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Polish soldiers get Dutch medals after 60 years

14 Dec 2005 /  #1
Very late, but for some of the them not to late.
The dutch gouverment has decided to give the polish soldiers, who did fight in world war 2 in Holland , high medals.
Specially the late General Stanislaw Sosabowski gets the highest possible medal of the Netherlands.
Now waiting for the British gouverment, they blaimed ( Montgomery ) the polish soldiers for not fithing well during Market Garden around Arnhem ( A bridge to far )where the polish saved hundreds of british soldiers.

Being dutch, being proud of the polish soldiers.!
London go ahead.
We'll see.
Hans. Holland.
OP Guest  
14 Dec 2005 /  #2
I think that's a great news. I wish all governments, not only from the Netherlands, followed this trend. Maybe in a dozen years or so, let's hope...
Franek 8 | 271  
16 Sep 2008 /  #4
Finally, by someone who knows the true story about operation Market Garden, the truth is finally being told.. Due to the glory seeking MONTGOMERY, there were many brave British soldiers sacrificed at Arnhem. When he ran into German resistance , he stopped and allowed those brave troops to be decimated..His armored columns failed to advance
Crow 160 | 9,212  
16 Sep 2008 /  #5
again GIFT? All those gifts from EU, USA, etc... and now THIS

...In the same time when Poles are used on Serbian Kosovo as first line of creation of Greater Albania and in the same time when NATO encircling Russia

am i sensing that so called west trying to bribe Poles, after all those evil jokes on account of them and no matter that era of slavery practicaly never finished. For sure, THEY think that Poles are very stupid

Dutch medals

return THEM those medals Poles!

Dutch governmant is anti-Slavic!

During Civil War in former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Srebrenica area, in UN protected zone under responsibility of Dutch soldiers, practicaly in front of their very eyes, more then 3000 Serbian civilians (man, woman and children) was brutaly masacred, beheaded and mutilated by worse Arabic, Afgan, Chechen and Bosnian mujaheedines. Even more, Dutch soldiers togather with USA NATO contigent was logistic to mujaheedines and provided their transport to Bosnia.

Return THEM those medals Poles! They have Slavic blood on their hands! THEY are in alliance with mujaheedines!

THEY work against Racowie. THEY took part in genocide on Serbians and in the same time lounched brutal propaganda campaign against us!

That`s the truth Poles, so help me God- Our Lord Jesus Christ!
Peter 3 | 248  
16 Sep 2008 /  #6
According to historical accounts Sosabowski said BEFORE the operation that Market Graden was poorly planned and conceived. The British ignored him and got thousands of men slaughtered. The blame should be put on Montgomery and Boy Browning.

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