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5 Sep 2008
Food / Favorite Pierogi? [56]

yep. It is the Ukrainian appetite.

I never heard that as a Ukrainian stereotype. From my family, I would agree with it though. The Ukrainian side of my family were much bigger eaters than the Polish side.
26 Jul 2008

Michal wrote:
I am helping a lady in Poland who has documents translated by a so called sworn translator and the mistakes are serious

knowing you, you are probably correcting the things that were right in the first place. poor woman.

If he was translating into Polish, I'd love to know how many "ku" 's he added.
15 Jul 2008
Travel / Most Amazing places in Poland. What does it for you? [90]

Wieliczka for sure.

I absolutely adored spending a couple of summers in Kraków, however I'm afraid of how much I'd be disappointed in going back, guessing how much charm has been lost for the sake of modernization over the last 17 years.

For me, I'd also say a little farming village very near the border crossing at Medyka, for the relatives I met there.
4 Jul 2008
Life / Cool Polish names [133]

And she's probably right because it would be hard to pronounce in English. They would say it Ann-dr-zage or something weird and nobody would know how to spell it.

Oh, I don't know. I see immigrants in my kids schools all the time from many countries and most people are good about learning names. The thing that bugs me most is no one pronouncing our last name correctly(its Ukrainian, but with a Polish spelling). I'm sure that if I were militant, I could keep correcting people, but the problem is my parents were of a generation that didn't do such things, you just tried to blend in in America. So, there are many people who have known me since childhood, and it would be very awkward to say after all these years "Oh yeah, by the way, you should be saying my name like this."
3 Jul 2008
Life / Cool Polish names [133]

It is a beautiful name. We named one of our sons Andrew. My wife is not Polish and wouldn't allow Andrzej. Now sometimes I call him Andrzej and he quite likes it.(Actually, I usually call him dziki Andrzej, its a little joke we have, like dziki Andrzej is his crazy alter ego).
20 Jun 2008
Language / The Dative Case [62]

In true slovonic linguistic meaning the Russian k means towards something and it always takes the dative case. It is the lazy Poles who can only use the word 'do' for everything who are complicating the issue.

Just out of curiosity, does Michal exhibit the same lack of "laziness" in English and make sure to use "thee" and "thou"?
16 Apr 2008
Language / How Many of you love the Polish Language? [79]

I love Polish, and I love studying Polish in the same vein as I loved studying physics. It is so complicated grammatically, and can be so frustrating to pronounce, yet(especially compared to English), it is so predictable. The language actually follows its rules. I sometimes wonder how anyone could grow up thinking in Polish and not naturally be inclined to be a scientist.
9 Apr 2008
Language / Dokonany/Niedokonany - Perfective/Imperfective [46]

or maybe even "Empty your ass on this trail and I'll fill it back up with a shovel."

I think the two translations you've provided are not strong enough to correspond to the word "przypierdolić", which is really coarse.

I don't know, I think threatening sodomy with a shovel is pretty coarse.