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Help: Last Names Ending in "-vich", "-wycz", etc....

Eva_K 5 | 34  
2 Oct 2008 /  #1
Would someone tell me how do patronym family names end for a wife and for a daughter? For example: If a man has the last name Pawelowycz, what is the proper last name for his wife and daughter in Poland: "Pawelowa", "Pawelowna"?

Would the suffix for a wife be "-owa" and a daughter "-owna" or something else?

What about Polish names ending in "-ski". Would a wife have "-ska" at the end of her name? How do "-ski" names end for a daughter?

Thank you!

Thank you!
RJ_cdn - | 267  
2 Oct 2008 /  #2
Last names ending with -ycz/icz:
wife -Pawelowyczowa
daughter -Pawelowyczówna
Last name Pawelow:
wife -Pawelowa
daughter -Pawelówna
Last names ending with -ski:
wife and daughter -ska
Polonius3 993 | 12,357  
2 Oct 2008 /  #3
Has anyone heard of the Kowalszczanka type ending for an umarried daughter of pan Kowalski? It is obsolete but was it also the norm before WW2 the way Pawlaczka, Skarżanka and Mniszkówna were?
Ginger5 - | 9  
2 Oct 2008 /  #4
Yeah. My grandmother was always telling me about her friends who were ending with "ówna" before the war, so I guess it was popular

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