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Speaks Polish?: Only in some text.Can not understand spoken Words.
Interests: Music.Computers,Cars,Some politics,badmington...and looking for a handsome,straight acting Polish boyfriend.

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jay uk   
7 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

Well i dont hate the Polish...its some of you that dont like me :)

Seriously though i think you Polish are real cool and i think sometimes think we brits can learn some interesting things from you.
jay uk   
7 Nov 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

I prefer a hands on situation,as long its not with a minger :)

You think christianity is so perfect dont you ?

Well maybe you like to mention that some members of the clergy have been caught interfering and shagging young boys....maybe thats why the christian religion has such a hang up about it.

So why not wash the real dirty linin of christianity in public and demonstrate how eveil it can be to something it does not approve of.

Oh im christian im so perfect.

I seriously question a certain type of religion that indoctornates evil beliefs like this.

Maybe we need to reinstate the Berlin wall and leave some of you to brim and boil in your own hatred.
jay uk   
11 Oct 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

there is so much inequlaity peopel dying of hunger in africa and india, we enjoy life in the west, becasue we do so through material means

Im just going to ignore this its not worth the proccesing power of my brain.
I assume your must be to say something like that.
you have not offended.I just find your text abit patronising.

and very large wedding tackle too :)

Was that why she married the Horse :) - im blushing.

She only wanted it for one thing....she must have something like Eurotunnel to take that LOL !!!
jay uk   
11 Oct 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

I understand, don't care about your father, you are much better than him ;)

Thanks Polson thats very nice of you to say so :)

thanks for sharing your experiences with us JayUK. I have lots of friends who have been through similar.. which is why I was making the point that most people would not choose to be gay, given the **** that they often have to deal with.. they just are. As for Jareck, I reckon he is in-line to become the next Jerry Springer.. I did see one once where a woman married a horse.

I dont mind sharing my experiences and i appreciate that you and others,like to at least see the other side to the coin.
But i dont think being gay is a problem its the stereotyping and views of ignorance that causes the problem and its just a sexual preference which is so badly tainted especially if you have to deal with it in a deeply religious country....i dont want to remark about religion again,as i have done before on this thread,but it certainly doesnt help the situation.

For example....say it was straight and as my family is homophobic (apart from my sister) i would most probably be saying and believing the same garbage as the other homophobes and jumping on the bandwagon of "I hate gays"

Sometimes i am ashamed of being a christian because of the sheer hatred i can stir about something it doesnt approve of and this topic is one of them.

But i was born into a christian family (Church of England) so really,im ******** to speak.
jay uk   
10 Oct 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Wow ! And have you still any link with your mom and dad

I have not seen my dad since i was 8 years old but i still see my mum.
She is more accepting of it now but,she asked me is it just a phase im going through? but i told her that it wasnt and it is for real.

Im not bothered what my dad thinks because he used to hit her about when i was a kid.

there are huge differencies in way of thinking betwen others parts of Poland and it is important as well

Its very similar in the UK.
Most people here are very accepting and most are just not bothered,its what you are as a person.
Of course,you do get the type that will dislike you,even though they can see that your ok as a they dont know how to deal with it and thats when you can get trouble.

But i have never been beaten up or anyone trying to start trouble with me if i go to a night club or pub...but i know some that have.
jay uk   
10 Oct 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Exactly jay uk ;) Thanks

Thats ok,your very welcome :)

so in Poland we have rather debate about their status in society, than if it is normal/sick

Really? its abit like the English supposedly dont get on with the scottish but my mum and dad still got marrid and had 3 kids...and one of them was me !!

When my mum and dad found out about me,my mum cried,my dad was pissed off and my brother.....well...every time he came home drunk,he used to come into my room and beat the **** out of me and told me how much he hated me.I was 15 at the time and by this time my parents seperated and my mum had no control over him.

so i moved out.

so yes i have experienced the bad side too.When you dont have your family to be with,it is very tough.Unless you been there,you can never comprehend it.

I suppose i was brought up in a very homophobic family.
Just sharing my experience with you....i dont expect anyone to feel sorry for me. ok!!

Still speak to my sister though.
jay uk   
10 Oct 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

I have always thought if you and that person love each other and it doesn't involve anyone else,does it really matter if your gay,straight or lesbian....

