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What to eat in Poland? (we like rice, spicy food, and chicken)

rohitgonsalves 1 | 4  
29 Feb 2008 /  #1
Hi, freinds... This is rohit. From India Mumbai. I have came here in wroclaw with my office collegiues for some official work. We guys enjoyed the first two weeks. We need to spend two months more here. Currently we face problems when we go out for lunch. We do not speak polish...

Please suggest some polish dishes hat we can eat. I tell u other problems too.

1] We like to eat rice with curry
2] spicy food
3] We dont eat meat other than chicken. (only chicken (in polish I think kourchak) )

Please help us to be in love with polish food..

Need ur help. Also all 5 of us r being first time outside india and in poland..... U guys understand...
Mufasa 19 | 358  
29 Feb 2008 /  #2
Hey guys - welcome to forum. There are a lot of threads on polish food, which you can search to find out what all the dishes consist of.

Just a tip rom a South African who likes spicy food - amongst other things biryani and Indian curry because of Indian influence on South African cuisine ;)

Yes, Kurczak (chicken) comes in all shapes and sizes, but do yourselves a favour - do not expect the spiciness that you (and I) am used to - it's just not foudn in Polish food. Go to restaurants and open your minds and stomachs to a different experience, and you'll come to love it, just like I did :)

Pierogi (dumplings with different fillings, from meat to mushrooms and cabbage, there are lovel fillings that don't have meat in them)
Bigos (cabbage as main ingredient with different meats, mushrooms and other veggies, not usually Kurczak)
Żurek (traditional soup - delicious, but with sausage, which you would probably not eat)
Kaczka (duck) is one of my favourites, and the Poles really know how to prepare this!

Don't know if you ever come to Warsaw, there is a Bali restaurant in the city centre with DELISCIOUSLY HOT stuff!! :)))

Have fun in Wrocław - beautiful city with touristy things to do, without the tourist crowd of Krakow! :)
Kasz 1 | 76  
29 Feb 2008 /  #3
welcome on pf Rohit =) Im not from Wroclaw but i belive its working same in poland citys :P Just try to find some restourant most of them atleast in Poznan have menu in both Polish and Eng language, and most of resturants have some vegetarian food or just go to soma Asia restourant, they always have chicken with rice and greens =) Good Luck
Mufasa 19 | 358  
29 Feb 2008 /  #4
Getting a dictionary might also help. One of the secrets about people (not only Polish ones): they open their hearts WIDE if you try a little bit of the language!! You don't have to be perfect, just try.

The polish people (and animals of course) on the forum can correct me if I'm wrong ;)
Kasz 1 | 76  
29 Feb 2008 /  #5
Well yea =) its always nice to see if someone trying to say something in Polish :P But most of waiters in Poland alerdy know eng so there is no problem.
Mufasa 19 | 358  
29 Feb 2008 /  #6
I know most of them know a little bit of English, but they still like it. I see that every time when I am in restuarants - and that's often!

English in Poland is not big yet though, but there is an effort, yes.
OP rohitgonsalves 1 | 4  
29 Feb 2008 /  #7
thanks guys for ur insights. We need more options too. We r learning polish..... :) New langauge to my set of langauge. Please give us some restaurants names and curry names.
Mufasa 19 | 358  
29 Feb 2008 /  #8
sorry, can't help in wrocław since i'm in warsaw, but really try Bali when you come to Warsaw.

you'll find curry in the supermarkets. carrefour definitely has, nad if you have a tesco's or kuchnia swiata, you may even find some other Indian stuff there. tesco's and carrefour both now have international cuisine sections - still small but coming along nicely.
OP rohitgonsalves 1 | 4  
1 Mar 2008 /  #9
hey polish guys help more......
Hey we tried peirogis

Good Thanks mufasa....
panienka 1 | 205  
5 Mar 2008 /  #10
naleśniki, ryby (filet z mintaja, panga, pstrąg, łosoś, tuńczyk), krokiety, risotto, barszcz, spaghetti, gołąbki (but some of these dishes can be both with meat and without). Generally Polish people prefer meat so here may be small obstacle for you. Enjoy your meal :)
OP rohitgonsalves 1 | 4  
12 Mar 2008 /  #11
hey we tried plaski and nalesniki. we loved both the dishes. Now a day poland looks like a good place. We r here till end of april. Hope for the best that we eat more and more dishes in this time.
13 Mar 2009 /  #12
gołąbki are my favorite food! Stuffed cabbage, with meat inside.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Mar 2009 /  #13
My condolences for what happened in Mumbai!! Welcome to PF. I adore curry, almost any type.

Polish food, well, try bogracz. It's actually Hungarian in origin but the Poles eat it as a national dish. Try leczo too (also Hungarian). I suggested these 2 as they can be spicy. If they aren't spicy enough, you can just add some chili. Tasty stuff!
bimber94 7 | 254  
14 Mar 2009 /  #14
Sorry to say it's all lard and vodka. TTHHHUDDD on yer plate, mate. Well, not quite. But it's mainly pork, and veggies are almost nonexistent. Most 'shakaharis' may have been burnt at the stake as "sekta". As for authentic curries, you're looking for "Desh Par Desh", he na? Try in the year 1,000,000 AD, or now in Germany, Holland, UK etc. The further East (in Europe) you go, the truer the above is.
24 Jun 2009 /  #15
Hi my boyfirend is from and i am from ireland living in ireland and my boyfirend live with me and he eat polish food and so good do i it lovely and it all not that spice good
oplus100 - | 5  
17 Jul 2009 /  #16
Poland is famous in Pierogi !
dnz 17 | 710  
17 Jul 2009 /  #17
The majority of polish food is very bland and even bordering on vile, I too like the same kind of food as you and find it very hard to get in Poland,

Marks and spencer do an excellent range of curries (no where near as good as the real thing but a damn sight better than most other things you get here)

If you don't like cabbage, potatoes, pickled stuff, stewed sausages etc you probably won't find much food of any interest.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
17 Jul 2009 /  #18
Curry powder can be used with rice. Spicy food? can find Thai samba oelek in Tesco. Also, tacos in Złoty Kurczak can be hot too, though not very. If you are in Warsaw, there is a Thai restaurant and Indian restaurant in Wrocław.

Chicken can be bought in many places and there are many sauces to add to it. Pomysł Na is a nice range of sauces for chicken.
dnz 17 | 710  
17 Jul 2009 /  #19
seanus is there any polish brands of curry sauces that you know of?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
17 Jul 2009 /  #20
"NIE! Nie jemy takich mongolskich potraw" was my fiancee's answer. It says it all really. I'm sure that some exist but not on a large scale. Filia is one :)

Related: Sona Masuri or Alternate rice in Warsaw

What is the sona masuri alternate we get in polish stores in Warsaw. There is rice available in Indian stores but not less than 9PLN/kg. I'm looking for cheaper alternate.

Jeela karra masuri

in fact the Polish equivalent is Jeela Karra Mazury :-)

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