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Chinese Rice Wine / Vinegar or Dry Sherry in Poland?

chrisscole 3 | 10  
8 May 2008 /  #1
slightly off topic, as it's Asian food, and not Polish.

But, does anyone here know where I can get hold of Chinese Rice Wine or Dry Sherry in Poland? I've just moved to Nowy Sącz and I can't find any anywhere. There's no Chinese Supermarket that I know of, and I've been to Intermarche, Real, Lidl etc. and can't find anywhere that even knows what Sherry is, let alone has any dry sherry (although Real did have one bottle of sweet sherry).

Anyway, if anyone can give any advice it would be really useful. I need it for cooking stir fries.

8 May 2008 /  #2
There's plenty of sherry and rice wine in Alma in Krakow.

Related: Black Vinegar in Krakow

I just came across a recipe that calls for black vinegar - I'd never heard of it before. Does anyone have any experience with this type of vinegar? Is it available in Krakow? If not, what are some viable substitutions. I think black vinegar is similar to balsamic. Thanks!

It's a Chinese type vinegar made from black rice. You may get it in the oriental shop in Galeria Krakowska.
Correct, you can also find it here:

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