What harm can it do?
If the feelings you have for each other is strong enough and genuine,it makes you stronger and you dont care what people think.
jay uk   
1 Sep 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

had to :) It's all good though. Happy you didn't take offense

No worries,why should i be offended?..... even i,have a sense of humour :)
Its good to hear from a friendly charactor.
jay uk   
31 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

LOl .....I'll have to leave this one alone :)

Havent heard you for a while !

You and your jokes eh :)

Crap you can encounter ? .....oh i get it - ooops,really fell for that one lol !
jay uk   
31 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Exactly.. Your freedom starts wheny my ends, my ends where your starts

Hey,dont let it get to you...
I think most guys would not be able to put up with the crap we can encounter.
jay uk   
30 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Im just sick of hearing About Gays having marches and bemoaning about how the world is repressing there natural instincts

Well in some way on that quote i do agree with not on the gay scene much - i dont get involved with the marches and stuff,that is not for me,i leave that for the pros

The closest i have got to a gay pride march was seeing a snippet on BBC NEWS 24 and i really felt they wasn't making things easier.

I may be a traiter to my own kind and thats why i dont get too involved with the gay scene.But as far as i can see,if Poland has got hang up about gays.....then quite simply,dont go there and why even bother going.

But i did and had no problems.....maybe because i wasnt parading around like the one off the "YMCA" by The village People video or " Lets go outside" by George Micheal :)

I have no problems with my preference and i dont behave like some jahova witness about it in relation to everyone has to know,but i do make my piont of view if i feel i on this thread but usually its something i dont really talk about much.

I think some of you should have a bit of respect and take into consideration that not all gays think that being gay is about being some raving loud provocative queen in tyou face and make you feel uncomfortable and then wonder why some people make negative remarks.

From experience its just a preference>Im quite a laid back easy going sort of abit shy sometimes too but i carry on with my life,like play football,play badminton,go to nightclubs and love my music and i do like socialising with and meeting nice people from all walks of life.

So apart from the preference,im just like the rest of you.
jay uk   
28 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Sometimes i get the impression that if your a Lesbian it is more accepted.....if so,why?
Its still being Gay - attracted to the same sex or in greek - "Homo" meaning - The same.
hence "Homosexual" - Same sex.
But its a known fact that some guys get very turned on if they see 2 lesbians getting it on.
And also (dare i ask ) why is it Ok for a woman to have it up the "back entrance" ? but if for example,you saw me having it over the bonnet of some BMW - some of you would think not very highly of it....its still the same isnt it ! he puts it in the same hole regardless whether its some lush woman or a bloke.Please excuse me for sounding crude but surely,you can see what im getting at.

what this boils down to is that people are entitled to be idiots but that doesnt mean other people shouldnt tell them they are idiots

Interesting theory....nice one,Bubba.
jay uk   
25 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

My brother used to work with a gay guy who always was making comments about my brother to the point my brother had to avoid him, I have a problem with that.

yes your right,its those ones that annoy fuels the stereotypes.....i had a similar experience - because he found about me and he kept trying it on with me - he was real fat,smelt of rotten cabbages i hated going to the copier room.
jay uk   
22 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Most people think they know what there talking about on the basis on what they think and how they see it or what the person up the road says.....when they are not even gay themselves ! its abit like,if i started talking about and making references about Poland and the Polish culture,some of you would think -: "what you know about it,your not even Polish - your English".

And no doubt,the answer some might come out with is - "well if its a genetic disorder,then we can change the genetics to supress or even take out the genes responsible for being gay".

But then this goes on the borders of developing the perfect race on the spec and opinion of dictation and forcing your ideas and ethics....and if you recall,a certain person in germany many years ago,had a similar view.

This has been around since the beginning of evelution and i dont think being gay is a genetic order,because if it was,evelution would of taken it out of the the genetics and i wouldnt exist.....and many others,including the closet ones too :)
jay uk   
21 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

its the RELIGION that is ravaging

well it could be....for example i could write a big thick book with a nice cover and if i wrote it in a way that made a strong but influential impact....thousands of years on it would be a seller !!!!
jay uk   
21 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Well i think if we didnt live in the dark ages and not be indoctornated by negative religious nonesense,then we can be more undertanding.

