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26 May 2008
USA, Canada / Where can I get Zywiec near San Diego [25]

Go to tecate, mexico instead and go to their beer tour, free beer all day.....its awesome, and very close to san diego, which by the way, is one of the best cities in california
26 May 2008
USA, Canada / POLISH PEOPLE IN CT.... [21]

i'm from the new haven sucks here, there are supposedly a lot of polish ppl in the area, but i never meet any
26 May 2008
Life / To all of you who are Polish - where did you learn English? [64]

the best way to learn the language is to throw yourself into a country where it is spoken....that way you will be forced to learn it....and learn it well, especially if you are younger. It took me about 2 months to master English (for a 4th grade level) when I was ten, not having been exposed to it 12 years later the problem is remaining fluent in Polish.
6 May 2008
USA, Canada / Polish communities in Northern Utah? [12]

i have been traveled all of utah, but haven't really heard of any Polish communities there...and youre right, utah is not a boring place, is absolutely beautiful. as for the church of latter day saints, people get the wrong idea about their religion practices, because of all the negative stereotypes. The culture is a lot different than how it is portrayed by the media and such. If you're really looking for a Polish community, come to CT or NY, we're like termites up here...