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searching for Czerepowicz family in Poland

wan1usa 1 | 1  
16 Dec 2007 /  #1
I was hoping for any information on my mothers family in Poland .Thankyou
27 Dec 2007 /  #2

My name is Shaneen Doyle and my fiance's name is Romek Czerepowicz. I know that his family came from Warsaw, escaped form a Russian concentration camp and ended up in Northern Radigia in Africa. I was on looking for some family history as well, now I'm marrying into the family.
OP wan1usa 1 | 1  
6 Jan 2008 /  #3
Well congradulations on your up coming marriage! And thank you so much for responding. This is the first time I have heard of anyone other than my mom with this last name .My mom was born in Poland and was also in a prison camp during the war..My Parents were sponsored by a family in Liberty New York .. We migrated to the USA in 1953.I do know that I have an uncle in Russia with this last name ..I am doing a little more research and I will post it soon I do hope to hear from you . thankyou again..My Name is Wanda Dudzinski

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