If being gay is not for you,then that is your decision i respect that.But whether its because its the unknown that makes you uncomfortable,it doesnt mean im bad or evil or something that should be wiped off the "face of the earth".

mind you,i thought gay pride really made it worse....well im certainly nothing like they were acting.

You get good and bad in all walks of life.
There are some people dont like the Polish and say some unpleasant remarks but i dont jump on the band wagon cos i think those that do are arseholes.I jugde someone on what they are as a person,not of there gender,sexual preference or what country there from and if they are loud " in your face" types and make me feel uneasy? i just tell them what i think.

I really do think if you would of met me,you would see im not something you are lead to believe.....but im just speaking for myself and i dont like you descriminating me like this.

But if you just want to think the worse,then im just wasting my time.
jay uk   
18 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

Im not sure if the UK should be in this list because although the death penalty was abolished many years ago and the last to be executed was in 1965,You can still in the UK be hanged for treason.

But i think if that happened today,there would be an uproar of protests.

roman-catholicism in my view is not true christianity

Maybe these expression and views are influenced by religion and the beliefs of what religion dictates and im certain it is the cause of wars and i feel it will stir up all types of trouble if a certain says its wrong or bad.
jay uk   
17 Aug 2007
Life / Homosexuals in Poland / Hands off (PETITION) [797]

not a bad idea. lets keep gay propaganda out of Poland. in fact lets keep all the western multi-cancerism out of eastern Europe

I have to agree....on the condition that the uk closes it borders to Poland and if you want to behave like Nazi germans,then Poland should be suspended from the E.U.

We didnt ask you to maybe i should start a petition to ban Polish hatred or even going as far as banning all Polish citizens from entering the just dropping to your level.

By being from western Europe i dont see it like you.And i know from experience that all Polish are not like this - i been there,its a nice country and culture...but i think you should get your own country in order first,before you put on the Airs and graces.

When i see remarks like this posted,i sometimes think " Is Hitler still alive ? "...because even though he crippled your country,it seems that there are afew of you ( if this is anything to go by) that he still lives on through some of you and has to this day,his fan club.

Im sorry if my opinion is seen as offensive to any decent polish people out there,but i make no oppologies to people who write Crap like this.
jay uk   
3 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Brit Youths Protest Anti-Gay Poland [114]

Morons are morons irrespective of sexuality

Yeah,i supose you have a point. I just know that if your in a category or walk of life where you can make enemies on the basis of ignorance or bad education or other form of negative properganda,then you know theres some things you cant do in certain places.

Watch out for Katoeys

What are they :)
jay uk   
3 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Brit Youths Protest Anti-Gay Poland [114]

In one of my jobs there was a gay guy who used to sit at the lunch table and tell us all about gay sex acts that he liked to do with his boyfriend

You see i couldnt discuss something like that in a place where different types of people with temperments and attitudes are present .....but some gay guys do.

If its talked about and if your comfortable with it then,thats ok.
jay uk   
3 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Brit Youths Protest Anti-Gay Poland [114]

Perhaps if we lived in a more tolerant society there wouldnt be so many problems.

I agree Saphire, But that march gave the impression that all gays including myself,puts across how gays behave".... it just fuelled the homophodes.

I just felt they rammed it down peoples throats abit and it made people feel uncomfortable.
jay uk   
3 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Brit Youths Protest Anti-Gay Poland [114]

I thought that the gay pride march in Poland was abit over the top - although that might sound abit of a suprise,hearing that from me,but thats what i thought.

When i seen it on BBC news 24,i have to admit i cringed and thought "you bunch of arseholes" talk about fanning the flames - even i wouldnt do that !!

Make a protest by all means - but they were being so provocative and i felt that march caused more damage to a very intolerant country (no offense meant).

The way that gay pride march was conducted was an embarrassment.
jay uk   
19 Jan 2007
History / Poland has paid £68 Million for helping UK in WW2 [168]

Poland would have joined Germany (lesser evil)

Lesser evil.....?

I cant agree with that.
Germany now is a completely different country to what it was once was.
But at the time in ww2,germany did some terrible things,because they had that evil dictator - Hitler.

