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Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
8 Feb 2009 /  #1
Scald milk and butter. When lukewarm, add salt, sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, beaten eggs and yeast cakes, which have been dissolved in the 1/2 warm water. Beat well. Drain raisins and add to mixture. Beat well again.

Add flour, 2 cups at a time, beating well. Set in warm place to rise covered with a towel. When doubled in bulk, beat again. Pour into 4 greased loaf pans.
Eva_K 5 | 34  
8 Feb 2009 /  #2
Sounds good. I'm going to try it!
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
8 Feb 2009 /  #3
Please let us know how it turns our, OK?
Eva_K 5 | 34  
8 Feb 2009 /  #4
Will do! I'm happy to have a little extra time on my hands today. When I saw your recipe I knew I had the ingredients on hand and wanted to try it. (My husband likes coffee cake as much as I do and is looking forward to having some, too!) As I write this, the dough is on its first rise. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for posting.
Sunflower 10 | 76  
8 Feb 2009 /  #5
Shouldn't there be coffee flavouring though?
Davey 13 | 388  
8 Feb 2009 /  #6
Eva_K 5 | 34  
8 Feb 2009 /  #7
Sunflower, in this case the "coffee" in the recipe title refers to a cake that you eat with a cup of coffee, rather than a cake that has a coffee flavour.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
8 Feb 2009 /  #8
Placek z galaretką

Placek lodowy

Placek drożdżowy

placek z galaretka kopia

I am not a big fan of cakes but I read this thread and I was just curious what Placek looked like.

Which one is the recipe for P3?.
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
8 Feb 2009 /  #9
I am not a big fan of cakes

nothing beats a good lodzik.
Eva_K 5 | 34  
9 Feb 2009 /  #10
I finished baking earlier today. I had to use a little more flour than was called for in the recipe, but it came out wonderfully. Soft, subtly sweet dough on the inside, delicious raisins, crisp and golden brown crust on the outside. Very nice. I will definitely make this again! Thank you, Polonius3!
9 Feb 2009 /  #11
Well, we made a cake for Babcia's birthday, so this will have to wait. Thanks P3.
Sunflower 10 | 76  
9 Feb 2009 /  #12
Sunflower, in this case the "coffee" in the recipe title refers to a cake that you eat with a cup of coffee, rather than a cake that has a coffee flavour.

Ah ok I see! Durrr, slap me round the chops ;0) Mmmm, well I like those pictures just up above there now, giving me an appetite, despite the flu!!!! x
Eva_K 5 | 34  
10 Feb 2009 /  #13
You know what would taste good in the same recipe? Dried cranberries ("craisins"). Soak the dried cranberries in hot water, drain and add to the mixture in place of the raisins. I think it would add a nice kick to the cake!
Sunflower 10 | 76  
10 Feb 2009 /  #14
mmm yeah, cranberries are delicious as well as incredibly sweet... whoo hoo I could eat for England.. and Poland ;0). Depsite this wretched flu thing I will have to go shopping today, I have no bread left.. and most importantly, no cake!!! My lovely Mum has offered to get some stuff in for me but I don't want her to come to my house in case she catches it! Cake shopping here I come...
Eva_K 5 | 34  
11 Feb 2009 /  #15
Or, instead of cranberries, another thing that would taste good in this recipe would be dried apricots! Dice dried apricots, rehydrate them and put them in the mix! Maybe add some chopped walnuts to the topping.
12 Feb 2009 /  #16
i think they sound delishious i would not mind trying one i might even try and cook it
11 Nov 2009 /  #17
My mother used to add cardomin. Was delicious.

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