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16 Jul 2008
Language / I want to learn polish from home.... [14]

the best ones I have used are the grammar and workbooks by Dana Bielec, published by Routledge - there are loads of exercises to reinforce the learning.
15 Apr 2008
Study / Polish Language School Scams? Clarity Required! [28]

You usually have to have a qualification to teach abroad so if you dont have that it could explain why you were employed as a translator and not a teacher?
15 Apr 2008
Life / What is your favourite Polish Tradition [8]

I like christmas eve because thats when all my Polish relatives that live in the UK get together so the traditions are fun but its also nice to see my relatives some of which I dont get to see that often
30 Mar 2008
History / Poland Around 1883 [30]

in 1871 Prussia united with many smaller states to become Germany so West Prussia would have been part of the german Empire at this time
26 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / What's So Great About The UK? [416]

but that is whats great about it, it has to be clever or its just stupid, if you get what i mean....?