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Trying to find an old Polish friend: George Trebinsky; his family home was in Glossop Derbyshire UK

howard jones 1 | 1  
17 Mar 2009 /  #1
Hi my name is Howard Jones,I'm desperately trying to contact an old Polish friend that I have not seen for many,many years and would love to see and speak to,I wonder if anyone out there would be kind enough to help me out or advise me on how I could possibly find him.

His name is George Trebinsky,in the 1950's his family home was in Glossop Derbyshire UK,They lived on Bernard Street and he attended Saint Mary's Roman Catholic School and Church,he lived with his mother,grandmother,younger brother(whose name I forget,sorry) and younger sister Alexandria,his mother,a tall,slim beautiful woman was widowed and we palled together both at school and outside,there were other Polish families in the area,Slugocki's,Josefciyk's etc., I lost contact when George's mother remarried and they relocated in Wiltshire near Salisbury,he would have attended Military School as his new step-father was an officer in the British Army and George was very keen on all things military.

His father I believe was killed in a driving accident as that was his occupation,a truck driver,
If anyone has any information at all about George or his immediate family I would be eternally grateful,thanks for your time everyone,best wishes,Howard PS,you can contact me on my e-mail or send a PM for further contact details.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
17 Mar 2009 /  #2
A couple of problems:

Is George the English version of his name or his birth name ?

Is it possible that he changed his surname when his mother remarried ?

Possible ways to find him:

check death records and obituaries. just in case
check phone directories. (from the 1950s to the present)
check Friends Reunited
check army (reunited/reunion) websites
Google the family name and see what comes up.
OP howard jones 1 | 1  
17 Mar 2009 /  #3
Thanks for the suggestions,I'll pursue them,I think that as I'm sure you are well aware there were so many displaced families from Poland,Ukraine etc., who took residence in UK during and after the Second World War,my home town had a large influx who settled,I would think the authorities were not so inclined to consider the correct interpretation of official documents and may have 'Angilised' many names for their benefit rather than for the people being registered,my own uncle fled for his life from Ukraine at the tender age of 13yrs after his family were disposessed of their farm and 'disposed off',I only learned of this after his passing,I assume it was just too painful for him to discuss openly, George is more likely to be the English derivation,worst is I'm not even wholly sure of the correct spelling of Trebinsky as I have seen Trzebinsky,Trzebinski and Trebinski!! As a 12 year old you don't think of these things,I would have started this search long before but computers and I have a strained relationship owing to my general ineptitude and the fact I don't speak Polish (some say my grasp on English is tenuous) it took me ages to get my tongue around the correct pronounciation of Wroclaw!! But any help at all in my quest would be so gratefully accepted,thanks Howard

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