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8 Jul 2008
Law / Paper bag market in Poland [12]

I don't know if there is market for paper bags.

I think there will be. I think paper bag will have wide use than any time before. More and more brands use stable fasten and good look paper bag as their shopping bag. Ferragamo, versase , Anna Molineri, Moschino , abercrombie & fitch ,le senza... their bag is quite sliod. Why not re-use them for shopping?

contact the bussinesses in Poland directly.

yeah, not only poland but customers from other. perhaps exhibition is a way..
4 Jul 2008
Law / Paper bag market in Poland [12]

:), thanks randompal.
here in our country, supermark have charged for there plastics carrier bags. Also it is said that Spain will ban one trip plastics bags in the year 2010. we can consider that 2008 is a turn over for every recycled bag.

Anonther problem is that we do not have representation oversea.
In the past, we do busines with foreign customers though trading company. But now, we want do business with customer directly. I am seeking a way to promot my products now.
30 Jun 2008
Law / Paper bag market in Poland [12]

Toilet paper maybe? Feels the same

Soory to hear that someone take luxury paper bag for wash room use. ;), 8o, ``

Reply to L M,

thanks for your reply. But what are most department stores shopping bag like? Still plastic ? And what about supermarket?
I am a foreigner, and want to know more about Poland and Poles. :)

Many thanks!
25 Jun 2008
Law / What do Poles think of Chinese products? [49]

Even many people said that quality of Chinese goods are inferior, Chinese goods still are sold all over the world. One side,we have to admit that it have a good rate of quality and price.

The othe side ,nowadays, it's a throw away world. There are many people who pursue fashion blindly. They pay more attention to the outlook of goods than the inner function. Good quality is not the most important element. When new fashion come into the market, the old one will be deposed.

No one should be blam. Where is a demand, there is a marketing.That depand on us, every customer. We have to change our buy opinion. Only in this way, can we put an end of inferior goods.
22 Jun 2008
Law / Paper bag market in Poland [12]

Hi , friends,

I want to export paper bag to poland. Is there any body want to share me some marketing information of paper bag in Poland?

Because of strict of plastic bag, i think that will be a good chance for paper bag.

Thanks for share,
email : monica_chang23@yahoo

it seems that nobody is interrested in this topic. I 'd like to change one.

Does any body know some luxury paper shopping bag user in Poland?
22 Jun 2008
Law / What do Poles think of Chinese products? [49]

it will damage your credibility - and gadu gadu isnt the same

, but i think they are both tools for convenient business. Why one will distroy credit, but another is quite different?
discrimination of Ploes ? :(
5 Jun 2008
News / France to lift job restrictions on Poles [84]

In reference to the Marshall Plan, during the years 1948-1951,

The essence of Marshall plan is not a aid plan. When the popurse of US is to keep the balance of European. So

The largest recipients were: UK ($3.3 billion), France ($2.3 billion), West Germany ($1.5 billion).

The countries received aid just some strong ones, who can effect the condition of EU in sight of US at that time. So it's not strange that Poland hadn't received any.

Let's say now. Poland have gotten soar development by hands of poles. You should be proud of this.