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Cranberry maple nuts? Are these items available in Poland?

isa 10 | 41  
13 Nov 2008 /  #1
When we move to Poland, we plan to eat like the locals. However, there are some essential elements of our diet that we will be hard pressed to give up: cranberry juice (we drink Ocean Spray Light with 27% real juice), natural peanut butter (the only ingredient is nuts) and real maple syrup.

Are those items available in Poland? Are they expensive?

SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
13 Nov 2008 /  #2
Cranberry maple nuts?, that sounds like a great nick name :)

hello isa,
And welcome to the Polish Forum.
I am fairly sure these things are available here but in the bigger cities.
Best of luck with your move, are you getting the excited butterflies in your stomach? or just a longing for Cranberry maple nuts?
kman67 2 | 79  
13 Nov 2008 /  #3
Hi Isa,

The answers are yes and no. You can get real Maple Syrup in Poland but you have to look for it. Peanut Butter, yes, but you aren't going to get the Smucker's kind where you have to stir the peanut oil back in. I would suggest bringing a lot of it with you (I used to have people bring me Dunkin Donuts Coffee, and Peter Pan Peanut Butter when they came to visit from America).

Ocean Spray is a big fat no. HOWEVER, if you live close enough to Germany, I would suggest going on a road trip to stockpile. I lived in Denmark and I would cross the border into Flensburg Germany. In Flensburg was a supermarket chain called Citti Grossmarkt. It's kind of like a Costco/ BJ's warehouse operation. They did have locations scattered across Germany.

I did find Ocean Spray juices there, and I stockpiled the Cran-Raspberry every time I made the trip.

However, there are enough things in Poland that will turn you on. The black currant juices there are great. More than sufficient to replace the cranberry juice.
OP isa 10 | 41  
13 Nov 2008 /  #4
Thanks guys!

Great news about maple syrup (we can continue our Sunday tradition of blueberry pancakes). As for the peanut butter - as long as the peanuts are available, I can make my own. Bad news about the cranberry juice - I need it to stave off bladder infections, which you guys would know nothing about ;-)

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