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How do i find a lost friend in Poland?

8 Nov 2006 /  #1
I live in Texas and I would like to find my lost friend in Poland
Does anyone know how I can search for his email address,telepfone,or home address.
I only know his first,last name and date of birth
8 Nov 2006 /  #2
You can try Yahoo People Search/Email Search. If he uses yahoo for his email provider he may be listed in the yahoo directory. I hope you find your friend.
David 5 | 12  
8 Nov 2006 /  #3
also,google his name "with quotes",and if he uses the web at all,.it should turn up.
or word search his name.if the last name is rare,word-search or google that.
18 Nov 2006 /  #4
I would try to get a contact with a local guy/guys in the area you expect to find the person. Then ask them to put an ad in a national newspaper. Also, let the guys "look around" - there are chances a friend of a friend etc. knows someone who knows this person.
alexandra - | 26  
20 Jan 2007 /  #5
I don't know if he was your school friend but for people who attended Polish schools I recommend

Here there are schools and classes from the whole Poland and in this way you can also find your friends.
2 Feb 2007 /  #6
[Moved from]: Finding a friend from Lublin

What is the best way to find an old friend from lublin last heard from in 1973 ? I cannot speak Polish either !
bolo 2 | 304  
2 Feb 2007 /  #7
By posting his name and all possible contact details on Polish Forums? :)
krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Feb 2007 /  #8
maybe it's a she?
bolo 2 | 304  
2 Feb 2007 /  #9
Well, hopefully anp can explain in more details..:}
krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Feb 2007 /  #10
That would be nice
sledz 23 | 2,248  
2 Feb 2007 /  #11
maybe it's a she?

or a shim
13 Apr 2007 /  #12
[Moved from]: looking for my long lost friend in Lublin

How on earth do I find a lost buddy in Poland - I have a name, old address and that's pretty much it...Is there an internet accessible telephone directory?
14 Apr 2007 /  #13
Today, 23:41 - Attached on merging:
how does one find someone who is living in poland?

I think I must be asking the wrong questions in the wrong place. If there is someone out there who could give me some direction, I would really appreciate it. I am trying to locate a friend who has lived in Lublin but we have lost touch. Finding him may be as simple as looking up his address in a telephone book - but I don't know how to gain access to one through the computer.

I appologize if I posted this in the wrong place - but I don't know where the right place is.

thanks in advance
bolo 2 | 304  
14 Apr 2007 /  #14
Not everything is possible to get through a computer. Most numbers are classified as private. But if you know the last name and possibly the street, it should be possible to find the person by looking up his/her phone number in a phone book.
Caeious - | 2  
29 Aug 2008 /  #15
You shall go to and type his/her name and surname also town/city. If he/she has profile there then you are most likely to find that person. It would be better if you had somebody who speak/read polish 'cuz this site is in polish... Ask me if you need any help. Take care
21 Sep 2008 /  #16
Hi! I am in the UK and was highly recommened this site by a Polish couple at a Polish Festival day in Christchurch Park in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK today. Problem I found is that is all in Polish & I don't have enough Polish to complete the registration. I wish you luck.

Gary, Ipswich, 21/09/08

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