay until I can catch the next train to Szczecin.)

I am trying to google some of this, but it's so much easier hearing from people who knows what trains there are etc.^^

Thanks again,
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
7 Oct 2009 /  #13
something to start you off:

you will probably land at Tegel airport. but, please check with the airline.

I'm told that a place to stay in Berlin will cost 50-60euro per night.

check here for some hotels:
Florin 2 | 40  
7 Oct 2009 /  #14
Hello Jen,

I will tell you the best way that I`m using when going yo Szczecin. I take the plane to Berlin airport (no mather if is Tegel airport or Schönefeld airport). Straight from the airport I take mini bus called Berlinia ( blue mini busses wrote on them Szczecin very big) with cost of 70 złoty (~16 Euro)(one way) or 95 złoty (~23Euro)(round way). Is better to book the ticket in advance via phone (in english) and pay to driver when arriving.

For me this is the best way,usually you don`t have to wait more than one hour or two,they have many time tables , u can check here >

See when your plane is arriving and choose the best hour that suites you for booking it. I wish you luck!
OP jenny_1260 1 | 3  
8 Oct 2009 /  #15

Thanks for your help (to both Wroclaw and Florin), especially for giving me those links. Looking them up now... Still getting travel arrangements ready, but I think I should be okay for now. Will come back if I have any questions/need more help...

Thanks so much!!

Back again- is anyone familiar with booking tickets through Interglobus?

I'm trying to book a bus (preferably online) from Berlin to Szczecin, either through or Berlinia looks great, the only issue is that I can only make a reservation in the Polish website -unless I call them, as a previous poster suggested (which I CAN, but would prefer that as last resort).

So I've been maneuvering with the Interglobus, but I can't find any info to these questions... does anyone know?:
1.) If I book a ticket, and my flight gets delayed (say by a few hours), will I still be able to use that ticket on the next bus(es)? How valid will the ticket be for a bus other than the specific time I book?

2.) Buying a ticket for passengers 12 up to 26 years old (slightly cheaper)- would it be enough to prove this through my non-Polish passport as identification? I'm not sure what the rules usually are in Poland/Germany for proving ages and how valid would foreign ID be, as I would not have Polish school/university ID etc...

delphiandomine 88 | 18,163  
18 Oct 2009 /  #16
2.) Buying a ticket for passengers 12 up to 26 years old (slightly cheaper)- would it be enough to prove this through my non-Polish passport as identification? I'm not sure what the rules usually are in Poland/Germany for proving ages and how valid would foreign ID be, as I would not have Polish school/university ID etc...

It's not an issue, apart from with state-owned transportation companies, which often have absolutely arcane rules surrounding this sort of thing.

Private companies often don't care less - I traveled round Bieszczady this summer with a Euro-26 card and managed to get student tickets without a problem from bus drivers, even though it wasn't technically allowed.
Kowalski 7 | 621  
22 Oct 2009 /  #18
Szczecin has direct, daily and quite cheep Rynair connection from London Stanstead. Flights to London are likely to be a saver on flights from N. Zealand so you might want to take it into consideration. As for getting from Szczecin airport to town center - bus or train would get you in about one hour.

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