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Osiek near Oswiecim records, go to Krakow or Witkowice archives? Confusion on archives in Poland

29 Oct 2006 /  #1
I wanted to write to the archives in Poland for more info on my great grandfather.
but, of course, I seen that Krakow has archives and so does Witkowice. I was told
Witkowice was the archives I was to write to, for records for Osiek Near Oswiecim.

Anyone know which one would have these records, or could find a site online that
states they hold these records ?
29 Oct 2006 /  #2
I would suggest to write to where you were told to write to (Witkowice). The archive people from Krakow may be overwhelmed with other requests so there's a chance you get the answer faster then :). But I've never requested such records so don't treat my answer final.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
31 Oct 2006 /  #3
Merged: Anyone live near St Andrzej's Church in Osiek?

I have a favor to ask, If anyone does live close to this Church,
I want to explain first , During the war, my uncle had recieved a letter
from two nieces (he didnt believe they were who they were) stating who
they were and they wanted to come live with him, because their parents had
died. MY Grandmothers sister Married a French soldier. This is what was told by
one family member who says my great Uncle told her. of course all these folks
are gone. as they are older, except the one who told me, she is alive in a nursing home
now. she said that her father didnt respond, but that the letter had said that they
were living with the Organists of the church they went to in france. apparently he had
been raising them. we dont know when their parents died, because no one saved these
to get on with this story. Ive been tracing and tracking my family since 2001. and I have
alot of info, but the one thing the priest didnt give me was my Aunt Elizabeths husbands
name or last name. who she married. I have the Marriage date, and her name, and
that is it. I could probably find this family if I had the last name of who she married which
is in the church, I have had a time communicating with the former Priest who had done
the genealogy. he was so helpful. All i need is the last name of her husband for my
great Aunt. the marriage date was 10/5/1922 she was born 1902.

Any help to call the church (only if you are close to it) would be sooooooooo
as it stands now, no one knew that they had tried to contact the family, had my
grandmother known, she would have had them come here, but because it was my
great Uncle and his wife was very awkward and mean, (his wife) I believe he would have wrote to them, but we have heard stories, and unfortunately they are still like this and

wont even help me, and we do know them. they just are very inward family and it
dont make sense, but I dont care to make sense of strange, when all i want is to find
my aunts childrens family, which might still be in france, maybe back in poland or in the
UK even. her name was elzbieta Luranc. or Elizabeth Luranc Slub 10/5/1922.
married at St. Andrzej's in Osiek, Malopolskie Poland.

also, I questioned why he would not have included his name when he sent me this
but, still no answer. if anyone could contact the church and just give me her husbands
last name that would be awsome. my one wish was to have all the family included in
our family history as much as possible. if they cant be found I cant control this, but
I feel horrible that my great uncle would not even acknowledge a letter that was
probably them. my thoughts are that it was, because you cant write letters to someone
if you dont know what the address was , if they had their mothers belongings, they had to have had his address in the belongings.

Please any help out there in or near Osiek, Malopolskie?

Patrycja aka patty

I had received a reply , BUT NOT WHAT i WANTED TO HEAR. they said that the records
for that area I was looking at (Nowogrod ) K Lomza was not available. so my searches
stopped for a while. I decided to go to the other archives. I think I have it correct, but
also wanted to verify.
David 5 | 12  
9 Nov 2006 /  #4
do you speak/write in Polish?
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
9 Nov 2006 /  #5
nope, wish I did, no one taught me growing up, so, my future plans are to take
classes here where I live as it is a very polish community.
14 Nov 2006 /  #6
Mysister, daughter and I went to Poland this past spring. Prior to that we wrote to the Archives in Warsaw and the Archdiocesan archives in Poznan, home of our ancestors. Poznan took ages to reply and told us they were closed for renovation, so we will try again. ( They have a great web-site.) We received no answer from Warsaw, but visited them while there. They are just an office and had no ability to do any searching. They directed us to the Latter Day Saints office in Warsaw.and suggested we try Poznan again when they are up and running. The LDS office was most helpful. If you have one locally, I would suggest you try them, if you havent already done that.. I also suggest you try to find a website for the archdiocese nearest your town.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
15 Nov 2006 /  #7
The LDS office was most helpful. If you have one locally, I would suggest you try them, if you haven't already done that.. I also suggest you try to find a website for the archdiocese nearest your town.

Well, I have an abundance of things I want to get, mainly before 1808.
I have records for 1808 and up, alot in Russian.. btw, anyone who knows Russian
I need you :) lol

anyway, wanted to try and get some nobility records, to which this stuff was
more then likely lost.

or if it exist, then, probably would have to go thru alot of records to find the names.
well cant say that really, because maybe they do have a way of getting it without
all the searching. P

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