You see those news reels of jews going to the gas chambers they did not realize what was going to happen to them until it was too late and anyone else that hitler did not approve of.I found those news reels very upsetting...he wanted to rule europe and if you got in his way,then you would of paid with your life.

Put it this way....if hitler would of had his way and he won the war....i would of been killed for being gay and this world would be a very different place.we certainly would not be so free to debate topics like this.

The german people at the time did not want war.....Hitler deceived many countries.

I dont try to lead anyone to believe that the uk is a perfect country,far from it.In many ways the uk has alot to answer for....but we did not kill or gas people for being different.

At least Japan said sorry for what they did,but that does not make it ok....but they did show remorse.

And for the record,i did not say that to upset was my opinion based on some old news rees i saw on video someweeks ago.

You see i wanted to see some old footage of the ww1 and ww2

But i still have alot to learn from you all.
jay uk   
18 Jan 2007
History / Poland has paid £68 Million for helping UK in WW2 [168]

It,s not because you are English, but because some of your remarks were some of your remarks were based on ignorance and seen as offensive- esp. towards Poles.I am happy to help you in any way I can.Don't give up- and please contact me if you change your mind.(I love History -still learning).I won't say Goodbye- instead - For Now!
Best wishes,Anielka

It was not my intention to offend the poles and im very sorry to anyone that taken offence to my must of been a awful time for poland which i can never comprehend and i only hope now,times will be better for you.

But im from a different generation and im only quoting history from what i was told and that radio phone-in i listened to.
I hope poland and the uk will get on better now.
jay uk   
17 Jan 2007
History / Poland has paid £68 Million for helping UK in WW2 [168]

And the point is - where the hell "you were" ?

I am too young to remember the war,i was born in the 1970's.
I lost alot of my previous family during that war so i have an idea what it was like in terms of what i could of been like.

And where was i?.......i was not born then.

but hey,Grzegorz thers no need to be so hostile to me.

you obviously dont like my remark because im english.

The Uk did not want to go to war with Hitler, because A). We quite liked him. B). Most of our royals have german/protestant blood. C). Treaties mean jackshit always have always will. they are just pieces of paper. We only attacked Germany because we needed to secure our oil interests in North Africa. Eastern Europe held no interest for us.

Yes your right and didnt we pay for it......hitler really did take the piss and chamberlin came back with that famous piece of paper with some form of agreement thinking he diffused a evil wrong he was.

I think i will leave this topic not familiar enough with the two world wars we had and i dont want to say something to upset anyone.

No offence meant.
jay uk   
16 Jan 2007
History / Poland has paid £68 Million for helping UK in WW2 [168]

The uk borrowed 60+ million dollars/pounds from the usa because after the war (1945) we (UK)were virtually brought to our knees because we were fighting on our own with a few countries on our side.During the war,the usa watched the Uk on news reels get battered,Blits,Blown up.At this time the uk was virtually on its knees,The usa did not want to get involved....until Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. The Uk and some Other countries went to war in 1939 because Germany invaded Poland.So as rough as you had it we was there for you....the amercans lent this money to the uk and we have just this year 2007 have just paid it off.

Then this idea after the war was to rebuild cities that were very badly damaged after the war....The uk had to pay every single dollar back.....other countries had money to rebuild and they didnt owe nothing - that is so unfair.

So you could say our so called "uk and usa friendship" is not so friendly after all.

I heard about this on a radio station called "Talk sport" and the presenter was George Galloway.It was some Phone-in i was listening to.

It was quoted on his program that if we lost the war,the uk and other countries would be speaking in german.

Whoever the fault was that triggered that war,it was a horrible time for the people at the time.And many good people whether english,polish,french,american whatever lost there lives....I hope we will never see anything like that again.

The only thing we could do now is to try to forgive and try to learn from our mistakes.

Im sorry if some of you think im talking "crap" but it seems to me this world war we had has many versions to what happend.
jay uk   
13 Jan 2007
UK, Ireland / anyone on orange pay monthly?? [5]

I have an Orange pay monthy contract and i can send international sms and multimedia,video clips but you will be charged the international rate.Orange use to charge uk prices to send a text to another country,but they stopped that now.