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Czarne Oczy   
22 Feb 2009
Food / Where can I find authentic kebabs in Krakow [14]

I tasted a Kebab in most of the major cities in Poland, and by FAR, the best kebabs are in the centrum miasto w Słupsku:) I didnt really like the ones in Krakow
Czarne Oczy   
12 Feb 2009
Love / Polish women are known for their beauty, but men are so ugly (most of).. [250]

You are an exception.

Most Polish men have big foreheads, receding hairlines, long noses and big ears and they think they know everything, they take things apart and never put them back in order, they don't obey the rules and are always looking how to con someone.

Lets see a picture of yourself? Come on, if everyone else is so ugly, you must be damn fine!
Czarne Oczy   
19 Oct 2008
Life / What are your favourite Polish Radio stations...? [27]

Sometimes I listen to RMF FM but it can get a bit repetitive.

yeah i know, they play it at my work all day long but its the best we can get:P and its really good too, yesterday they played "moja panienka" awww what a good song
Czarne Oczy   
11 Oct 2008
Travel / Clothes/shoe shopping in Szczecin [8]

The Galaxy mall in Szczecin is great:) but its really expensive, honestly, the markets are better:D
Czarne Oczy   
20 Sep 2008
Travel / planned itinerary: wroclaw, krakow, torun, gdansk, etc- any suggestions?? [11]

come to think of it, maybe you should watch for pickpockets in Berlin too--oh and Munich, can't forget Warszawa, or Krakow too, Torun and Gdansk, Toronto, Washington, Seattle, Tokyo, L.A, Prague, Vienna, Kiev..

pickpockets are everyhwere, its stupid to say "watch out" for them. its kind of given. You don't go around watching out for axe murderers just because someone may have decapitated someone.
Czarne Oczy   
11 Sep 2008
USA, Canada / Looking for spirytus GTA area (Canada) [14]

so you agree with me or disagree?

The only spirytus in Ontario I found on google is a christian group and spiritus stands for spirit.

i agree that it shouldnt be a police run province!
Czarne Oczy   
10 Sep 2008
Language / Dokonany/Niedokonany - Perfective/Imperfective [46]

Merged: Polish grammar-why does it hate me? More perfect/imperfect questions!

Hello everyone, once again its me with a question about the imperfect and perfect forms. For some reason this is my hardest concept of Polish grammar to understand.

A long time ago I printed out someones reply to me about perf/imperf, and it was really thorough. Now, Im looking at it all confused.

"Uzcyć-to teach someone something"
"Nauczyć- to teach someone to do something"

The poster noted (by the way, thanks to whoever posted this, I've used it for a long time and it is very detailed:) that uczyć is imperfect, and that nauczyć is in its perfect form. My question is: Does the endings of verbs have anything to do with wether they are perfect or imperfect? I noticed in the example in this post that uczyć becomes perfect when the prefix na- is added. Another question, I was trying to organize all of the verb endings in Polish and I came across 10, or maybe in reality its 5. For example, -ać, ować, nąć, iwać...and so on. Im wondering if "-ać" and "ować" are related, and if they are, if all verbs have "two" kinds of endings. I think it has something to do with aspect pairs, but I'm not really sure. I also think I've made some huge linguistic mistake that I've been warned to watch out for...anyway dziękuję za pomoc wszyscy:)

Czarne Oczy   
8 Sep 2008
Travel / Lots of vacation pictures from Poland! [29]

they have the mini-Mercedes dealership right in there, too:0 How are you liking Szczecin? You should go to the tallest tower, too. (I forget what its called) at the very top is a really nice restaurant, and you can walk all around it and see so much of Szczecin:)
Czarne Oczy   
7 Sep 2008
Food / What are you having for your Polish dinner? [33]

oh, irrelevant info. well i guess not all Libras drink pickle juice. but if you are obsessed with irrelevance, my favorite beverage is in fact, pickle juice
Czarne Oczy   
7 Sep 2008
Food / What are you having for your Polish dinner? [33]

sounds sooo good. too bad i dont have real ingredients here:(

If you eat this 'zapiekanka" that often you would get bored with it. Are you a Gemini by any chance?

does this mean Libras drink pickle juice??
Czarne Oczy   
29 Aug 2008
Travel / Tips for driving in Polish cities [29]

if someone passes you going 200 in a beamer....*ahem...which wouldn't be us....*..just let them go:P

UWAGA: fotoradar! be careful, we saw a few people get pictured. they are little grey boxes.
Czarne Oczy   
28 Aug 2008
Feedback / Chat room in PL forums on the horizon? [3]

i dont think many people would use it as a "find a friend" place, if you know what i mean. everyone pretty much knows each other here. but i agree about the bread and butter of the forum, that might take away from it:(
Czarne Oczy   
27 Aug 2008
Travel / Lots of vacation pictures from Poland! [29]

there were always people on it! when you go to the mall, just for the fun of it, check out the store "Vistula" i think it called that, it starts with a V and its a suit store, purely Polish made:) we saw an 8,000 zł. suit in this mall!
Czarne Oczy   
26 Aug 2008
Travel / Lots of vacation pictures from Poland! [29]

And did you figure out why those people had had a sheep in their car..? ;)

nope:P but some things are better left unknown.....

Or Seanus with his girfriend...


I will be at that Galaxy Mall in Szczecin later this week :-)

they have a rock climbing wall in there:P
Czarne Oczy   
26 Aug 2008
Travel / Lots of vacation pictures from Poland! [29]

Hey, it's near Piotrków, or somewhere outside of Kraków I'm not sure which one, its called "nonstop restauracja"
Czarne Oczy   
26 Aug 2008
Travel / Lots of vacation pictures from Poland! [29]

Every night with a hammock, a beer... and a rake?

I understand. I've found myself doing some late-night gardening after a few drinks. But not every night!

well minus the rake and the hammock:P